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  2. I like it. I like the amount of whinging in this topic more though.
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  4. Matt writing for blink or trio. Sounds fun.
  5. Actually thinking about going to one of her shows next year. Been wanting to do so for years and next summer she's going to play an outdoor concert just a couple of hundred meters down from where I live!
  6. Here's your letter! Sorry not sorry
  7. Down takes 13th place ... You did this Here are the remaining songs off Self-titled: Feeling This Obvious I Miss You Violence Stockholm Syndrome Go Asthenia Always Easy Target All Of This Here's Your Letter Not Now Go it's a great blast of energy but the other songs give more.
  8. I just think it‘s a bit bland and uninteresting compared to the rest of the album. Also the way Mark sings ”I need some more time to fix this PROBLEM“ kinda reminds me of his lame post reunion songwriting.
  9. I'm surprised - I know it started slow, but I was engaged the entire time. The flashbacks, the camera angles and way it was shot, the music, etc. all felt exactly like the show. I agree about the fan service part, but that's probably because the scope would have been too small (just about Jesse) which would have really pissed people off even more. If Breaking Bad the show was considered a 9/10 for me, El Camino would be an 8/10 in comparison.
  10. But Oliver has seen Tom cheat before on tour. But he won’t tell. Bro code you know.
  11. Yes, Speedo penises have wrinkles.

  12. i think pup's an all-timer, and DVP might be one of the best pop punk songs ever written
  13. That's a good point. This could be their most out of control tour since the 90s. I think he would have a blast. As long as Mark doesn't cockblock him
  14. Does the fact that the guy died in June 2018 change anything for you guys? Is there any info when this was planned or recorded etc? I do find it funny how Mark jumped on the bandwagon last year attacking FedEx for supporting the NRA and then supports this guy lol
  15. I agree with Russel in the sense that I’ve formed my own strong connections to blink-182 so I will keep listening to a song they collaborated on. Not that often though, I don’t think it’s that great.
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  17. I listened to the song once and I liked it but you've got to draw the line somewhere and xxxTentacion is where I draw mine. I'm so horrified at what he did in his lifetime (beating up his pregnant girlfriend and ‘smashing up’ somebody because they were gay) and I just can't bring myself to listen to him or enjoy something with him in it. I'll readily admit that I give a lot of passes to artists if I can really connect to their music, but Russel Coight said it best:
  18. If I had to see Tom live one more time - I've never seen AVA - I can only hope for his voice to sound like this for the true authentic AVA experience. But the great thing about him is that when you're there, his voice is never as bad as it sounds on YouTube.
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