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This band might be the closest thing to Blink in terms of instrumentals that I've heard. The lead guitarist reminds me of TOYPAJ Tom, especially the tone/style he uses in the Please Take Me Home solo/bridge. The bassist might be my current favourite punk bassist, he carries a lot of the melodies and plays a balanced style that is a happy middle ground between overplaying/shredding and matching the guitar. To me, the bassist is a more talented version of Mark Hoppus (not a slight against Mark, but more a testament to how good this guy is).

This sounds like it could be a Mark Hoppus bass line:


An example of how the lead guitar is similar to TOYPAJ Tom:


Favourite song is probably Spanish Reds, the chorus lyrics are really great IMO.

The guy's voice is kind of annoying (reminds me of an edgy version of Bowling for Soup or other generic pop-punk bands). But other than that, I really dig the band's lyrics and bassist. 

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9 hours ago, Scott. said:

Can’t look past those vocals 🤢

That’s fair pal, that’s my biggest knock on the band as well. I slightly prioritize lyrics over vocals and the guy can write some really beautiful and heart wrenching stuff, but his aggressive/abrasive emo voice kills a lot of the execution.

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Love these guys. Ive known about them for years and posted them on here a long time ago.  The vocals have honestly never been an issue for me.  Overwinter is one of my fav songs ever


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This sounds like a Mark Hoppus lyric, kind of like Going Away to College meets Kaleidoscope: 

So if you wanna stay up all night 
we can hit the record shops or just stay in bed drinking Spanish Reds,
waiting for the rain to stop. 
It's passing trough, and you know that you are looking like an angel now.
I watch you fall asleep on a dead end street 
and the world is right somehow. 


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