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  1. Travis having blood clots in arms

    It was burried in the GD, give him a break. There was a time when we encouraged people to make threads over news worthy stuff and not just talk about it in the GD
  2. Feldmann

    I thought Feldman just reached out on his own
  3. The Dirty Nil

    I love these guys so much. Theyre one of my top 3 bands right now. They just released the first single for their new album and it rocks. Theyre like punk mixed with like 80s power rock
  4. Jimmy Eat World - Love Never / Half Heart

    Damn, i thought i was gonna love Love Never but the chorus is pretty unforgetable.
  5. The blink 182 general discussion topic

    I was watching this video today and noticed Tom playing this riff. It sounds like something right off of We Dont Need to Whisper. He said he was working on stuff that were meant to be the next blink songs, so maybe this was one of them and he took it to AVA. I thought it was cool seeing this like 2 years before Whisper
  6. hmm im not sure on that one. She posts lots of pictures of her at Padres games, so does Tom. Tom is usually behind home plate though and shes like out in the outfield. Theres also one from this year with a dog which ive seen in Toms shit before too. I dont think theres quite enough evidence yet. also, she still follows him.
  7. The blink 182 general discussion topic

    BCR is the best thing to ever come out of Blink. Tom really hit on something great with that album. Thats like my favourite kind of music. Pop punk but with a bit of edge
  8. Feldmann

    The guitar on Cali sucks and is boring and Matt cant play riffs. move on.
  9. Feldmann

    Disaster is like the best post reunion song. You crazy Kay
  10. Feldmann

    Doesnt change the fact that it was still great. Now imagine if Mark actually gave a shit and tried.
  11. Feldmann

    I would love them to be back (with Tom) and have a legit album. See what they can actually do with a proffesional producer and engineer and everybody. Not just friends of theirs. Have someone in there to rain in their ideas and make them sound great again. One can dream
  12. Feldmann

    I still dont understand how DED gets so easily forgetten about. That was such a great release. If you combine the good tracks from neighbourhoods with that, its easy to get excited about what wouldve happened next for this band.
  13. Video Games Thread

    I didnt watch the bethesda one but i heard it was the best. I watched Ubisoft which was pretty bad and then most of Sony which was alright. I cant wait for a new Halo. That game has always been my favourite and i like to think im pretty good at it. I never got a chance to play Halo 5 but i owned at Halo 4. The new battelefield looks pretty good too.
  14. What TV show are you watching?

    Ya fair enough. Just seems brutal or like the guy wouldve heard her probably yelling for help if she was still outside.
  15. 2018 "New Album News" Thread

    I have zero hopes for this album.