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  1. Ill take that over Skibas shouting anyday.
  2. Not saying your wrong, but what is your background in physics I ask?
  3. This sounds like dog shit and I actually like some post reunion Tom perfomances. I always love this show. Theyre mixed perfect/backing tracks just aparent enough, everyone has great energy and while Tom is wasted I actually dont mind him at all here. This shits on anything Skiba has done IMO. The bridge to last chorus on Feeling this is great
  4. I barely remember what happened in the previous seasons. This show is actually so confusing with all the bloodlines and how much stuff theyve talked about. Had to look up who Gendry was as well and what happened with him. I just watch for the boobs.
  5. I really like this song and this video is fascinating
  6. Hmm you sure? I always thought he went away from the triple rec and jcm 900 during the untitled days and went to rack mount stuff
  7. Man theres so much old stuff you need to remember for this show. I always read a recap to make sure I dont miss anything and I usually miss lots. The part where Sams wife is reading about how Rhaegar got an anulment and married another woman was a storyline i wouldve never remembered/knew about.
  8. Theres a lot missing. Pretty much all of the untitled era. He used some rackmount stuff, a marshall and a mesa one just like the enema days.
  9. Cool. I didnt even know Tom played these or did this.
  10. I saw them when they toured after the first Love album was out and I quite enjoyed it. I think when you are there though its so much different then watching it on youtube. When you're there and the lights are going and people around you are into it, its much easier to enjoy a sub par performance then on youtube.
  11. I watched the Founder last night. Good movie. Interesting to see how they do the whole real estate thing. Man was that guy a dick though.
  12. never seen any of them either, or any of the back to the futures
  13. I really love Worlds End. Something about the begining when hes reliving it just makes me wish we had proper pub routes here.
  14. Saw like 20 seconds of the live stream and it sounded the same as normal, boring. The comments were pretty bad too. There is just nothing exciting anymore about this band. You know exactly what your going to get and nothing out of the ordinary. Tom may not have cared but i still find him enjoyable. I havent watched one live video from the Matt era. Just so boring.
  15. What about The Three Flavours Cornetto Trilogy? Thats legit the only one I can think where I really enjoy all parts of all 3.