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    Good for him. Bet he’s fucking loving it. Probably having 5 wanks a day and munching pizza for breakfast. What a life ffs
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    So after skimming this thread I have come to the conclusion that my stay-at-home-mother was just a leech. Fuck.
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    Why would you work if married to a millionaire? talk about a waste of time I'd be the best stay at home dad of all time if i could be
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    Well, I think we all knew you were projecting, but thanks for confirming it.
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    Now Oliver can play guitar like Skiba, drum like Travis and interior design like Jen
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    Clearly people on the AVAbot facebook page hasn't heard about brocode..
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    we should all treat each other with generosity and respect. we all make mistakes.
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    Sorry to crush his hopes and dreams, but that's just an Italian biscuit lol
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    I'm actually interested to hear what music bachelor Tom can write haha
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    distant relatives by marriage don't know this kind of weird shit about each other. you're a totally obsessed fan and most likely completely insane. if anything, you've convinced yourself that you know him and have some kind of relationship with him.
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    We know nothing about how well the company is doing, or how much of "Tom's" money she used to create it - for all we know he invested at the beginning, and she's made a profit from it. her name is also on a lot of the projects Tom has run, for all we know she worked hard on all of them. Outside of all this, I don't see why it matters. in any healthy relationship the finances are shared, regardless of how much each partner brings in. She raised his children, she supported him emotionally, why shouldn't she be able to use his wealth? what is she supposed to do, shop at target while he's jetting around all over the place trying to build spaceships? You don't know their relationship, so you're just wildly speculating. we don't know any of the ins and outs. hell, you keep saying Tom's cheated on her a million times - as he's the high earner is he entitled to cheat on her by that basis? is she not allowed to be upset by that because she's a kept rich woman?
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    Nothing screams divorce more than this photograph:
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    You are another person who needs more booze in your life. Calm your ass down a bit.
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    One of my biggest pet peeves here is people talking shit about their wives for no reason or pretending to know anything about their family/relationship situations. Yeah yeah, we all wish WE were the ones married to Tom and Mark, big deal get over it.
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    I'm actually really excited for this. Happiness does not good art make. Max Bemis case and point. I dont want to hear a peep out of him until he's divorced
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    At least he's supposedly making music right now. I'm more interested in new Tom music right now than new blink music.
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    he’s in his 40s and got a motorcycle. he’s def separated and def having a midlife crisis lol
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    Here's a road report from 21 years ago! - I just retrieved it from a very old text file that I saved on one of my HDs 1997-07-09 Vancouver, Canada - PNE Lagoon (Vans Warped Tour '97) - Written by Mark
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    lol well i’ll be damned. good job then. sorry for callin you out, and thanks for the contribution
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    I put in my online dating profile that I am not interested in anyone who is obsessed with drinking. Had to do it. Because too many are. Like a few drinks during dinner is fine. If all you want to do for a good time is go out and sit in a bar; I have zero interest.
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    alrighty added all that info since the last time i updated (june 1 and 15). lotta fun stuff added. what’s cool is some of the posters you find @Thibaut182 make official kevin-182’s dates from back in the day… i never had any reason to believe they were ever fabricated, but having evidence via posters. another cool thing is there are certain shows — for example, the 6/5/1996 gig in st. pete, fl — that were previously listed with a question mark because we had no other info. then this random person on instagram comes forward with a poster, and you manage to find it, post it, and then it’s in here forever. also rad: how you cross-referenced mark’s original road report for the rained-out chicago date of the '96 warped tour with scott heisel’s recent memory of it from the AP article. that type of stuff amazes me. you do the most work in this thread and i want to thank you.
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    I don't know. I mean, she is rich with his money but remember that Jen and Tom started dating in 1996, when he was just a kid in a band. To me a gold digger is someone who only goes after someone for their money but he wasn't rich in 1996. And don't think that Skye is any different than Jen.
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    Me too! I don't necessarily have high expectations, but I'm way more curious about this than I am about future blink.
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    well that escalated quickly
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    yeah they’re all archived. i’m actually using one for the blink twitter soon haha!
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    lmao no you aren’t. don’t take credit for other people’s work. it’s said 6/15/98 in the timeline for years and you never post in that thread
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    England are playing Wednesday mate!
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    If only Feeling_This_1 would just ask Jonas or Ava we could get to the bottom of this immediately.
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    If you think Mark is "our god" then it's very, very clear that you haven't been reading the boards very closely. There's probably more Mark bashing than Tom bashing these days.
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    Wow, we're losing a lurker? What will the community ever do?!
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    I see no proof of any kind that Skye or Jenn are or have ever been gold diggers. both seemed like organic normal relationships from the start. Shanna was probably a gold digger however
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    It's a better investment than intergalactic travel
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    i think TFBYM does a better job than it should of telling the band's story, obviously because anne was there. it's fun and engaging to read, full of great stories about the early years and pics. it does gloss over the scott stuff, and has some revisionist history going on ("mark and tom met. then, they needed a drummer"), but it's a more than adequate portrait of the band. shooman's book on the other hand is good for the jeff forrest/scott interviews and that's about it.
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    perception isn't objective, so when it comes to personal matter, people tell completely different stories about the same event. the story by mark's sister (the official blink story), and scott's version are not contradicting at all. they're just from different perspectives. the official version doesn't want to go into the details of scott's leaving, because the reason was the least important part of the drummer-change, the consequences were way more interesting. from scott's point of view, well, it was the end of his career, there's no interesting aftermath for him, his story must be about being/feeling betrayed. (and even if it's not written in tfbym, you could guess his feelings, because they're obvious.)
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    I’m pretty sure I shed a fanboy tear when I first saw space Leia. Epic moment. Love that she got to have a unique force power like that
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    I don't understand why people prefer reddit. the reddit layout totally wrecks me, irritating as hell to use and there's no community feel. Message boards are basically dinosaurs now though, if they aren't all interconnected fast social medias then most aren't interested. the art of long form internet communities seems to be dying.
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    hey it happens, i don’t blame ya. this is probably the quickest argument ever defused on the boards haha
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    I have the link, diary from 7/6/1997: The band performs at Pier 30/32 in San Francisco, California until 7/21/1997: The band performs at La Salle Park in Buffalo, New York. https://web.archive.org/web/19980203145950/http://www.warpedtour.com:80/thelife/diary_blink.html
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    you're mark, right? you're an alcoholic.
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    ok, i went through the pics i took in 1998. it appears that tom had at least three different les pauls during this era, at least according to the shows i was at. sorry if this info has already been posted; i haven't followed this thread in a while. first one: second one: third one: