Rank Tarantino's movies. *new film on Manson Murders expected end 2018

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Hateful 8 was fantastic, Oliver. You should check it out.

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53 minutes ago, Olidamus said:

I didn't see hateful 8 because i heard it was no bueno.

Django was good in parts (DiCaprio scenes) but some parts felt they were ramming too much Tarentino down your throat, almost a parody of his other stuff,

Well that is the essence of H8, too much Tarantino with no restraints and comes off as parody of Tarantino more than any film prior.  To me and many others, it felt like someone else tried to write a Tarantino movie.

But, I've noticed people who didn't like Django, tend to like H8 more for whatever reason. Completely different film.

If you haven't read any of the spoilers, I'd check it out once, it will be fun to experience the turns nonetheless, I knew them going in which held it back some.

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