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  1. I just find it so bland and boring. You can tell that Mark wrote and recorded the whole thing. The guitar tones Mark and his engineer guy record are so terrible.
  2. Really, tunnels? I hate that song so much.
  3. Left alone by a mile. Its the best song on California and MH is probably the worst song blink has ever made pre california.
  4. Turns out i only have "part 2" so it starts at like track 15.
  5. I Empire The Dream Walker Chasing Shadows - only including this ep cause i love it so much We Dont Need to Whisper Love 1 Love 2 i think my fav AVA song ever is the War.
  6. Ya i dont have either of those. I dont know what version i got. I think it was off itunes.
  7. Is there two versions of this album caue i just looked it up on itunes and it has songs i dont have.
  8. Paralyzed demos?
  9. I dont know which video i like better
  10. I think Siren Songs will always be my favourite. Apparently it was recorded here too. They have so many good songs and they were used in a lot of mountain bike movies when I was growing up which I refer to as the golden era of bike videos. This segment will always be my favourite and a big part of it is cause of this song
  11. Not that I have a record player, but i want one. I wouldve bought this in a heartbeat but its sold out already.
  12. I listen to this album more then the regular one. The fighting season #2 is amaze. As are both wolfpack versions
  13. @Scott. check this one out. Solid tune out of britian. I heard this song on a podcast and couldnt get it on itunes and ended up buying the whole album on itunes. Good album. I think youll like this one
  14. Ya this band has kinda gone to shit like you said. They used to be my favourite band but now its just such mainstream rock and theyve lost their edge so much.
  15. I really thought columbus was gonna put up more of a fight. Edmonton getting blown out tonight sucked. Im realy rooting for Oilers and Leafs, like most of Canada probably. Leafs series is great.