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  1. 20k for a single wedding, doing covers?!
  2. The whole point of those videos is to see if the artist can break the strings. They should make that clear at the start of the video. First time I saw it I didn't know what the hell was going on.
  3. Yep, that entire season could have been done in half the episodes. What a drag. If next season is not one big shoot out I'm giving up on it.
  4. Cynical is great but not in the same league as Ghost for me. I think I like Ghost more than I should just because it's the opener of their comeback album.
  5. Sing Street. What a great feel good film. It's about a kid in Ireland who starts his own band and makes music videos to impress a girl. It's on Netflix. 8/10.
  6. It doesn't matter who did it better, they're both shite. Just add some lyrics ffs.
  7. How many more times is Matt gonna use that same guitar rhythm... Disappointed with this track as well as PL. Not getting my hopes up for the deluxe (and I liked California).
  8. Han Solo is not his real name apparently...
  9. Why does he always have that shit eating grin on his face...
  10. I've only listened to Parking Lot twice since it came out. That's a first...I usually binge their new tracks (whatever I think of them). Looks like I'm losing interest :/
  11. I vote for Can't Stop by the RHCP. It's a step up from blink but still nothing too complicated.
  12. I don't think that performance was Scott's fault...
  13. They need someone who can let Matt do his own thing (let his darker side come out) and someone who will inspire confidence into Mark again. Scott made a good point about Mark giving up, and he has. He's almost Feldman's puppet at this stage. I have no idea who could do this though...
  14. I feel like I've heard all this there anything new in this song that we haven't heard before? Not a bad song but it is forgettable. Nothing makes it stand out.