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    Agreed. Someday it'll get leaked. Still wonder why it got buried in the first place. Only way it ever gets an official release is if Tom comes back.
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    I think that doco will be released in the future. No idea if it will get any official release, or if it will be leaked. But I feel like it will see the light of the day in the future.
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    Ugh, my kid loves Daddy's Home. Stay far away...
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    Don’t have a top 10 unless I think about it but Starship Troopers is my favorite movie of all time. “C’mon you apes, you wanna live forever?!”
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    1. Threat Level Midnight 2. Threat Level Midnight 3. Threat Level Midnight 4. Threat Level Midnight 5. Threat Level Midnight 6. Threat Level Midnight 7. Threat Level Midnight 8. Threat Level Midnight 9. Threat Level Midnight 10. Threat Level Midnight
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    True, if you want to count that. I just haven't been into anything he's done for years now and he was my absolute favorite in the 2000s... Anchorman, SNL, Old School, Talledega Nights, Wedding Crashers, East Bound and Down, etc
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    North Korea has hundreds of creepy cheerleaders there attending events. https://olympics.cbc.ca/news/article/north-korea-army-beauties-takes-centre-stage-olympics.html
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    They love the guy, love his factory approach, love his production style, and love what he writes for them. That's just what Blink is now and there's sadly nothing we can do about it. siiiigh...............................
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    Fuuuuuuuucck I wish that would somehow get released.
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    Poorly, yeah. I was a pretty solid goalie back in the day, but goalie equipment is expensive as hell and I just let that fall by the wayside. I still play drop-in and beer league, and ball hockey/roller hockey every now and then. In University I played on a rec ball hockey team with @Mau5and I believe we ended up winning the league.
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    I love how his post begins with “Remember blink-182?” Yeah, I do. RIP.
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    There's no way this dude doesn't produce the next Blink album:
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    The album sucks. It's wildly inconsistent and has weird production choices.
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