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  1. CC182

    Life's So Boring

    Was this from the "demo album" of enema, where all the songs were tuned down a bit?
  2. CC182

    Blink 182 Boycotts Fed-Ex

    I just fell for you, Oliver. Couldnt agree more!
  3. CC182

    The Tom Delonge Meltdown Watch Thread (Meltdown Inactive)

    Well, US government released classified video of "ufo" and they tell us they dont have a fucking glue what it is. This is a disclosure of something, from nytimes, cnn etc, but people didnt give a fuck. Tom is failing his mission. Too late.
  4. CC182

    Anyone playing cajon-drum?

    Awesome tool to have fun.
  5. CC182

    TBA: Tom Announces Announcements (Coming Soon)

    Is this new shit?
  6. CC182

    favorite blink covers?

    This. If Blink ever chooses to let fans sing songs Odi could travisscott Skiba. Tom would cry and go home.
  7. CC182

    favorite blink covers?

    Listening this Odis song and realising how good even those "average" songs from dude and eots and actually are.