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  2. This is pretty much spot on, most people here who criticise Blink have fairly well thought out rational points that create discussion. What Ghent appears to want is a bunch of dribbling morons who can barely string a sentence together other than 'I LISTEN 2 BLINK IN MI CAR ON DA WAI 2 WORK 2DAY, SO GUD DUD!'
  3. I think you’ve misunderstood what I’ve been saying. Never have I said people shouldn’t give their input. I’ve been saying people who no longer like the band probably shouldn’t listen to them if it’s not to their taste anymore rather than get riled up and keep posting the same negative comments over and over. Davey says he still enjoys listening to them for the most part. He even said he liked Parking Lot which in my opinion is one of the worst blink songs they’ve ever released. I’m lukewarm on the new stuff too. I’ve said this. This isnt something I’m arguing against. How you feel about the band is pretty much the same as me. I was just commenting on the people who constantly bitch and moan like they’re expecting every release to be a lost track from untitled even though they’ve spent the days leading up to the release already criticising it and saying it’ll be terrible. Anyway this is the last I’m gonna say on the subject. Everyone is misinterpreting what I’m saying and it’s pointless to continue. (And I’ve never said anyone is a true fan or isn’t a fan regarding what era they like or dislike. That’s been done by many people, not by me. No one has the right to say someone isn’t a fan of the band because they like certain songs).
  4. I just find it hysterical that people think the shit posting here is some passionate angry people constantly posting whilst spitting rage and boohooing in the corner just because blink doesn't sound the way they want them to. Do you know why I post here? I get bored, talking shit on the internet is entertaining, and blink is the only subject I'd choose if I had to go play mastermind. That's literally it, if this place closed tomorrow the overall impact it would have on my life would be minimal, I'd just end up spending more time on reddit to compensate. No one here is genuinely heart broken or furious or cry wanking over the current state of blink. it's old fans who are invested enough to continue checking the music out but continuously disappointed and like having a place to moan about it before wambling onto the next thread. No one gives anywhere near as much of a fuck as some clearly think they do.
  5. Embarrassing isn't it, need to give their heads a fucking wobble and go outside for a bit. I feel like this is what it would be like to be a member of a One Direction forum sometimes.
  6. Today
  7. That referee should have shown some yellows the minute the Cameroon players started to kick off. England really need to cut out the stupid mistakes
  8. are we really having a discussion on who is a real blink fan and who isn't? what afucking shitshow, felt so embarassed reading the last few pages of grown men defending their fandom for a band. grow the fuck up.
  9. When you said “Fair enough. I just think the true blink fans are the ones who follow through thick and thin, who would love to use BIOMY as toilet paper if it wasn't digital only, who keep following the band even after 2.5 shitty releases.” it seemed like you were saying that those people are the only true blink fans. Wasn’t trying to put words in your mouth.
  10. He doesn't like the mix and makes a valid point why. They could release five minutes of silence and you would still deem it a perfectly mixed blink song. Weird production/mix decisions started after the reunion and are not gone, it seems.
  11. Ok fair enough, I was just using you as a talking point or example but yeah, those old school San Diego fans aren't any more or less of fans than anyone from the post-Travis era or even post-Tom era. Maybe you're right and we're all fans on a blink spectrum but currently blink is pushing me away from the super fandom side and closer to the "I used to be obsessed but now I don't give a shit" territory.
  12. I didn't say any of that. Fans are fans. If you like blink to some degree then you like blink. I never said only people who like a certain incarnation of blink are the only real fans, so don't put words in my mouth. Likewise, you can't say that people who still support current blink are the only true fans either. Not saying you said that, but if you did, you're sadly mistaken. I was illustrating a point and trying to explain why I post here even if I think Mark and co have lost the ability to make great music. I don't have to go away or leave these boards. If you want to interact with fans who only like current blink, I believe there's a Safe Haven section somewhere in here where you can go jizz over Generational Divide together. But outside of that, expect some criticism when blink continues to make music that's divisive. If I like a song, like Left Alone or Hey I'm Sorry, I say that. When I don't, I'll state my disappointment. Someday I might grow out of caring about this band and stop posting here. It's already happening more and more with each release. Until then, I'll continue to state my opinion on this ever confounding band for as long as I see fit. Whether I like the music or not.
  13. There’s no secret technology from aliens the government is hiding from us knapton
  14. Hes never really cared about the Alien part from what I can tell. he was always just excited about the technology and thought it was a crime to keep the secret of that technology from the people, no matter where it came from
  15. I don’t care if people like the new blink or not. Just weird that they would spend so much time on a fan forum talking about how much they dislike something. I can’t imagine investing that much effort into something I genuinely don’t like anymore.
  16. And this mentality is exactly why scenes are bullshit and fans are annoying.
  17. What I was saying that it’s arrogant and stupid to claim that someone isn’t a “real fan” of the band because they like the music post Tom DeLonge, just like it would be arrogant and stupid for you to come here and say people aren’t “real fans” for liking the music post Scott Raynor.
  18. its fine that some people love the two new songs its fine that they think its the greatiest songs ever writen or just some realy good songs the problem is when we come in and explain with fine arguments why they are not up there with the best music writen in the past or currently or up to pair with the quality of music blink as provided in the past and they try to say were not-real fans or that were trolling blink as taken this extremly poppy and 5second of summer type of direction and its just not matching the original personality and dna of the band so it comes off as fake and dishonest it wasn't too long ago that tom and mark would make fun of bands that sound just like them atm
  19. The whole documentary is mess, trying to be edgy and dramatic, the film maker seems like a right douche. I just watched the joe Rogan podcast and yeh the film maker comes across like a right tom delonge!... But when i actually hear bob talk, and some of the points that have come up in the government recently, hes quite interesting. He heard, one of the crafts came from an archeological dig, which doesnt mean its alien life, it could of just been a more intelligent ancient civilisation which i quite liked the idea of. Not saying i believe him but there is alot in our history that we cant really explain when it comes to structures we have found.
  20. I always wondered what that username meant lol @OliversAPilotNow Lol yes I imagine it's along the same lines as Lizard Lick Towing or one of those bigfoot shows
  21. i don't think fandom is binary (you are or you aren't). it's a gradient, a spectrum...runs from stalkers to superfans to fans to casual fans etc etc. i also think it's fair to evaluate a band as a whole differently as their individual efforts. so while i am a huge fan of the cheshire cat through dude ranch period, far less so of the enema to jacket era, and not a fan of the untitled times at all, i still consider myself "a fan" of the band. he thinks as i've pointed out many times on these boards, that's how i thought at the time. that's how just about everyone in the san diego punk scene felt about it at the time.
  22. the bob lazar thing is certainly interesting. especially because he's been raided by government agencies twice and there is evidence of his work history being erased. but the wildcard of that documentary (which was honestly poorly made) was the part about him getting arrested for starting a brothel or something? i need more clarification on what the fuck that was about.
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