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  1. New song out from them off their new album out in August. I really like QOTSA but im not sure im digging this song. Theres no real hook and while that repeating riff sounds cool, thats about all there is to the song.
  2. I more meant like his house and how he lives. Wasnt meant to be in a bad way, just when you compare him with say Mark its so different
  3. Dont know how to post instagram videos on my phone but check out Toms latest. Posted a clip of recording WDNTW acoustic album.
  4. Was a very cool video. I liked it. Makes the song even better i think which is always a plus. Side note: matt skiba seems really weird after watching this.
  5. I wasnt expecting this to be very good but I quite like it. Also this is like the 3rd time ive seen them say they are taking a break for a while only to come out with new music like 6-8 months later.
  6. I fucking love this song. I love AVA and this has always been one of my favourite songs. This whole album is amazing and this is a great cap off. The style of this song is what I wish they really did more off. I found that video posted above a long time ago and have always loved it as well well worth the topic @M!ke
  7. So in love with this song right now. Such a catchy little tune
  8. wonder how long untill we get a blink and goldfinger tour
  9. lol at ghent. God you are so out to lunch
  10. Breathe, leader of men, animals, someone that your with, fly. All good songs.
  11. Reading the youtube comments and its pretty universal that everyone thinks it sounds exactly like blink. Anyone else find it fishy that he releases this right at the same time theres a lot of talk about Blink releasing a new album? Trying to ride on coattails there much Feldman? Then he makes it sound the exact same too.
  12. I also dont see how they became one of the biggest bands in the world. They arent that good.
  13. Ill never get the nickelback hate. Yes their newer stuff is dogshit terrible, but they have some good older ones. Plus everyone sings along when Rockstar comes on
  14. I actually dont mind this. I think because its goldfinger, we (some of us) think its ok for them to sound like this but if it was blink we wouldnt. I also think Feldmans voice just works better with this. But ya this could be a california b-side, so maybe it belongs on the deluxe? Its pretty hillarious to see how similar it is. Not that it wasnt before, but its pretty obvious Feldman came up with most of the ideas for California pt 1.