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  2. MGK and Travis did a cover of Misery Business a few days ago. Look at Travises shirt lol wtf
  3. I’m just skimming but Matt seems to actually have a personality in this rather than saying the same few things over again which is nice. The Tom section wasn’t even that bad and I like how the interviewer actually brought Matt into the conversation instead of awkwardly sidelining him like everyone else.
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  5. I'm devoting my entire time on this board to getting Russel to show his dingaling.
  6. Don’t tempt me. You know I’d do it.
  7. Maybe if you pose nude with it I can finish.
  8. "princess leia" was demoed back in 95, along with the SW cover of "the girl next door." not for dude ranch with warren.
  9. well thats another song from the demo tape we have, so there's a clip of apple shampoo, enthused, josie and a new hope?
  10. Look what I picked up today! Australia got the game early cause of Covoid19 and the stores put it up for sale today! Isolation just got a lot better.
  11. I really enjoyed it, but damn, the parallels to Superbad are insane. Not even just the general storyline, but the entire structure of the movie. > The setting begins at a high school. > Two close, nerdy friends. One skinny, one chubby. > The two friends want to go to a party for the first time. > They get derailed with a bunch of random shit on the way to the party. > They get drunk at the party and get in a fight with each other, shit hits the fan. > Chubby girl tries to make a move on her crush, finds out they don't feel the same way. There's probably more I'm missing.
  12. Mitch.


    I'm so fucking bored! Thank Christ I'm still working!
  13. Plus, you need to learn to spell.... How the fuck am I "sweaty"? Or did you actually mean "sweety"?
  14. Idk man they're always extremely political and serious in every interview, while also looking/dressing more like toddlers by the day. It's important stuff but man can we ever talk about the music other than scripted answers?
  15. What are you waiting for, Star of Bethlehem? Get into 11th place Here are the remaining songs off I-Empire: Call to Arms Everything's Magic Breathe Love Like Rockets Sirens Secret Crowds True Love Lifeline Rite of Spring Heaven Breathe is pretty fucked but I like how cheesy and stupid it is - voting for Rite of Spring
  16. i guess the reason i don't like it is i'm a true long time blink fan. since '95 and still kickin'...
  17. Great interview: Edit: Until cringe Tom questions ~22:00 (Though both handled it well)
  18. Yesterday
  19. He's also still funny here and there. Can't remember the last time Mark or Travis made me laugh and they forget that's half our love for them
  20. Everybody loves Mark + Tom they need to just accept it they are meant to be besties
  22. Nice! I'm jealous, those might be the coolest blink item you can own. I had no idea about gold ones! I honestly couldn't find much info period on any of them. Some random site said the whites we're limited to 250, but idk if that accurate. I also read that your version is limited to 250. I don't remember when they were sold or how many were signed etc There's also a version that's black with crazy graphics, here's a pic from Famous Burro of course lol That's always been one of my fav posters and yeah it sold for like 1100 or 1200!
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