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    they played M+M's tonight in Hartford, thats all i have to say for my review of the tonights show. I'll post a video of it tomorrow.
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    you can view my recording of M+M's on my instagram page, https://www.instagram.com/_brady182/ feel free to follow me if want as well... I tried to upload on here but the file is too big.
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    Tom did become a douche but that picture looks like it was made by a douche.
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    Have you read The Lonely Astronaut ? I listened to Tom DeLonges live reading of it, it was cringeworthy ... And also made me realize Tom has been trying to make To The Stars a thing for over 3 years now ... And it's still not doing much. Not to knock him or anything, I'm still a huge supporter but like, how come he says everything is gonna be huge and then it's just not. With most people, they'd at least hit gold with ONE project at least .... Tom just seems to just miss it, every time.
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    I was driving today listening to untitled. This band won't top that album for me. Bring back tom from the past and finn from dead. I enjoyed california but come on this is the fucking album. I love this album. Miles ahead of any other release.
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    Mark's a very average bassist in terms of technique. However, I could care less about "chops" - creativity and cleverness are much more important. Unfortunately, he's also not very good at that. Most of the time, anyway. But the multiple bass tracks on "Always" are incredible. Actually, he did some interesting stuff all over the Untitled record. And California seemed like a step forward in many ways too. Really, the best bass skill Mark has is knowing how to play something simple, but just different enough from what Tom or Matt is playing. That's the talent. And he deserves props for that. And at least he's not an annoying bassist. There's nothing worse than a tacky bass line that just doesn't fit the song and seems needlessly complex or otherwise awkward. He steers clear of that.
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    It blows me away how people manage to get blocked from any celebrities account. You're a sad person if you feel you need to sit on their Instagram or twitter and bash them. I can't stand the Kardashians but I'm not going to go on their Instagram and tell them how stupid they are.
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    That's kinda how I'm feeling about Cali. Can't critique it without some people flipping out like you personally insulted their grandma or something. Untitled is my favorite, full disclosure, but I have no problem with anyone hating it. I actually get the hate as it was such a departure from say, rock show or first date.
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    44disasters.com... what was the deal with that site? from the source that i got the mp3s from: "44disasters.com (sister site of the late and great PunkDisasters.com) uploaded this a couple years back to go with an exclusive interview with Mark Hoppus. These are early demos done while Carol Heller was still in the band. 1. Cliff Diving 2. Little Death (instrumental) 3. Puppy Killing Machine (early title of Make You Smile)"
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    We should add the Going-bananas-DeLonge (aka Trainwreck-DeLonge) phase to that image.
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    i love that feeling this bass track lol. i was so happy when the stems for that song came out. always is really good too
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    Fuck, I love that they're playing M&Ms..keep that song in the rotation for awhile!
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    This lost all credibility when it called Mark an immensely talented musician.
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    to put it simply, I was the only person in the entire pit that was freaking out.
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    olidamus, he has quite some decent lines, you just gotta find them. marlboro man, feeling this, romeo and rebecca has a fun little bass solo, lifes so boring, which isnt even that hard but kind of fast so you get real tired eventually. anthem is another great walking bass line. mutt is fun too. you just gotta find them
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    ^This. I've been home in CT visiting my family and decided to go to the show. So much fun. M+M's was epic, as was San Diego. East coast crowds are the fucking best.
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    Feeling This is not that difficult to play on bass. It's actually pretty simple for someone to pick up fairly quickly.
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    its just really not a fair argument if you hate the band for whatever reason, and don't personally appreciate the style of music. it doesnt make them any less popular. adtr are fucking huge. they're at the point where their career will be as long as they want it to be, and musically will live happily ever after playing huge shows all year. are they blink huge? not even close. but how do you even begin to compare 90% of active bands today to blink? blink is another animal of popularity. for the majority, they were a pop band of the 90s like the spice girls. we've seen example after example of this. WE are cult fans of the band, we know all the songs and know how deep and real they can be. but some forget that to the majority, they're a joke band who was naked in that video. for me, i think country music is a joke. but you don't see me putting down country music and its artists just because i dont like the genre. country songs mean a lot to some people, and i get that and can appreciate it
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    I hate this town! It's so washed up! And all my friends don't give a fuck!
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    He's technically an average bass player but I don't think he ever really intended to be anything more. I'm sure if you were just jamming with him he could perform more complicated stuff but in blink he really doesn't have to. He's been playing none stop for like 30 years.. Of course he can play more than just power chords. Using blink songs as examples of his actual skill level is not necessarily accurate.
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    I agree - he's no Sir Paul. Still, I don't hear many blink songs where I wish they had more complex bass lines. It's just not really that kind of music. Subtleties are much more important.
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    A sample of a Mark bassline. Amazing bass skills, LOL.
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    Only just heard War. thats a swing and a miss of a ballad right there. terrible track.
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    i've never understood who told tom that these sunglasses suits him
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    sometimes i wonder why and how +44 fell apart. because we got confirmation that they signed to interscope for a second album in oct '07, and then radio silence until the blink reunion a year and a half later. was travis doing too many drugs? did mark not have great chemistry/get along with shane and craig? did the financial performance of WYHSB impact anything (unlikely)? was mark depressed or something crazy? just has always seemed weird to me they just unceremoniously hung it up pretty quickly.
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    I don't think the album was 75% doctored. Check out this concert right here, I love this. They sound great and the video is not doctored its shot by an amateur.
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    I love all of Ocean Avenue and Southern Air the most, When You're Through Thinking Say Yes is good too, well all the rest are decent really. Songs like Awakening, Southern Air, 23, Life of a Salesman, Takedown, With You Around. Plus I love this song from Spiderman lol
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