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  1. I recently rewatched Toms pursuit of tone documentary thing he did and really enjoyed it again. I can watch him dick around and play guitar all day long.
  2. knapton

    AVA General Discussion

    I also found this remix recently and damn its good. Playing that isolated riff in the begining sounds so damn awesome
  3. knapton

    AVA General Discussion

    "It's alright I'm OK I'm sorry I've been played I know I don't matter Already moved on, I think I feel better But if you care, I'll never say never" the same chorus but from the demo. I love this. For me its so what i was going through. This girl used me for some weekend fun and then ditched. You tell yourself your over her and moved on but I know if we she were to text me i wouldnt hesistate to answer. At the time, this song was so spot on and i loved it
  4. knapton

    AVA General Discussion

    Ya the demos suggest its a girl but i see what your saying K. Theres a line "when you dance your such a tease" leans more towards the girl idea.
  5. knapton

    UFC 229

    I didnt watch the fight but i can imagine Connor lost cause hes been off so long. That shits gonna get you. Theyve gone so wwe now its ridiculous.
  6. knapton

    How often do you listen to blink?

    I never go and put them on specifically. If it comes up on shuffle i might listen. Really depends on the song.
  7. knapton

    The NHL thread

    Ya thats a good call. Think it was december when the canucks started their skid last year. Im expecting them to suck this year but that it will hopefully be enetertaining. Boeser looked suprising bad last night. He saved that one goal but that line was -2 and he looked timid all night. I hope its just a bit of rust from losing training time this summer. Goldy looks good with Petterson though. Im hoping he sparks Loui too which would be a nice suprise. Gubranson is so fucking terrible. Cant stand when hes on the ice.
  8. knapton

    The NHL thread

    Damn i was gonna go to the canucks game tonight but thought theyd be trash so i didnt bother. Wish i wouldve.
  9. knapton

    What TV show are you watching?

    God damn ozarks is good. Im on episode 8 of season 2. Shit just keeps getting more fucked up
  10. knapton

    The blink 182 general discussion topic

    The chorus was pretty good. Do people actually still use powdered milk?
  11. knapton

    Video Games Thread

    Just killed a pro player to win the game and it felt goooood
  12. jesus dude. First of all calm down, second of all, spell fucking all the way you dumb bitch.
  13. knapton

    Video Games Thread

    Anyone try out the Call of Duty battle royal this weekend? Was pretty fun. A different change of pace from fortnite which is all i play.
  14. Seems like just yesterday we we're saying to calm down on his wife leaving him accusations. Now we're onto cocaine habbit accusations. Should we shoot for full blown AIDs next? someone needs to come out with some new music REAL soon
  15. knapton

    The blink 182 general discussion topic

    Damn that down video was bad. Even the verses sound like shit. Get that ficker out of here already.