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    Hi all. There is a major upgrade for our forum software IP.Board (3.4.8 -> 4.1) that I've been putting off installing for a while now, but it's time to jump in and get this done. I will be looking at doing this in the next day or two. It shouldn't take me more than an hour or so to do the upgrade, obviously I'll need to bring the boards down while I do this. Because this is an upgrade to a new major version a lot of the software has been rewritten and redesigned, so you will notice that the forums will look a bit different as the core theme has been redesigned. Everything should mostly be in the same place but if you get stuck you can post in the FAQ forums and I'll do my best to help out.
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    If this event really happened (you actually hanging out with him), why did you talk to Mark in the FB collector's page like as if he wouldn't have remembered you?
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    You guys really ran that nonexistent demo opposer out of town!
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    Well, he's better than you darkarrow, he knew people that don't know he exists now and he has peons to brag too now. He's important and now you know that too.
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    genuinely wondering what your roommate thought about this collage on the wall
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    the graffiti used to say "Rat Skiba Sucks" but my brother scribbled out the Rat and Sucks a few weeks ago lol
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    i was gonna wait for someone to just upload it, but when i was saw it was 3 bucks i just downloaded it. here are my thoughts on poet anderson. i’m not a huge AVA fan, but i particularly appreciate this piece of his ‘art project,’ because i’m an animator of sorts and an animation fan. that being said, the whole FROM THE IMAGINATION OF TOM DELONGE thing at the beginning is bullshit, since the people who did all the hard work (i.e., everything - including what looks like a rewrite of tom's script) don’t get credit until the end. first off, the animation in this whole thing is ridiculously gorgeous. an amazing mix of 2D and 3D that should get these two dudes some industry jobs and acclaim, well-deserved. i adore the super-stylized, gorillaz-esque designs. voice acting is superb, and it’s cute to see tom gave his little sister a role. everything about this is done extremely well, from the animation to the sound design, but it lacks where so many films tend to lack, but where it matters most: the story. the story, faint as it may be, is served extremely well by these guys (sergio and edgar martins)’ sense of staging. let’s talk about the story though. it’s confusing, undercooked, and just plain bad. we barely get an idea of who “poet anderson†is before we’re forced to root for him in his final battle toward the end. i expect this out of tom, who is a first-time screenwriter, but it seems as though the film focuses WAY too heavily on action-heavy shots where your only reaction is to go “wow! how cool is poet anderson! wow!†it’s just a groaner all the way through. it isn’t horrible though, and the animation saves it in many areas for me. it’s worth a purchase, and lighting artists is misspelled as “lightning†artists in the credits.
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    To be fair, knowing blink members isn't the highest ticket in the celebrity bottom feeder bracket
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    Laura Jane Grace got tattooed with me, she even paid for it. I knew her when she was he. Do you care? No of course you don't, why would you? Why would I brag about it? That time I did something normal with a normal human being before they got famous and became a less normal human being? He saw a fucking movie with some - and I use the term loosely - 'friends' and kept the ticket 20 years later on his Blink 182 shrine and I'm supposed to be like 'Whoa, that's rad even thought in every other circumstance it'd be creepy as fuck ... literally ... ever. Other. Circumstance. You ever see a movie with your friends? Did you keep that ticket stub and put it on your friendship wall? No? They weren't famous then. It's weird. Even more so when you're using it to show off to a board where the majority of the users are half your age ... unless they are Clarke then its like a fourth of his age. Its just an old guy bragging about that time he knew people before they were famous on a website where he thinks members would be impressed by it. No, I'm not jealous, why would I be? They're people, they had/have normal lives. He didn't know they would be famous, no clue... do you know that that means? He bet on them being famous so that he could brag. They weren't his friends, they were a potential to make himself look good. Thats the difference, it's not like he was giving away clothes from his yourh and checked the pockets and stumbled across an old ticket with some other trash and was like, holy shit, I remember this night. Hey guys, check out what I just found! No, this creeper kept this fucker like a high school girl's love notes. He lucked out. Good for him, glad he had it but that doesn't mean I need to be impressed. It is, after all, an extremely shitty Mel Gibson movie.
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    Confession: I work for Tapatalk, use me
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    Do you think youd blow him, Tom? Answer honestly. Would you put his dick in your mouth?
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    They still need to earn a living. Thats a terrible idea.
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    Whatever is causing this, please don't fix it. Sorry, knapton, but it's worth it.
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    lol, that graffiti says "skiba sucks"
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    dammit davey, you should have waited for another year to start this topic, because some things cannot be mentioned if the elapsed time in years isn't a multiple of five. 5 years ago at 9:50 a.m. tom reported that ava would tour in europe. see, it's a lot more interesting.
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    its weird that he decided to mention it. Like if it had been 20 years or something maybe, but to randomly bring it up after 19 years, weird
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    Would deffos check the demo out
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    I didn't realise you're the same dude in the Collectors group. Awesome.
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    Fuuck they only gave one DVD with the physical copy so I gotta spend 5 hours downloading the rest now
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    I was 12, and just learned to masterbate
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    Currently eating at sombrero with my girlfriend. Good stuff!
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    New Tomb Raider looks beautiful, fuck you XBox exclusive...
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    I am close to giving up watching this show. Last night was 90 minutes of my life that I wish I could get back. Okay, yeah, it had its moments. But do people really care about some trasnformation story? It wasn't all that great. They are slowing it way down, dragging it out. How about we get back to the fucking plot here? Next week doesn't look any better: More "Walkers attack, people react". I loved the line in the preview "We fight or we die". Its like the same fucking shit over and over. In real life Rick would have offed himself a long time ago when he discovered his life was 5 years of running, killing walkers, finding safe havers that weren't safe havens, more running, more killing walkers, and more safe havens that aren't safe havens. Really, how long does this go on for? Been following this loyally since it started but about ready to close the book. I just don't care that much anymore.
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    Going to the Winter Classic. Sitting in the nosebleeds but I don't give a shit. It's the Winter Fucking Classic. So excited.