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  1. It would only be weird if you at least didnt jerk off in the room.
  2. Oh my, that was terrible
  3. Fuck me this is a great. Well aware its not live in the least
  4. I got 92. I dont know most of buddha as ive basically never listened to it and never will. I missed some easy ones on dude ranch which were annoying, voyuer, untitled and apple shampoo. The one im most proud that i got though was blew job and i knew it was blew not blow. I also got mh.4.18.2011. Dont ask how i know it but i just do.
  5. Were the first shows those tmobile ones?(might have been verizon) I just remember Tom being drunk off his ass. That hiatus did seem like a long time. That might be because that was basically all of my high school life though.
  6. Just checked it out and ugg that singer.
  7. terrible
  8. The show kinda drags on. If you watch it week to week its kinda annoying. I watch it but im happy its almost over.
  9. Leave. For so many reasons.
  10. Ive said that before too. Its like dont even bother.
  11. Watched John Wick 2. It was good. Not as good as the first one but still good. My only complaint is that it was way too loud. I had a headache after from it.
  12. Trying to get into Westworld cause ive heard its so great and its a struggle. Ive watched 4 episodes so far and still not really hooked.
  13. are you running it on a battery? Ive had pedals, a delay one specifically, make some very weird noises, to the point where i thought it was broken and all it needed was a new battery.
  14. We need Feldman to get all coked up and do a one man band performance of a blink set. I have faith in him.
  15. 21 pilots is pure garbage. Dont know how anyone can listen to them.