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    This sounds like someone who's never played guitar. Also electric guitars are made out of wood too you cretin.
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    What a steaming pile of monkey shit this post is, such a limited/sweeping view.
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    Try playing an acoustic vs an electric, takes a lot more skill to sound good on the acoustic
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    Yeah this bothers me more than his involvement, he can't just take the high road and let the artist shine - he always has to chime in saying he co-wrote it to try and steal the show. Just a very douchey thing to do IMO, wish them the best with their album and collect your royalty check. His own band sucks so he has to vicariously live through these successful bands he's leeched onto produced. I actually really like the song though, so whatevs.
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    If they're too chicken shit too drop any big hitting tracks then why not add another 30-40 minutes onto the set? Blink sets are so fucking short compared to most headline bands, they could easily add 5-6 deeper cuts to the set by simply playing for 105-120 mins rather than 75-90. So many options for them to mix the set up, but Mark 'please love me' Hoppus is too scared to risk upsetting the casual fan.
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    I generally agree with this as far as Blink is concerned, but it depends on when we're talking. Acoustic performances require a certain flair to keep them interesting and bland guitar parts make or break them. Just compare these two. People hate on One Good Reason, but I love this performance (even though I think Tom gets out of key for the bridge). Granted, the overall sound is totally different due to location, but...come on. One has that Blink soul, the other is like a poor cover band.
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    Anyone with half a brain can see that the grammy nomination was a nod to past achievements and had nothing to do with the actual quality of the music on California. It was like when Leonardo Di Caprio won an Oscar for the Revenant, was nowhere near his best film but a lot of his previous work that was good enough to win one so he got a pity Oscar - exact same logic applies for California and their Grammy nomination.
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    Do you know that they won't ship you children's underpants?
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    The dude is like a dog marking his territory with piss. He just has to clarify he was there.
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    LOL at Barney and Friends. Yeah I assumed the whole reason they wanted Skiba in the first place was because they wanted to veer more toward the sorta 80s/dark/Cure influences that have popped up from time to time in Blink history. Mark either didn't want that, or was easily swayed toward what we got instead. For the record, my initial hopes were for a Mark-centric throwback fast fun pop punk album so it's not that I was looking forward to "dark blink" necessarily. But we didn't get either of those things really, and whatever talents Skiba has have been wasted so far. I'm not a big Alkaline Trio fan but between all of the new collaborators I wish he would've had more of his influence in there since, ya know, he's one of the 3 members of the band haha. But it's obvious he's just along for the ride. It's also kinda ironic, you would think Mark would know exactly how to meld fast fun pop punk with 80s/dark/Cure influences, it would end up sounding exactly like +44 but with Skiba involved.
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    those acoustic shows they did with tom in australia and uk(?) were super rad. but i don't think they would make sense during their vegas residency. people just wanna party and post a pic/video in their insta story of all the small things. also matt is barely capable of playing power chords. their acoustic versions with the current line up were super boring as they basically played the exact same thing as in full set up.
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    Is that you checking out Travis Barkers kids Instagram profiles?
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    It's just obvious that Mark views DLX as B-Sides and not really a "new album". Regardless of whether that's right or wrong, that's how Mark views it. Once you acknowledge that and move past it, they actually do play quite a few songs considered "new material" (OG California) and busted them out immediately on that first tour after Cali was released. I personally think Mark underestimates how much people enjoy new Blink and would love hearing DLX, but he makes the calls and thinks people would rather hear Matt karaoke Obvious/Anthem 2/Reckless Abandon. Which in all fairness, the majority of the crowd would probably recognize one of those over Misery or 6/8. For the general population their setlist is pretty good IMHO. Yeah it gets a bit stale for .25% of Blink fans that can recite their setlist and go to back to back shows like myself, but for the rest it's pretty solid.
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    Well I guess I spoke too soon, of course Feldy was involved: It is pretty sad that Mark Hoppus and Matt Skiba can't write a song without this dingleberry involved.
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    This. Also, whatever edge they had before Tom left, left with tom. Sad, I thought skiba would be some gothy edge of his own to the band. Now they’ve got aoki and feldy turnin the band into barney and friends.
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    We need to accept that Blink is a tribute act. Has been for awhile. Hence why they are playing a Vegas residency to begin with. Mark refuses to move forward.
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    I have a harder time playing acoustic guitar than electric guitar. Takes way more skill on an acoustic. The mistakes you make on an electric are nowhere near as noticeable when you've got high gain and shit like that. I need to buy an acoustic guitar just to get better at playing guitar. All blink songs start off on an acoustic guitar anyway. They just transform into rock songs during recording. But I do understand his point. I'd rather see a full fledged performance of songs like Untitled, Waggy & Reckless Abandon than see acoustic versions. Never understood the hype of acoustic performances, especially the way blink do it. Although I definitely can appreciate something like this.
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    I mean, your a pervert so your opinion doesn't matter anyway, but this is one of the dumbest posts I've read here in a long ass while.
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    He may be also trolling. No way a sane person can think like that. Oh, wait...
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    Have you heard this? It's pretty epic.
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