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    I dunno, I still think the adventure is a pretty solid song. One of the very few I actually gain a modicum of enjoyment from. I do agree that if it had input from mark and Travis it could well have been a better song though
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    What!?!? ATST is not half the song that I Miss You is.
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    I was listening to Enema the other day, and as great as that album is, I think what that album lacked was Mark/Tom back and forth vocals. The only song with both singing in *noticeably* is Dysentary Gary and that's nothing more than a small Mark verse in a Tom song.
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    Who cares about new blink songs when there's an #importantmoviesomethingaboutspace on the way, probably this month?
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    I wouldn't go nearly as far as to say i love (or ever loved) it. But i certainly gained a certain amount of enjoyment from it. There's something kind of uplifting about it, which i suppose is something Tom was and is aiming for with AVA. In regards to Always following I Miss You, that would've made a lot of sense i think. I've never liked Down, i almost always skip it when it comes on. For me, the only thing that saves it slightly is i quite enjoy playing it on bass. But other than that, it doesnt actually feel like a blink song to me. And the video was just weird too, never understood how it tied into the song. Ah well.
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    when all you're doing is recording, yes. but not when you're still writing. i don't think they went in the studio with 10+ finished songs ready to record. writing and finalizing songs before recording them takes time
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    Besides some click baity Mary Sue stuff, the only real complaints I've heard about Rey or the movie in general are in this thread. Everyone I know loved the movie and loved Rey. Even people who had never seen SW. My dad hates sci-fi...he loved the movie and Rey. Same for my wife, who has seen it twice now.
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    I never understood the love for the adventure, outside of my general AVA & Tom bashing, it just literally doesn't appeal to me by itself. it's boring. it's the first AVA song I heard and I instantly didn't like it and I still don't get why people do. unless they rewrote the whole song entirely I don't see how it would have worked in blink. I wonder if Always would have done a lot better being the follow up single to I Miss You and they just skipped Down entirely. It's one of the singles you hear the least by them on the radio and stuff... probably because it's not a great song (personal opinion) but it isn't the catchiest 'single' style track either really, Always fits that much better. Genuinely don't know why they released Down at all.
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    you essentially just said that it would be a huge hit if it were a different song entirely lol the lyrics in that song are pretty lame and just show how fucked on pain killers tom was. people loved it because it was the first blink-related thing we had heard since the breakup. now that time has passed, it really isn't that great.
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    I think if the adventure had become a blink song on a 2005 album, it could have been one of their biggest songs ever and hit a widespread audience. The intro build up and riff with blink effects (heavy self titled guitars), the verse melody resung by tom with better lyrics in the less whiny voice, a completely redone chorus from mark with an actual hook that keeps up the pace of the song, and just general input from mark and Travis on the song. Song could have been a mega hit if it was handled like a self titled song.
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    All The Small Things yeah has more "staying power" I suppose, but in terms of the song that reached the widest and most varied audience, as well as the single that actually sold the most, it was I Miss You. Frankly neither song makes my top 5 for blink songs (though I Miss You is definitely closer to that list). It just seems to me that I Miss You was the single that was steering blink in the right direction to become a band with a much wider appeal than what they had drawn in by that time. Of course that momentum didn't continue when Down and Always failed to take off as very successful singles, and then of course the breakup happening not long after that truly killed that push that was seemingly about to happen. I truly believe a follow up album released in 2005 (something much closer in overall sound to self titled and not so much Neighborhoods) really could have made blink become an even bigger band than they were at their peak Enema days.
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    I think I hear the Rock Show the most. I really think that its a great single too. Very catchy and poppy enough but still has a hard hitting chorus. Also has a catchy riff.
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    All Dubs all day
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    I Miss You was huge, but it just didn't have the staying power. You really never hear it anymore. ATST and WMAA are the only two songs that I hear randomly about. Mostly ATST
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    The highest grossing movie of all time: total pillar of mediocrity. Jfc, some of the shit thrown around in here is ridic
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    I think that fanboy is going to fanboy. Saying that it lived up to its hype and exceeded expectations....lol. I've been a Star Wars fan for as long as I remember life. This was a good movie, but you and others are going over the top with it.
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    This is something I'm not getting either, why do people find her so attractive? I mean she isn't ugly, but I'm by no means drooling over this girl.
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    You can leave and beat the traffic or stick around and beat your meat.
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    I could easily watch blink for three hours. Anyone who gets bored before it ends can leave early. No loss.
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    I'm a loser, I never listened to them back in the day, but for the last 4/5 years I've actually quite like about half of their stuff. The McBusted album is quite entertaining in its own way too.
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    Great band whoever says they didnt listen to them at the time is lying! And probably knows all the words to what you go to school for and crashed the wedding
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    the black and white circle-arrow H is the logo for hawk shoes. the other one is this: http://i.imgur.com/64W2LxQ.png (ThirdRate or something like that, but it's not a brand)
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    stop insulting using the internet or come over and say it to my face in real life nqat or something like that
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    It's by a company called "Get a life" You can buy them from www.nobodydresseslikethatanymore.com No need to thank me.