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    He’s talking about how his wife left him because of his cocaine addiction, and how much of an alcoholic Mark was. Nah I can’t watch it either
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    The thing about Matt is that I want him to be a part of the band. I want him to write songs and let his influence shine in blink-182. It might be different than what people expect blink-182 to be, but that's good in my eyes. I want different. blink-182 with Matt Skiba could honestly be amazing, but it isn't. I love Matt and I'm still holding out hope that the next record will be awesome.
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    I think we as blink fans are tired of All The Small Things in general just because of how fucking overplayed it was and still is to this day. But every once in a while I hear it and think "the song fucking rules." All The Small Things kicks ass if you don't hear it all the time. I felt the same the first time I heard the blink play it with Matt. Cool covers!
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    Tom is an unlimited tank of decent ideas - but needs Mark and Travis to really get there. He's tried for over a decade to do it alone and proved he can't - even in his prime (The Adventure). But jesus, Mark literally cannot produce any original or thought provoking ideas. Tom pushes Mark, and actually pushes him, to become a better musician. IT MAKES ME SO MAD - HOW DO THEY NOT SEE HOW MUCH BETTER THEY ARE TOGETHER! Ugh.
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    Apparently a lot of people. Here's a quote from her about it: "The problem with the lyrics is not that I had an issue with someone I went to school with. That's just high school and friendships and breakups. It's the way I tried to call her out using words that didn't belong in the conversation. It's the fact that the story was setup inside the context of a competition that didn't exist over some fantasy romance," Williams said, adding. Translation: omgz i called a girl a whore when i was 17. it was totally authentic then, BUT: the over-PC crowd is pissed. must never play my most popular song liver ever again.
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    yeahhh as far as i’m concerned, no matter what, matt’s never been completely in the band. he’s never been comfortable onstage, and he’s barely written or contributed to the songs. this is just a weird period in the bands history i’m eager to be done with
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    Not even sure how to respond to this one. No gif could do it justice
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    We do have to face facts people. The clip Tom put out is decent. But there is some good guitar chords and its words apart from a completed song I know we'd all love Tom Delonge to rise up and return to his glory. But what we are really seeing is a pathetic guy who is very slowly losing everything and has been on a long process to hitting bottom and needing some serious help. Until that wake up call comes (hopefully before he ends up dead) we aren't going to be seeing anything from him. Its been years and years now since he has even been slightly competent.
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    To me, it still doesn't feel like Skiba is truly in the band. He seems like a performer and not much else. I just want him to have the freedom to actually write songs. I want to hear what blink with Skiba sounds like.
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    what kills me is knowing that there was a time when we saw so many pictures of mark and matt together in their own studio writing and recording their own music. skiba actually holding a guitar. we haven't seen that since feldmann came along. skiba doesn't get to write anything.
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    Eh, I mean I like Cali/DLX, but it's obvious he is still not fully comfortable IMO. If you watch recent performances of Alk3 vs. Blink, or go to a show, it is just night and day IMHO, and even at Meet & Greets and such. When I've met him with Blink you could tell he was just very reserved off to the side, as if he wasn't really apart of it. Even in a lot of photos he is off to the side. I overheard someone ask him how it is to be in Blink, and he said "Well it's nice to be busy"... as much as I want him to feel apart of Blink, I think it's a "job" to him. Yes, he'll give it 100% and since he's a great songwriter they will make good tunes, but it's not him. I just really wish there weren't boundaries in place on what "blink sounds like" and they could just write. Whether that's Mark/Feldy/expectations of a comeback album/etc., idk, but we'll see how the next album turns out. He had some big shoes to fill and I do think he was really a great choice, and about the only one that made sense if they wanted to continue Blink.
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    I picture it like this - Tom's on his phone, in their kitchen, yakking away about aliens and conspiracies and whatnot. Jen walks in, takes a slow, sad sobering look at who her husband has become, give a subtle shake of her head as one lone tear drops from her eye. She packs a small bag of essentials, walks back to the kitchen, while Tom ends his phone conversation. He turns to her, smiles instinctively and then pauses when he sees the bag in her hand. confusion spreads over his features. She chokes out "I'm sorry, Tom" and the tears well up in her eyes as she sadly puts her hand on his shoulder and says "I'm not ready for the next adventure".
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    If the past 13 years hadn't happened I would agree with you haha. But if none of them want him to be in Blink, Tom included, he's still allowed to sound like himself in my opinion. He and Mark invented "sounding blink" so of course he will have music that "sounds blink" if he wants to play that style, it's his own style! I say bring it on, if by some miracle it actually gets released and is good then we have more good music to listen to and after all the insanity and bullshit of the past 13 years that would be AOK with me.
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    This isn't even the best clip Tom has played in the last year or so. I basically reacted the same way as always for years now, very cool catchy riffs..One that will never get made into anything. Tom is incapable of competing anything at this point, one minute is hyping us for ufo/alien reveals, then some big ass book, then some random blink tease, then a giant announcement that is really a scam, then Ava, then boxcar 2 tease, random feature film, etc. What has he actually completed in the last 5 years other than that pursuit of tone movie directed and guided by someone else?
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    Paramore dropping their most popular song live because it has a line about a whore is beyond ridiculous.
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    *yawn* Oliver arguing points that no one even made. *yawn* Oliver making something that has nothing to do with "the law" into an attack on Casey's knowledge of it broken record. boooring.
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    Damn toms son has such strong feelings about his family.
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    I bet if we dug a little bit, we'd find out you're projecting just like Oliver was.
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    Weezer covering All The Small Things as well as Rivers Cuomo
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    Random video of Matt changing the melody to Down. A bit odd but interesting.
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    Davey only cares about music with fast drumming repetitive that sounds like it was recorded on a stale potato.