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    I don't think I grew out of blink, I think this is crap record musically/creatively. I prefer honesty from my favorite bands, and nothing on Cali/DLX feels half as honest as their previous efforts to me.
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    We should celebrate by banning Clarke!
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    You left out the part where they hired someone to write an album for them
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    I had never heard Army nor listened to Ben Folds before ... I enjoyed it!
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    some news! california and bored to death have both been certified gold by the RIAA. these represent blink's first certifications since 2005 -- their first gold album since untitled (which went on to go double platinum) and first singles since i miss you and feeling this.
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    i don't like parking lot, nor do i like any of the deluxe. but i always thought the hate was undue. i can see how some of the lyrics are cringe-inducing, since they're 40 year old men delivering them. but i also can see how it's based on memories of growing up/going to concerts/hanging with friends (i.e... every blink song). my main gripe with it is the whole "we are forgotten young suburbia" shit they throw in the chorus that's present all over california. like "we won this war, we cursed and swore..." in wildfire -- what war? what the hell are you going on about? you're 40 and rich and married and get free nintendo shit. shut the fuck up and make better music
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    I'm sorry but Army is a well crafted, intricate, fun and adorable song that shits all over blink at the best of times. I know thats not the discussion currently but someone putting Parking Lot above that... I legit can never respect your opinion again... purely ludicrous right there.
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    Ben Folds' farts sound better than new blink.
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    We grew out of Blink? Blink themselves grew out of simple pop almost 15 years ago before crawling back to a shitty derivative shell of their former sound! Love ya @Ghent feels good to be having these conversations again it's been awhile
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    Gotta love Fighting the Gravity! One of the best Neighborhoods songs IMO.
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    You need to do a feature where you record your talk to txt videos and post them alongside your actual posts, that would be fucking great. I want to see, hear and feel your liberal hatred.
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    When clarke calls Ghent a hothead I’m reminded of:
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    Uh, it's never hard to prove you wrong Clarke.
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    For me, Parking Lot basically took everything I hated about California as a whole and squished it into one abhorrent track.
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    New Found Glory released a new song and i think its amazing. I think they said they wrote and recording it during sticks and stones but it didnt fit so they left it out. I really like it. Interesting to see that they didnt show a single shot of Steve in the video edit: nevermind they totally just wrote and recorded it on the last album session
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    I agree I don't think Travis was there. This TTS stuff is no doubt the beginning of the end for Tom. Within a few years (or less) when this goes belly up or Tom loses interest (Like Blink, AVA, Modlife, Comic Book store, Ebay Auction Site, Poet Anderson etc) "Investors" are going to be pissed. Once they see they paid $200 at least for nothing more than an email. There will likely be a lawsuit or two. His ability to be an entrepreneur (what little ability he has) will be rendered useless. Really his only option will be some Blink/BCR tribute. But honestly, I am not sure he is mentally or physically capable of it. I really don't think he is. Normally I'd say I feel bad for the guy, but he's a fucking asshole, so I don't.
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    During 2009 / 2014 they played at least 186 shows & released one album and one EP. That is an average of 37-38 shows/year. Obviously not dead since 2004.
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    Tom actually posted this..a picture of credit cards like it's an ad for candy.
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    Yeah I think Tom lost grip on reality around 2005 and nothing I've seen since then has made me think he ever got it back. My personal hope is that he got abducted by aliens around that time and they replaced him with an alien imposter (who happens to be deteriorating at a rate faster than humans) and someday they'll return him.
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    https://headlineplanet.com/home/2017/12/07/blink-182s-california-album-earns-gold-certification-single-bored-death-also-goes-gold/ Along with BTD! Woo! ~Let's Celebrate~
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    This band is on the decline and I think they know it. They didn't even bother to put out a single or play a track off the deluxe. With any hope, Mark has come to his senses and finally realized it was time to retire Blink and save what is left of the legacy.
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    Part of an interview where Rob from Strung Out namedropped Tom and his guitar: "...I have a lot of video footage from the tours we did and we had a great time together so sometimes it’s frustrating but there are so many bands where that happened. Like Tom Delonge from Blink 182 used to have Strung Out stickers on his guitar and we’ve never been asked to go on tour." https://liveforthismusic.wordpress.com/2011/08/06/strung-out-interview/
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    Yeah Parking Lot is everything bad about California era wrapped up into one extremely shitty song and the timing couldn't be worse being the first release since the original Cali. Looking back, how lame is the name California anyways? Fucking wraps it up as generic trash that it was. Who even listens to it anymore? I almost forgot it existed. Parking Lot in a nutshell: -Horrible Title -First drop from Deluxe -Horrible Lyrics, arguably the worst -Guitar slides (seriously?) -Plastic overproduced guitars & vocals -Cheesy drums that sound computerized. -Nanana/whoas to a comical level -Trying to be teenage edgy -The usage of the name drop 'Target' -Actual usage of the lyrics 'Matt just broke his wrist ooo of ooo' -Straight Goldfinger bridge -Young suburbia garbage AGAIN It really goes on with this one...can't find one redeeming factor other than it's fast and over with quick.
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    So, apparently, I'll be in the floor at the Spurs/Heat game tonight if I decide to go. Look for me. I'll be the drunkard.
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    Oliver, talk to text? Meaning you actually say your posts out loud rather than typing them? Is this a regular thing for you?!
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    “Accusing me of committing” as if this situation is some sort of crime scene. Lmao
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    hahahaha Clarke. What an idiot.
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    You went from ' I think this guys trolling ' to 'You guys would defend this bloke if he was talking about sexually abusing children'. Ghent is reacting in a childish ridiculous manner because you massively blew up an argument to absurd degrees, which makes him feel like there's no point discussing it with you.
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    I wouldn’t watch that.
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    Sorry, but you’re simply a dumbass if you buy into any of this TTS Academy stuff. Truth hurts.
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    I'm embarrassed that I fell for it for a couple years. To be so convincing, I think he may actually believe some of the things he says deep down, but he presents them in troll fashion to avoid backlash.
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    Holy crap, mate. John Paul Fucking Jones. Take your hat and make a reverence to the man. And yep. TCV are great. I'm still waiting for a second release. Grohl said hey had plans for a second record.
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    Decided to listen to the entire Blink discography again these past two days ... It's okay. I probably overplayed Blink in my younger days, so that sucks. I am, however, enjoying the fuck out of the rare and B-side shit though, I forgot about a lot of them.
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    You're as dumb as I would expect a Trump voter to be.
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    11/18/1995: The band performs at After Dark in Honolulu, Hawaii, completing the first leg of the GoodTimes tour. 12/5/1997: The band performs at the Universal Amphitheatre in Universal City, California, as a part of KROQ's Almost Acoustic Christmas.
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    Clarke shit talks the one person on here who doesn't treat him like shit ... Way to go, dumbass! Now you got no one!
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    Too bad I didn't create the Donald Trump thread. Otherwise I could delete the ENTIRE THING just because I feel threatened by Clarke's post, instead of going back and removing my post!!! Imagine...
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    God damn you just became my favorite poster hands down if you are truly voice-texting all your political stances in public. That is brave, and I got this hilarious vision of you standing in a Starbucks line shouting about how much liberals suck into your phone.
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    This post + thinking that Net Neutrality is about to take place makes me think that you don’t know what it is.
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    blink should get together with Feldmann and crank out a new xmas tune for the season
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    A letter To Elise cover captured everything that blink was during 03-04. Love that cover so much. The gloomy/flanger stuff worked well with them
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    Great game! I've enjoyed it a lot. I'm about to finish - just have to defeat Smithy and I'm done.*** *** (Hopefully, because you know how it is with RPGs... ) It's great that you've been refunded and got the games.