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  1. I predict Mark's gonna have that same stupid haircut for the next 10 years.
  2. Between FTG and Kaleidoscope. Went with FTG.
  3. Has anyone here played Life is Strange? It's free for PS Plus members this month. My god, what a game!
  4. That's a hard situation to be in. Yeah awkward at times but I kinda enjoyed that. Mike seems like a really cool guy.
  5. ATST. Can't believe dumpweed is getting some votes. That is one of my favourite blink tracks ever.
  6. I thought being vegan meant you can't eat chicken?
  7. Didn't they already mention they're going back in the studio with Feldman at the end of the year? California part 1 was cool, not too impressed with the deluxe. I'd like Tom back now to tbh, or at least a different producer.
  8. They have talked about it in other threads. I'm more surprised when Skiba doesn't use that riff at this point.
  9. I second this. Used an iPhone for years but switched to Samsung and I aint ever going back.
  10. This one has definitely grown on me after a few listens.
  11. After one listen, it's just OK. I think there may be some growers in there. It's weird, the first disc is them trying to sound like good old blink, but they sound like generic pop-punk. There's less of that on the DLX but it still doesn't sound very blink! They should've left that live track off the record.
  12. Can I get a PM guys? Edit: Nevermind, found it.