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  1. Oliver is a Trump supporter.

  2. All he needs to do is churn out 5-10 good riffs every 3 years and a summer on the road. Even his washed up, mentally ill ass should be able to excel at this for several million dollars.
  3. Skiba does a better job than Tom had been doing, but neither can really hold down lead guitar and vocals on a lot of these songs anymore. No shame in lightening the load. And the vocals could be really cool with Mark in the low range, Tom high, and Skiba with some screams/yells on new songs.
  4. Only way Tom comes back anytime soon is if Skiba quits or if they allow Tom to join them as a foursome. Mark, Tom, Travis, and Matt with a producer would end up being amazing. Tom still has good little riffs and progressions, he just needs someone to tell him to fuck off when he starts experimenting beyond that.
  5. Oh boy, the Beach Boy experts are back
  6. Probably something you could buy off ebay lol
  7. We don't need Matt to write guitar parts. We have John "The Lickmaster" Feldmann now to write the jams. We're good. Relax
  8. Tom has written like 2 decent songs in the last 7 years lol.
  9. Don't mean to make light of it, but I definitely have him on suicide watch.
  10. Been saying that since Modlife lol. He will just cook up something else to fail at next.
  11. This entire TTS venture is idiotic. He’s quickly reaching the point of no return as far as his legacy goes. If he doesn’t save face somehow this is only going to get worse. And way worse.
  12. NotNow totally bought like $20k of TTS fake stock
  13. Latest Tom post is wild! We may be able to go MELTDOWN ACTIVE status soon!
  14. Does Tom need to take a shower or is it just me
  15. If Tom wanted to create a certain type of album and sit in a room with Mark and Travis and put a collaborative effort into it, we all know it would have happened. Multiple times by now. There could have been 4 or 5 blink albums since Untitled. Could have went any direction they wanted. Tom went rogue and lost his mind. End of story.
  16. Mark released untitled which was completely different than anything they had done and Neighborhoods which was even further in Tom’s direction. The only reason blink doesn’t release albums with Tom today is because he turned into a mentally ill jackass. Amazes me that people still make excuses for him after all that has went down.
  17. Usually when people troll, it's like..funny..And at someone else's expense? Trolling that makes yourself sound stupid and that isn't funny? =bad trolling
  18. Not to mention lives in a studio apartment and sleeps on a couch while his wife takes care of his family.
  19. Kyle is either trolling when he talks about Tom to get people riled up, or he has the world's dumbest opinions on the subject. So, either way, not worth responding to on this topic.
  20. couldn't resist posting that lol but I'm definitely on Oliver's team on this one, fwiw
  21. Ghent

    The blink 182 general discussion topic

    I just went to Disneyland with my parents (and my wife and kids) a few years ago and I'm in my 30s lol. If I lived near Disney I'd be going all the time too. Place is incredible
  22. What's sad is that all of his blink trust funds will probably be off limits when he has to declare bankruptcy. Unfair system we live in
  23. Just wait until the class action lawsuit hits, he's really going to be fucked
  24. hahaha omg.. I knew this would fail miserably, but that is beyond even my expectations. so now we know why Jen divorced him.