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  1. I love how people dont like the style of music he makes and then come in here and say its shit. Like maybe its just not your thing
  2. I quite like most of Toms music so im pumped.
  3. knapton

    Video Games Thread

    Just get a gaming monitor. So much better
  4. Im sure davids not actually writing anything. Still cool to see them hanging though. Someone commented asking wheres Matt and Tom said hes on his way. This could be a decent record if Toms actually trying again.
  5. knapton

    AVA General Discussion

    Toms posting new music. Sounds good!
  6. Its Chris Georgian saying "you need to have your ig taken away, this shit is insane" he was the merch guy right?
  7. knapton

    The blink 182 general discussion topic

    Ya hopefully that sees the light of day soon.
  8. Thats what most of california sounds like, im sorry, IS like.
  9. That demo gets me excited. Its just nice to hear Tom actually doing guitar stuff.
  10. knapton

    First time Tom began recycling riffs?

    Its not Tom but The Only Thing That Matters completely rips off the riff in roller coaster, like its bad
  11. I would say Mark has aged much worse than Tom.
  12. knapton

    Travis having blood clots in arms

    Damn just read this. Hope everything is good.
  13. I just started a new job and it sounds like most of the guys just get fucked up on their time off and its just not for me.
  14. knapton

    The blink 182 general discussion topic

    The demos album is goooood