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16 minutes ago, OliverTrump said:

Yeah, so one side can look past the color of his skin. 

I don't know why certain stories pick up steam and others don't. Mike Brown was a shitty person who probably got what was coming to him for his actions that day. BLM is an unorganized, racist organization. But black people absolutely are treated a certain way by the police, and I don't think wanting things to be equal should cause the divide that it (always) has. 

Totally agree, stories like Emmet Till or Rosa Parks are ones I think most Americans would get behind, and those racists that didn't would be exposed and marginalized.

Oh course there is racial discrimination is some areas of the police force but it needs to be illustrated in a better way.

I am not saying we should appease racists by treading lightly on the subject at all, but stories with more footing would be much better pushed than stories like Michael Brown. Those aren't working and doing more harm than good.

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