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  2. The iTunes lyrics say: "Blame it, blame it on my youth" *Skiba voice* The plot it thickensss and growsssss
  3. JarJarBlinks


    I was rooting for Warriors against Rockets even with Durant, and then started to enjoy them playing against Portland (wave goodbye Dame!). I definitely think Curry fucked up the game though so I'm going to be rooting against them in the finals.
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  5. Well we are on a forum obsessing and fantasizing over bullshit topics as we await for blink to actually deliver some news. Whether they were actually good or not, it still would be interesting to hear what came out of them, considering there were barely any outsiders except their usual crew and Tim Armstrong (which I’m surprised they never really addressed much about what was going on other than a picture or two). They probably had the mindset of “let’s just record whatever and see what happens” whether than worry about it being blink-sounding enough. Like your following post said, that’s likely what came out of it, half ALK3/Sekrets and half +44/blink-182. Still would’ve be cool to hear them regardless. Who knows how drastic the change was when Feldy began producing. Yeahhhhh, it looks out of context (I’m hoping), but that’s likely what the situation was.
  6. This season was a wet fart.
  7. I did appreciate Tom's comment about nudes on Mark's instagram post where he was asking for advice about photographs. Made me laugh.
  8. BFV was freaking horrendous; good thing I spent only 15€ on it (I used the Origin Access thing for one month and at least got ME:Andromeda out of it). The maps consist of chokepoints and yeah, the enemies can be hard to see against their surroundings in some maps. Then there was the TTK/TTD issue whereby you always seemed to die to one bullet even if it was from a weapon that cannot one-hit kill.
  9. Transfer rumours are going my fucking head in already. Journos are fucking insufferable cunts aren’t they. That must be the easiest fucking job on the planet. Drink a shot every time you read ‘preparing a bid’ or ‘trigger the release clause’ or ‘have sent scouts to watch’ bla bla bla. Fucking useless cunts. Complete guesswork from 80% of the cunts. There’s a few who are ITK but most of them are completely stealing a living
  10. I don't like the originals to care about the remixes but I thought the Surrender remix was much better than the original. and Diary is probably the best AVA 'sounding' AVA song ever.
  11. I find it nearly unlistenable in parts.
  12. oliver, if i had a band i would give u a pass for backstage wich basicly would be my backyard then id bring u a glass of water so you can relax while i go back inside
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  14. found ticket stub for this show : 10/9/1998: The band performs at the House of Blues in Lake Buena Vista, Florida. Other bands include Unwritten Law, Riverfenix and Assorted Jellybeans.
  15. Kay

    Eurovision 2019

    It wasn't the worst but I think it was the most forgettable. most of the bad ones were still recognisable because of how bloody weird they were.
  16. Who outbid me on this? You're lucky I was busy! https://ibb.co/k6XBBSt
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  18. When the chorus hits, it sorta sounds like old school Tom (around 0:50 mark)
  19. Final Chapter Part 1 Praise the Lord Verse 1 i was born in a small town in 1975 In Nowhereville where people do what they must to survive Baptized in a church by the preacher's hand did I feel the love of Jesus with the touch of this man? Chorus Praise the Lord Feel him from above Praise the Lord Get a load of his love Let him in Let Jesus in Let him in Get rid of your sins Verse 2 Met Susan in math class When were both six Addition and subtraction she knew more than the other chicks And when the multiplication table was shown us I made a list But she already knew it She showed me hers and we kissed Chorus Praise the Lord Feel her from above Praise the Lord Get a load of her love She is mine as sixteen as well as six I am hers And she had me at the first kiss Part 2 Captain Bill Verse 1 Susan took off and left I lost my job at the mill So I decided to flee out to sea and started working for Captain Bill Hi-di-lye-lay and hi-di-lye-lo He lost his job at the mill Hi-di-lye-lay and hi-di-lye-lo He started working for Captain Bill Verse 2 I worked in the mill for three years I thought I had found my niche But I used that skill to work for Bill and I drank like a fish Hi-di-lye-lay and hi-di-lye-lo He thought he had found his niche Hi-di-lye-lay and hi-di-lye-lo and he drank like a fish Verse 3 We sailed to every port Raided the ocean blue Bill had a whore in every shore and I got a tattoo Hi-di-lye-lay and hi-di-lye-lo They raided the ocean blue Hi-di-lye-lay and hi-di-lye-lo And he got a tattoo Part 3 Hope for Change Verse 1 Two years at sea Two years of joy I guess that's me still a boy I can't adjust to life onshore I guess I'm just who I was before Chorus Life has made me angry Injustice makes me rage and political awareness is the only thing that grows with age I defy the system I can't stand your laws I am ruthless, I am careless I'm a cat with protractile claws Verse 2 They say you are free But they hold you in a chain And you call this democracy But they just use you like a cane So I hope this is not sounding that strange Where others see hopelessness I see things to change Chorus Cuz when something makes me cry I take control I don't want parts of it I want the whole I see hope for change And rewriting all the laws And you better believe I love it I'm a cat with abrasive claws Part 4 Art and Devotion Verse 1 I dropped out of school and I never went to college I had to look elsewhere for my knowledge So when I came home I decided on what to do then so I moved into a pad with a couple of art students Chorus Art and devotion they paint and they draw With thought and emotion they're ruthless and raw I made my decision I took a stand an arraigned circumcision But where are the fans? Verse 2 In 1998 I had my own exhibition I did some paintings I had ideas and a vision So that day in the future when you see them they'll hang in some foreign museum Chorus Art and devotion Paint it all black I miss the ocean I'd love to go back I made my decision Keep your eyes shut Here's my exhibition made with feces and blood Part 5 Know My Rights Verse 1 Don't you think I know my rights? I stood on the barricades for days and nights you get a job and you pay the rent and support some sort of government I'm not part of the moral majority I ain't respecting your authority I am a man of my own and I stand alone Don't you think I know my rights? Chorus I supported you but you didn't give a shit you bow down to the master lick their boots bit by bit Don't you think I know my rights? Verse 2 Don't you think I got a mind of my own? I'm not staying in your safety zone Who cares if I carry grass? I'm not gonna kiss your ass I think we've reached a rendezvous point when you can't accept someone else's view point I don't need nobody I'm not part of your party-line Don't you think I got a mind of my own? Chorus Authority Is never a friend The powerful will kick you in the end Don't you think I know my rights? Part 6 Someone Like You Verse 1 I never missed anyone the way I miss Sue But I miss Captain Bill and the ocean too and even if none of them can be replaced I'm seriously happy and amazed that I found someone like you Verse 2 I met you when the war started, knock on wood War is something I never understood And though you aren't Susan, you can bet I'm scared of losing you Now that I finally found something good Part 7 Overture Part 8 Final Chapter of the Final Chapter Verse 1 Neurotic, psychotic It's how I'll end up, I got it Delusion, confusion I'm afraid there is no solution I'm skeptical of future endeavors I'm worried what history will show I'm well aware nothings last forever And maybe over all it's better not to know Verse 2 Battered and shattered I usually feel like nothing matters I've doubted, I've shouted and I realize now there's nothing I can do about it Negativity and devastation The only feelings that seem to last It's passed down from generation to generation A family tree that is living in the past
  20. Dark Lord who makes Taylor Swift music 😳
  21. Someone pointed out on Reddit that as of October 2018Tom is listed as an owner of the band, where as he is not in the February 2016 form.
  22. True, sorry, I just didn't like bandersnatch and am bitter they may have jumped ship a bit. Could definitely be wrong though
  23. Are these guys only big in Canada? Theyre Canadian and they get played a fuck ton on the radio and are pretty huge up here. I rarely listen to the radio but have been doing it more so at work and I always enjoy these guys music. SOS is quite catchy.
  24. It's very good and very rewatchable.
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