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Blink-182 Online Facebook

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ok team! sooo, @Ghent and i have been working on the blink-182 online twitter for going on a year now. it's been fun, we've been scheduling a lot of on this day posts, memes, and other blink stuff. however, i really think to better drive traffic to the board is to get a facebook page up and running. i almost always see videos going around with hundreds of thousands of views that someone just ripped from youtube. sometime's it's the video to i miss you, sometimes it's blink live at the 2001 EMAs... but they go viral. we can do them one better: daily on this day posts, most with video content. i think that type of stuff, plus memes and other things here and there, might be beneficial to the board.

sooooo, if you have a facebook, please like the page! and share the content, so it can go around.


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Also go ahead and follow the Instagram page.


You'll be seeing the same posts on all the platforms, but some follows would be appreciated to get things going

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