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    The industry was a lot bigger then. They were part of the machine that was MTV, arguably at it's peak.
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    Blink, Skiba and Feldmann. IMO. Blink came back from the dead to the 'relevance' again. Skiba went from being a total unknown musician (except for AK3 fans or old fucks that were aware of the scene back in the day), to front a band as blink, whith way more public attention; and Feldmann, although being one of the most famous producers of the industry right now, now has attacked his name to this band. So is a WIN-WIN-WIN situation for all parts in terms of relevance, visibility and, of course, money.
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    Just call it Wrapped Tour, and call it a day.
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    Warped tour was dead to me in 2003! I'm more punk that you, suck it, poser!
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    @Ghent and @Olidamus I propose that everytime Knapton posts a comment without some sort of spelling error we should come up with some sort of prize. The above post is not an example of that.
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    Am I the only one who actually loves Blade Runner 2049? I watched the first one a couple of weeks before the new one came out, and to be honest I was kinda disappointed. Like it's good, but for so many years, it was hyped as this masterpiece sci fi movie. It was one of those movies I've known of since I was a kid but watched it for the first time 3-4 months ago. I didn't understand the hype. That said, it didn't put me off seeing the second one. But wow, the second one blew me away. Yeah, it's long but to me, I was just glued to the screen for the whole damn thing. Went by pretty quick for me. Really enjoyed it. Don't know if it was because I had lowered expectations or anything, but I'd say it's my favourite movie from 2017.
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    I currently have 0% interest in talking about blink-182 so no, I won't join your shitty site.
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    One of the examples is blink, who he recognized and says he listens to "as a joke sometimes" haha.
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    Fucking love this album. Might be my favorite Senses Fail album but it's too early to know for sure. At the moment, I can't stop listening to it. Current favorites: 1. Gold Jacket, Green Jacket 2. If There Is Light, It Will Find You 3. Double Cross The album is a bit lacking on the heavy side but I don't mind the loss all that much. If I want heavy Senses Fail I have plenty of other SF albums to listen to. I'm really enjoying this.
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    Can we just talk about the new album? It's fucking incredible it sounds like the album in between Let It Enfold You and Still Searching. Some of Buddy's best lyrics
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    It's weird how the painful aftermath is always longer than the actual existence of things. Blink was only existent for such short periods of time if you really map it out.
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    The only reason why Blink is still relevant today is because they were so massive in the late 90s/early 2000s. They've done everything possible to make themselves not relevant, I'm actually surprised they haven't faded even more.
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    Blink in their prime starting 1999-2000s were bigger than alot of people you would call big these days ...they were massive! Getting a grammy nomination and being relevant for a few months was nothing compared to then... And skiba was big in alkaline trio he wasnt just a nobody that hit the big time with blink lol he might of got a big payday from touring but the casual blink listener wouldnt even notice that skiba isnt tom
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    my gf was listening to a random talk radio station and they played rock show as background music. the DJ mentioned today's the 13th anniversary of blink going on hiatus. wild.
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    warped tour became shitty in 1998 and that's a scientific fact!
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    It's a semifinal, so the winner goes on to play for gold and the loser will play for bronze.
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    I thought Warped tour was closing down. Am I mistaken?
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    I still love that debunking dude looking into one of the pieces of 'proof' Tom provided and pointing out it was a metallic number 1 balloon. that shit slayed me.
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    Lol Jan gets triggered so easily. Can't even articulate herself properly when she gets her panties in a knot
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    says he didn't make the movie explains what the movie is supposed to be saying as if he made it. classic jan.
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    lol, kind of forget he did come from the aquabats.
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    Haha I'm not sure Travis has even mentioned ska publicly since leaving the Aquabats, let alone thinks of himself as an "OG rude boy"
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    Yes it is interesting! I think that often it's hard to blend disparate music styles and sounds, and not everyone succeeds. See the new Justin Timberlake record for example. Or someone who used to do pop punk but is now trying to blend pop rock with EDM and trap, like Fall Out Boy on their most recent album. It's a challenging task and with this album of Zebrahead's it felt seamless. Just not my taste that's all.
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    I guess it's just because they've been skating together for over 20 years and a lot of people found their skating moving. And people think they're boning.
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    Sorry, can't hear you over the sound of my CD playing in the background I could afford.
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    I personally thought Pep was an embarrassment last night, bloke is a sore loser with a temper he can't control - he was a twat with the Redmond thing earlier in the season too and has unrealistic expectations of what English football is about with how people should tackle his players. You seem to confuse bumming Pep with me calling out the whole world loves Man City/they get away with murder and the whole world hates Man United thing, which frankly is a ridiculous argument. Just as it was you were winning everything and City fans were saying the exact same thing about the whole world loves Man United. I get it, football fans are fickle but come on.... you can say it's sarcastic/a joke but see it in here pretty much every week with paranoid conspiracy theories about the two clubs.
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    Mourinho will get a 5 game ban from the FA after last night. Pep is an angel.
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    I can't even think of an existing genre that I want to become the "next big genre." I want something new. Which, sadly, I don't think is gonna happen, because Hollywood hates taking risks. So for a while we're gonna be stuck with superheroes, sequels/reboots to 80's movies, and "cinematic universes." To be honest I'm amazed that superhero movies are still so popular after so many years. I mean, I'm not surprised that people like them, but I am surprised that they are still at the level they're at. We've had almost twenty years of non-stop superhero movies now. Can't believe it hasn't died down yet.
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    Super hero movies got old to me as soon as Batman became dark and everyone thought it warranted greatest movie of all time discussion (it's still #4 all time on imdb). It should have died a tragic death soon after that. I don't see the appeal at all, there's little to no substance in any of them. Super hero movies peaked for me at like the spider man's with Toby McGuire and William Defoe. Just being honest.
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    Horror needs some revitilization, but I think it might just be too late for the genre. Everything has been kinda done to death, not much else to do in that realm.
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    No nothing like Human Centepide, just...very messed up
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    I think if Demko impresses in training camp, he has a shot at being the backup next year. And given how Markstrom is playing, Demko could very well be our starter by the end of next season.
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    Horvat injury fucked our season. But a good team shouldn't rely on two players (Horvat and Boeser). We don't have enough quality top 6 forwards. Our defence core is made up of mostly top 4s and bottom 6s, not enough legit first pairing dmen (we need Dahlin for that). Goaltending I'm not too concerned about long-term. Demko looks to be a great goalie, and DiPietro isn't a bad fall back plan either. Markstrom will stay the course of bombing the next few seasons based on a shitty roster, but I think he's an adequate starter on a bad team.
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    Yeah I could watch Burn After Reading easily a few times a year. I love how everyone in the movie is a total moron; the Coen brothers seem to love such characters. I've been reading Marvel comic books, mostly Spider-Man, since 1990 or so, and back then there were no Marvel superhero movies (except for a few crappy ones), so I'm kinda watching the movies hoping that one day they'd come up with one that'd match the quality of the comic books. I don't know why the general non-comic-book-reading public keeps watching these movies; maybe they're just easy entertainment.
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    If you like Fargo I think that you're gonna enjoy Three Billboards!
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    So, in a way it's like this message board where people talk about all things Blink 182 ... If it's so active why are you asking for people to go there to do what they already do here? I don't think you've thought this little venture of yours through. I hope you respond, I'm curious and would like answers.
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    The Oilers are just unbelievably bad. Spotted this little trivia on the hfboards: 11th game where Oilers let in the first shot of the game!
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    Good thing Wally isn't here anymore.
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    I think i genuinely prefer dreamwalker to DED, never mind California.
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    It's something he's been saying a very long time now.
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    Is Matt turning into ALK3's Tom?
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    Bruins have a lot of good rookies. What McAvoy is doing at his age is unreal. Crazy to think they could have easily had Barzal, Boeser, Chabot/Connor as well...