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    He should have just gotten a channel like History or Syfy to give him some "Alien hunting" show....have Tom go around to all of these places and act like he's hunting and investigating UFO's while cracking dumb jokes and being funny Tom. He could have actually made money. But nope, instead he's preying upon loyal fans and attempting to be a down-syndrome version of Elon Musk. Nice!!
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    This is the stupidest logic ever. If I hope someone fails at fucking people out of millions I am an asshole? Its not a scam in the legal sense, but that doesn't mean that people aren't getting scammed. That doesn't mean that it wasn't setup to be a legal deception. On the front page it says "invest" that it is an "investment". Its not really a fucking investment Clarke. Unless you consider an "investment" buying a pile of dog turds for $200 in the hopes that it grows mold that cures cancer.
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    I'll fork my money over to Tom if it's for the blinkumentary.
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    The AVA Movement FB group is full of people right now saying "I have no idea what investing is or what it means but I want to invest someone help me." I'm not making some stupid joke right now. I'm a member of the group and that is what's happening.
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    Man, the blink subreddit is all about this crap; people are clamoring to give Tom their sweet, sweet cash. He's like a modern day Pied Piper.
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    You thought this was funny enough to post twice?
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    Because he didn't pitch what I'm talking about. He probably pitched some stupid ass drama that connected with his stupid books. I'm talking about Ghost Hunters with Tom Delonge. Bigfoot Hunters with Tom Delonge. STRANGE TIMES-Hosted by Tom Delonge; a show investigating the unknown creatures, occurrences and UFO's in the natural world. I should be his fucking manager.
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    I love Clark to come on here and try to defend this “investment” as only Clarke does..... then he might find himself without a dad
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    Yeah, no. Tom has been a millionaire since his early 20s. he has a warped perception of reality and the world he lives in. He is literally trying to get duped fans to fund his failed business further, so he can continue being a wacko conspiracy nut and sell T shirts. wishing him 'the best' isn't going to actually give him any personal growth. if I wish him 'the best' then I'm wishing that his scam succeeds, that hundreds of ignorant fans are ripped off, and Tom can continue to be a giant money wasting jackass that discredits scientific discovery and theory in regards to alien lifeforms and advanced technology. What he is doing is damaging - the only person it helps is himself. Wishing someone failure is not inherently callous, if your intent is for them to avoid making colossal mistakes, and for them to learn and grow as an individual. It isn't as simple as 'wish him well and hope for the best' the mans in his 40s, and he's had a very easy time of it for a long time. I want this scam to fail, I want him to see the error of his ways, get down from his tree, and live a happy life with his family where he's not chasing spaceships and selling pictures of it to gullible tweens on the internet.
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    I'd like to issue an official apology. I said hating on Jan was the new cool thing to do on here and you all just ganged up and bullied her for the sake of it but now I realise that you were in fact right all along and she is in fact a massive bellend. I didn't post enough in the political threads to realise before, soz guys.
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    Live scenes of @2point5 and Clarke
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    Received additional information from my friend in a second email. He was relieved I said I wasn't planning to invest and just wanted to get his opinion from someone in the field. He spoke a bit more candidly after he realized that. Big take away I got from him was this:
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    He affects infinite more lives and the world by playing those songs every night. For a lot of teenagers even those coming up now, those songs give them something they feel attached and belong to when they struggle through those years. He’s not helping anyone with the crap he’s doing now. Like Tom stop this BS I’m trying to save the world, you had the opportunity to help more people every night than 99% of people do in a life time. You just weren’t happy with it which was fine, but don’t make it seem like you’re doing this to help the world when you had that already and threw it away.
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    This Tom could have hosted an epic TV show.
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    This may have been actually fun and hilarious. 1000x better than all the other stuff he's doing these days.
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    He tried to do that. That’s what the Sekret Machines documentary trailer that leaked a year ago was. It was supposed to be a tv show. He brought it to a bunch of networks and no one bought it.
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    Thing is, Tom's been ripping people off using different techniques long before this TTS shit. The Army of Angels fan club was a scam back in 2006. Modlife eventually became a scam. His charity auctions are scams. He scammed fans on Reissued....The whole body of work leads to this. This is just a new form of scam. He finally figured out a way to get your money without giving you ANYTHING back lol.
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    The first sign that this is a money making scam is the fact that he is targeting his fan base. Young adults who discovered him through poo poo jokes. If he actually had the capability to create some kind of new technology that would change the world, don't you think he would be pitching his ideas and "evidence" to ummm, you know, a group of billionaire venture capitalists willing to fork out big chunks of money? There is no reason he would stoop to collecting $200 from fat chicks (nickels and dimes) if he could go get millions from investors. Why can't he get money from venture capitalists? Because it's a fucking scam.
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    were not talking about Toms passion, we’re talking about how he’s scamming people with an investment offering that’s worthless. We don’t care if Tom wants to chase aliens and what he’s passionate about. We care when he brings naive people into the fold to fund it. Nice dancing around all that though.
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    It doesn't matter if he's aware that he's scamming people or not...He's still scamming people. Has to be held accountable. And for the record, I 100% believe he is purposely scamming people. Oh, and that was a super douchy post Clarke.
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    I don't mind him chasing spaceships or whatever, that's up to him, but it is ridiculous to try and make his fans pay for his personal favorite hobby, because he doesn't want to use that much of his own money anymore.
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    Translation: I am quite disappointed in the amount of money that has been taken by deception "invested" so far. This looks to be yet another failure of mine.
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    found this cool little ad skimming an old billboard airplay magazine dated dec 1999, thought i'd share... has my hometown radio station (WABB) listed on it!
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    i'm laughing so hard. may be he just eat aliens?
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    Its easy to be mad, but the more you think about it; its really just sad. The end game for Tom won't be a happy one, give it 10-20 years and tune back. It's already a sad tale that will get sadder I think. He looks like a fat slob shell of his former self. Mentally ill; a complete head case. I am sure the 1999 version of Tom could watch that video and just hang his head in shame and vow never to be that person. I wish someone would just get him help or something. I think somewhere in there is the old Tom that I use to idolize.
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    Honestly though, Tom doesn't really come off as someone who'd try to scam people intentionally. Instead, he's more likely to just really believe in this bullshit. This is a guy who thought an alien from The X-Files was the real thing. Now he's surrounded by these snake oil salesmen who see an opportunity in this moron who'll believe anything they say. So they tell him they'll deliver anti-gravity and spacetime applications in return for some cash. Tom, desperate for quick recognition and completely incapable of critical thinking, then banks his entire professional future on their crackpottery. If Tom really wanted to push science forward, he'd return to blink, set himself back on a firm financial footing and then set up a scholarship and/or start providing research grants for mainstream scientific research. Instead, in his quest for glory and recognition he's decided to go for the crash & burn option.
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    On the bright side, this board is all uniting on something for once
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    hahaha so everyone, we invented telepathy. Enjoy it with our new graphic novel, preorder packages available now!
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    He's probably gonna end up getting sued over this.
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    Red Skies is wonderful. I'm bummed they didn't re-record it for Buddha.
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    a money room for only 150k. I have more than 150k and i dont have a fkn money room. Ive got a fkn money pit called a house.
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    Here is what is going to happen; Tom will make the $1mil in donations, and in a year, the money will be released to him; but it won't be anywhere near enough to even start what he wants to do. It will be a failure, and in a few years time, you just won't hear anything about it anymore. Tom will be onto something else like what happened with modlife; but this time there will be more backlash because some people will want to know what happened to their money. At least with modlife people couldn't complain that much because it was $20 for content or whatever. This is at least $200 for nothing, and it will take awhile, maybe a few years, but shit will eventually hit the fan.
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    As someone who works at a clothing company and manufacturer, I wanna shed some light on this. TTS has no manufacturing capabilities or storage facilities. When they used to have products for sale, all of the garments were mock ups - not photographs of the actual products, it's an easy thing to spot when you know what you're looking for. This means they had a 'as and when' kind of deal with a manufacturer and screen printer. Theoretically, these cannot 'sell out' because they're only ordering a small amount at a time to cover costs, but doing so makes the cost of it much higher for the company. Ordering in bulk and having storage would be a means of cutting down cost, and if TTS lost as much as it sounds then I'm willing to bet they went for that option later on, and 'sold out' because the bulk of stock they bought wasn't really that much, and they couldn't afford to restock - because the orders just weren't there. I say this because some of the product shots look more realistic at times. I'm just theorising all this, I rarely visit TTS but if a generic shirt (not say a special edition bundle or whatever) was 'sold out' I'd be willing to bet that's why.
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    *Champagne .... If you can't spell it then you can't have any.
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    He could have nerded out on all of his bizarre theories and whatever, while at the same time entertaining fans/other people by being his normal self that everyone loved in the first place. Maybe funny-Tom doesn't exist anymore.
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    If Tom truly, truly believed that he was going to change the world then he would front his own money, not the money of low/middle class fan boys. It's wrong. You're a multimillionaire asking for donations from kids who probably make $8 an hour at Hot Topic.
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    You know Tom fucked up when the entire message board besides cult-level tombots (like Clarke and Vic Vinegar) are openly willing to acknowledge this is a scam lol.
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    I should also note that the chief of science and technology partner that has a PhD from Stanford was a scientologist all the way through the 70s and reached one of its highest ranks before leaving. While not a Scientologist today, the fact that he was one for ten years says pretty much everything you need to know that this guy isn’t going to develop a time traveling spaceship.
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    Maybe he'll travel back in time and stop from getting fat.
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    "Hi I am Tom Delonge and I will give you 10% of my company for $50million" "What are your sales like?" "Um, last year we lost $600,000" "What is it that this company does?" "We draw spaceships on pieces of paper that will one day go into outerspace"
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    By the way, when you crunch the numbers with the amount of stocks they’re offering, they’re valuing the company at half a billion dollars... a company with only 2.5 million in revenue over two years and 800k in losses. Those are numbers that indicate a company is going bankrupt and can no longer operate. My conclusion is that last year they saw the writing on the wall that to the Stars was a sinking ship, this is why we stopped hearing about projects and just got swept under the rug. 100 million movie from rat pac? Poet Anderson huge multimedia IP like Star Wars? It’s just now getting a second book. Sekret machines documentary that we saw a leaked trailer for like a year and a half ago. They just keep scrapping things. They diverted resources to put this effort together to save the company and now we have what is this scam by preying on naive people that have never taken a personal finance class or an intro physics course for that matter. This could all end up really sad and bad when all is said and done. good lord
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    Accompanied with a 4 track EP for each invention! As well as graphic novels detailing the adventures of some bullshit character using telepathy! Never mind he'll never come close to achieving these things
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