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    Since when did everyone hop on the pretentious Tom wagon. I've loved Blink since the beginning, but in no way shape or form were Mark & Tom capable of branching off and doing all these spectacular musical acts outside of Blink. Yes boxcar was fantastic, yes +44 was fantastic, but would those sort of projects really last? Blink was a punk rock band, it's amazing that they were even able to transform and experiment and stay relevant as much as they did. Mark is simply just smart. He has his priorities in line, Blink included, and I'm sick of people dogging him for it. He gets hated on for another dude going off the deep end because of some pain killer, ego trip vision. If Tom didn't go off, they would have been able up follow up with Self Titled properly plain and simple. There wouldn't be this half ass Neighborhoods album, and there wouldn't be this half ass make up for long lost time California album. Mark is the BASSIST and singer. How much do you expect, he put everything out there, some of his best personal stuff on California and it still was mediocre all together. If there wasn't such gaps and hiatus with Blink I don't think there'd ever be complaints on Mark as an artist or his choice to dedicate to Blink. HOW DID HE KNOW Tom was never going to change back or go off on this space vision. Hes trying too hard to make up for lost time with Blink sure but I can't blame him for that and I'll never dog him..I mean he's older now, has a sexy wife and a nice lifesyle, I doubt he wants to start all from scratch at this point on something else, why would he? They were never these experimental artists to begin with.
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    Yeah, I mean Mark cared more, so his feelings are going to be more powerful on the matter. He loved blink, he put his whole life into it. He clearly tried other areas (the TV show, producing, etc) to bridge the gap and it just didn't cut it. I imagine thats why Mark tried for so long to keep it going and bending over backwards for Tom and his terrible time management and blatant disregard for the band. and its also clearly why he's so happy now. as much as a bunch of us may feel like new blink isn't real blink, it's the closest thing to 'blink' that Mark has had in over a decade. he has music and friendship and fun again.
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    oh look, mark's recording new batch of ohhohh&nana's
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    Well done, you managed to play near enough every bass part of this song wrong. Quite a feat for a blink-182 song. Drummer needs to leave and join a band that can actually play because hes not too bad at all.
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    What really pisses me off is that the coaches can't speak out about the refs without getting a huge fine. The officiating has been so bad this season that someone needs to come out say something. The refs are like a protected species that can't be touched and it's really annoying. I can't believe how inconsistent the games have been. I'm starting to get confused on what should be called for an offensive foul and what shouldn't. It changes every fucking game!
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    par for the course, really.
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    Did I really just read two pages of people complaining about how bad songs are going to be based on nothing but song titles? jesus, new low for this place?
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    It was because Cousins deflected the ball and the clock should have started sooner. Except that is NOT a call that should be reviewable. If you're a player, you do what you can with the time on the clock. You can't just say "oh, well I guess I'd better shoot it quicker because they might look it over and start the clock sooner." Refs miss calls, but in these situations they have to own up to it instead of desperately doing shit like this.
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    pretty sure yes, can't say I've ever noticed them deviate from 4/4. not even 3/4. not that I am particularly knowledgable on the subject, I am boring and stick to 4/4 myself. from a quick google search the most notable example of 6/8 I can see is House Of The Rising Sun. but A. I'm not sure thats accurate and B. it still sounds like 4/4 to me haha
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    Yeah I've seen a lot of garbage already against my team, it just hasn't bothered me a ton yet because it's early but they need to figure something out. I mean they can't get ANY calls right. You are right about consistency is awful too, they'll have thee most blatant touch foul calls at one point, then swallow the whistle on heavy contact the next. I read what kerr just got fined for. He has a point. Why can everyone in the stands call something like an obvious travel out and see it (the main excuse is speed of the game) from even further away, but the guys we pay to catch that cannot.. This raptors overturn buzzer beater may actually be one of the worst calls I've ever witnessed. That's awful.
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    Raptors..lol. League is seriously losing its integrity and credibility. That was sheer stupidity and I'm not a raptor fan at all. For anyone wondering, they just waived off a buzzer beater because... Well... No legit reason actually. Apparently the time keeper started a bit late? Even though he got the shot off with time to spare.. So it doesn't matter..
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    That was the most shocking moment I've ever seen when it comes to wrestling. And I can't lie... I fucking loved it. So much.
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    I'm stoked for blink182 again....the second time this year. haven't had that feeling in a few years. say what you want about cali or how SOOHM is doing on the radio, but THIS blink is a band again, THIS is a blink that actually releases new music... I'm also stoned right now bacause i have a day off tomorrow, Enema is blasting through my speakers right now. such a good fibe. the songs are so simple but full of great rhythms, catchy hooks, guitar riffs. damn
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    Finally listened to this and it's really not very good. It's crazy how losing one member of the band totally sapped them of all their energy and creativity. Southern Air is probably the best Yellowcard album and the next two just totally lost everything - sense of melody, interesting rhythm, good production, etc. I don't know why this album sounds like shit, the vocals are reminiscent of California's overdone style, and the drums sound god-awful, as if any time the drummer hits his drums with some force they have some slight distortion on them, ugh it's bad. It's not even like One for the Kids where you have a bunch of mediocre filler, but there are songs like Drifting on there which are in the top-tier of pop-punk, it's just all boring, uninspired drivel that blends into itself, creating a weak impact and a poor attempt at reaching the reputation that the final Yellowcard should have. Southern Air was the end of Yellowcard for me, doesn't a band die when they stop trying?
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    Hey, I don't blame Mark if he hates Tom. I'm not on the hate wagon against anyone, but I could understand that hipotetical hate after all the bullshit Tom threw to the band. The only thing both Mark and Travis could have done better is to move on without Tom earlier.
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    i don't think Mark hates purely Tom. Mark is the type of a guy who hates quick changes, he needs plenty of time to think about any decision's then he's ready to make a move. Mark mostly hate's the fact that Tom Delonge has challenged or forced him to change his lifestyle. In Mark's head Mark was settled for life this way: make a record, tour, play the same setlist, little rest and all this all over again and again. He thought Tom would do it with him forever. Mark's just doesn't know or doesn't want to do anything else cause he has lost his confidence since Tom left. He need's someone to guide his lazy ass. Tom was the one. Travis and Tom is always active and down to everything, they are not scared. Mark on the other hand just doesn't know what the hell to do with himself. He would rather be pissed at Tom than admit that he can't accept changes and needs to learn something new at life.
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    i do think these songs will be better than a handful of the songs that made the cut. i can see them being pressured into releasing all the annoying "woah oh na na" songs first. I like "Hey, I'm Sorry," but if they are changing it, it might be for the better. it sounded like an unfinished idea.
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    i just find it amusing that the blink album we collectively seem to care the least about is getting a deluxe edition with more songs. and considering these were the weaker songs that were cut -- in favor of shit like "california" -- i can't see myself getting excited for it
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    Damn are we already hating on these songs?
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    Wow what a band they once were.. lol
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    Here's an actual conversation between Mark and Tom from when things were going bad: