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  1. What Was the Last Concert You Saw?

    Good idea for a thread! Last band I saw was Haken a week or so ago - Absolutely mind-bending. I've been to more shows than I can count over the last year or two and this was up there with the best. Can't find a decent live clip, but this song is genius:
  2. Looks to be open, did you get it sorted out?
  3. Tom Petty has died.

    Heard Leaning To Fly on the radio yesterday and got a bit teary. Fantastic musician.
  4. Tapatalk

    @Speedo You’re probably not fussed now that Tapatalk is working but the developers can reproduce the issue removing quotes with Chrome on Android so I’m expecting they’ll release a patch for it soon.
  5. Tapatalk

    @...Dan... Even though I don't post much these days I still drop in from time to time to see what everyone's up to. I've met a lot of cool people here and have a lot of memories from over the years so I guess it's just me wanting to give back a little more than anything. That said, I do wish I came on and posted more. I used to sit on here all the time a couple of years ago and get involved in everything that was going on and I do miss that. My life has just gotten a bit hectic over the last year or two with work, music projects and travel back and forth to see the missus but I'm moving cities soon and I should get some more free time as a result so hopefully I can make a point of getting more involved again.
  6. Tapatalk

    @Speedo I've just reinstalled Tapatalk with the latest version, can you give it a try now?
  7. Tapatalk

    I've managed to replicate the issue on Android, looks to be browser specific. Doesn't happen with other Android browsers and works fine in Chrome on iOS. I'll send the details to the guys who build the board software and see if they can figure it out and chuck a patch in the next version. Will check out Tapatalk soon.
  8. Tapatalk

    I’ll check Tapatalk out for you once I’m back at home I’ll do some more testing with the mobile version, but I’ve just tried deleting a quote while typing and simply using backspace seems to work just fine for me. Tested on Chrome and Safari with iOS, what browser are you using?
  9. Forum update - Design changes

    I haven't specifically tested it but the Tapatalk plugin reports that it's working normally. Are you having trouble with it? It's pretty easy to reinstall so if it's playing up I'll just do that.
  10. Forum update - Design changes

    If others are interested we could always have options and put it to a vote, could be nice to have some user generated components to the boards.
  11. Forum update - Design changes

    Each react can be assigned either a +1, -1 or 0 score, affecting the rep accordingly. I assigned angry and sad as 0 and the others as +1 (being able to lower someone's rep seems unnecessary). More than happy to consider changes if anybody has ideas! The icons are all customisable too, I chose the Facebook ones because they're clear and recognisable, but if anybody thinks they can find/make some better ones (100px X 100px or larger) we could mix it up a bit.
  12. Forum update - Design changes

    Awesome, glad you folks like it. I'm pretty happy with it now that we have some blue back
  13. Forum update - Design changes

    Alrighty, I've made some changes to the template to make it just a touch more colourful. Let me know if you guys come across anything that looks weird or out of place.
  14. Forum update - Design changes

    Thanks for all the feedback guys! I think I've fixed all the problems you've all mentioned, let me know if you're still having issues with anything I like this! I might need to adjust some of the text colours so it fits well but I'll give this a try.