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    If Feldmann became a full time member I would never buy another blink 182 product for the rest of my life. Literally fucking anyone at this point is preferential to me over Feldy.
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    wow every time i hear a feldmann produced song, it sounds like it could have easily been on california if it had mark singing. everything sounds exactly the same. it's awful. i can't believe the same dude who produced Commit This To Memory hears this stuff back and thinks its acceptable. jerry finn is rolling in his grave.
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    i'm the source of the attic children rips; i still have the original cassette. if the mods like i can post a FLAC of the whole demo. they do boys don't cry several times, as well as some originals.
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    Why do they even bother showing up when we know Feldmann already wrote the music? Just for publicity photos?
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    Ever since someone posted about this guy going into detail about why All the Small Things is a great song, I've been watching a lot of his videos. This entire video is good but if you skip to the end, he gives his thoughts on the "assembly line" approach to making music. Though he doesn't mention him by name, it's pretty much a spot on critique of Feldmann's producing style and all that's wrong with it.
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    New Blink 182 Songs Day Two - We're Finished!
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    Can you even get mad at Feldmann though? His job is to make money and his passion is to keep pop punk relevant. There's really no one else around (that has any money) that is doing this. His music has always been plastically, so it's not like he's intentionally sabotaging bands, they are coming to HIM. This is really all on Mark, and Travis to an extent. They have more power than Feldmann to say what is acceptable or not.
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    4 or 5 years ago I'd be shitting my pants. But I could literally not care less about new music from blink. No curiosity even. It'll just be there one day, I'll listen to it, probably a few times, and that'll be that. Guess I should continue to branch out to other sections of the board.
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    just listening to asthenia and the lyric “this room is bored of rehearsal / i’m sick of the boundaries / i miss you so much” really gets me. almost brings a tear to my eye. i love blink for a lot of things, the music, the humor, but i think i love them most when they’re achingly sincere, like that lyric. sometimes after going a long while without listening to them i feel like this band was made for me
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    If the government truly had "sekrets" they wanted out, they could do it with one article/tweet from CNN/DOD/Trump,etc. One article, and 5 years of Tom's "work" and his whole "future business" is completely made worthless. But instead they want Tom to hide sekret clues in Young Adult novels and make sure he bundles them with 4 song EPs.
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    skiba must read the boards. he just posted about derek's birthday and clarified that's he's his band mate. i was wrong!
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    this basically sums up how this band works now http://thehardtimes.net/news/mark-hoppus-unloads-matt-skiba-equipment-truck/
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    Clerks 2. I love the first one but Clerks 2 is one of my favourite films ever (weird, I know)
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    Well, they didn't let him write last time, why bother this time?
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    Robert (bass tech) added some photos with a hashtag #NewMusic. This is not a drill! And it is at Foxy Studios, so obviously Feldy is involved.
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    lol at least he acknowledges he’s a has-been
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    Yeah but neither have any actual impact on the music itself. You know that. And please, stop calling me sweetie when we disagree. It makes you sound like a condescending sexist twat. I know you only do it to rile me up but as a tip, women in general hate that - if you ever want to get laid in the future I'd drop that bullshit.
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    So i have been getting around to listening to Tom's ''Demo's, odds and ends'' album which is apparently some random shit Tom wrote and had lying around, a bit late to the game considering it came out in 2015. I turned on Golden Shower in the Golden State and sort of felt like i had heard the riff before. I thought to myself, hmm this sounds very ''Descendents like'', but i couldn't figure out what it sounded like until i finally got it some hours later... the riff is basically the same one used in All's song ''Million Bucks'' Not gonna rip on Tom too much but i mean cmon he basically stole the riff, what are you guys thoughts on this? Compare this with this
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    I love asthenia lyrically, always have
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    So once again, NASA and our GOVERNMENT can't make a good documentary/tv show/announcement/book on this subject matter, so they have entrusted Blink-182's Tom Delonge to reveal this grand information to us while lining his own pockets with cash from lapel pins and pop-up tees. They can put a man on the moon, but can't write a blog with a few pictures to change the world. Hmm.
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    Complete stupidity - surely Roma must have watched both the City games at Anfield? Stay solid and compact for 45 mins and keep knocking the balls over the top to counter attack Liverpools pressing (like it worked for the first Roma goal). Basically just do what Mourinho did.
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    If all his 'best work' has to be what California is all about, and taken out off of AK3, then as AK3 fan I'm super happy that stuff is out of the band, to be honest.
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    Here’s my WDNTW pre-order autograph with email confirmation.. there’s been speculation as to the validity of it.. I have 9 total Tom autographs. But this one he does sign with a simple ‘tom’ But if you look at each of the other band members signatures I think they’ll all check out.. I bring it up because of a Reddit debate on an older post I made about this. I wanted to post this in hopes of proving it’s real 😬🤓
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    Wait, Alk3 drummer out? This has Feldmann/Travis duo taking over your band written all over it..
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    if i'm not the only one thinking it and a different drummer just so happens to be attending a writing session, i'd say he's out
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    I'm not concerned with Matt not being there. There's a big chance they're not doing actual work on an album or anything, seems more like they're just working out some new ideas and stockpiling material to work on.
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    Ah that is interesting, the photo I was referring to is that one, so it does indeed look like him and Dan were in that same spot. So clearly he's writing some Alk3 material right now, gotta wonder if maybe he's working quickly with Dan to pump out an EP to keep Dan/Derek/Alk3 fans somewhat satisfied before he jumps back in with Blink for another album cycle. In which case Trav/Mark were probably just jumping in the studio to lay down some ideas and Matt will catch up later, as Matt has said he doesn't like to juggle and likes to commit 100% to one or the other.
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    Matt not being there doesn't bother me at all, he posted a picture on Instagram the other day of him writing with a guitar so hopefully that's Blink related. Here's Mark recording vocals from Robert's IG story, no audio, but it looks like Mark is saying "I can't stand this. I won't make it. I'm never giving up the fight." Also, friendly reminder that you can discuss your hatred of Feldmann here. Obviously his involvement is relevant to the new album, but please don't fill this discussion with the same Feldmann arguments we've discussed a thousand times. I want new people to be able to jump in and see new Blink album updates/discussions, not Goldfinger.
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    It would be awesome if they’d work with rick or maybe andrew scheps
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    I’d go as far as saying the first Jurassic Park had better special effects than the new one. Who cares about technology, if you don’t use it right then it means nothing. The first JP still feels more real, and that should be the ultimate goal of special effects. If the dinosaurs don’t feel real, then the magic is lost. In Jurassic World, it just never clicked for me. I didn’t hate the movie, but in the end it felt empty. Both visually and storyline.
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    Wait, so now we want Feldmann to JOIN blink? Crazy bunch we have here!
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    For one, I think partnering with a song-writer on the Blink album (John Feldmann – 5 Seconds of Summer, Good Charlotte) was too far a change, but something they desired, and that in itself may be an indicator of some of our current artistic differences that are difficult to overcome.” -Tom Delonge
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    Honestly at this point I’m more interested into hearing what AvA has to bring than blink.
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    Its def odd its day 1 and skiba isnt there.
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    I should have waited a few days before saying this but I don't like what I see. Skiba is busy writing stuffs with Dan Andriano, so I don't think he's even there, and what I get from these pictures is that Mark and Travis stepped into the studio and they're already singing and playing. I hope it's not the same "I wrote that song in 10 minutes" method but it kinda looks like it. Before Feldy there used to be lyrics sheets all over the piace that we all tried to decipher, pictures of them writing stuffs on their little notebooks. Whatever happened to the damn writing process? I didn't want to spread negativity, it's just day one and I would love to be proven wrong.
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    I think a lot of that is to do with blink using that as the come back song in 2009 or at least hyping it as the come back song since it was released 2 years later, so it wasn't gonna be touched by AVA at all during the LOVE albums. Could've been used for the first 2 AVA albums though, but for some reason it wasn't. I love the riff actually but sometimes as a songwriter, you can have a great idea for a riff or lyric verses or whatever, but you feel like you can't fit it on the album you're recording. Or in some cases, you feel like you can't add more to the song yet, so you just leave it for ages. So maybe it wasn't rejected and they were just stuck when it came to that song. We have to remember that Up All Night was meant to sound very different compared to the finished version. I remember blink mentioning that it was very reliant on synths and that Travis had to change the drum beat in order to make Tom ignore a lot of the synths. Seems to be one of them songs that just took a long time. Love the song, but it shouldn't have been a single haha. Some songs are just difficult to work on and some can be finished pretty quickly. That song would've sucked big time for AVA I think and although I do like the song, it could've been way better than the finished product but obviously they didn't work together properly as a band.
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    I don't hate this song, but wow. This sounds like something that could have been straight off of California from start to finish. Spend 3 seconds imagining Mark and Matt singing it and it's barely any different.
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    Haha i loled at woah-oh from first sec
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    Yeah and half his tracks were writings from Blink. Distraction? It hurts? I think it's pretty safe to say Mark and Tom balance eachother out a bit. That contrast was a pretty big part of the formula.
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    It's mostly Tom, yes, but I feel like the earlier releases were so much better because they did have some semblance of a normal functioning band. The more independent Tom is allowed to be, the worse the music imo
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    It just seems that their input was incredibly minimal, I'm not exactly sure why everyones getting offended - were ya'll secret giant AVA fans during all this Tom bashing? The only AVA members input I ever rated was Atom's, because he's a solid drummer. the majority of AVA just sounds like Tom doing what Tom does.
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    The weirdest thing about it to me is that the visual effects in Jurassic Park were so groundbreaking, so mind-blowingly good for the time, and even now, 25 years later, it STILL looks fantastic. Jurassic Park changed special effects in movies. Jurassic World looks like every other movie out there. I enjoyed it but not enough for repeat viewings.
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    Who cares if it means that we get a comeback album. It's been 7 years!
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    Man, look at Matt's face there. Happiness in person.
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    The first clip sound almost like the final version. The intro is basically the same thing, and also the riff. The second one is total new to me and yeah, if it was to be part of UAN, it's rally different.