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    ... yes? Very often. I wouldn't be into punk music without the Tony Hawk 2 soundtrack
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    Honestly, I do understand that blink wanted to play it safe in order to get themselves relevant in the mainstream again. But I don't think it was necessary. You can be experimental and be mainstream. The single doesn't have to be something like BTD. Just look at I Miss You. Blink themselves didn't expect that to be popular but it was. Green Day weren't relevant in the early 2000s until they experimented with the American Idiot album. All blink needed was a hit or two. Doesn't matter if the song is experimental or not, it can still be a hit. As for Matt Skiba coming in, I doubt casual fans would even know the difference between Matt Skiba and Tom. Really, I think of it as a no win situation when it comes to the hardcore blink fans. It was either two options for blink. One was to have the gothic punk rock sound that Matt would bring to blink, alongside his new wave elements and Mark's +44 vibes. Two was to try go the more mainstream sounding route, which is what they did. Doesn't matter which option they'd choose, the hardcore fans would be split. Some blink fans just don't want that Alkaline Trio gothic punk sound with blink, but there's also some who'd love it, me being one of them. So they went the more poppy route, but again, some blink fans just don't wanna hear that anymore, especially after hearing BCR, +44 and the 2003 album. Me personally, I don't actually mind that they went the more poppy route. It was the fact they went so overboard with it. There was just no need for every damn song to have a fucking woah or nana or whatever crap it was. One or two songs is enough. Gang vocals also do not work in a blink song either IMO. They could've done pop punk in a more blink way, not a crappy ATL way. That's just my personal opnion though. Everything they did just wasn't necessary at all IMO. Yeah, it worked, but it could've worked other ways too.
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    - Deluxe had three songs that were in minor keys (6/8, Don't Mean Anything and Bottom of the Ocean) - Deluxe had a song with a different time signature (6/8) - California had many songs in the key of C (Cynical, Bored to Death, SOOHM, No Future, San Diego, Brohemian Rhapsody (if you want to include it)) - Deluxe had a version of Bored to Death that was actually in Mark's comfortable singing range (wish they would take this approach and tune down for some older songs as well). Eb major seems to be a good fit for them (like in Long Lost Feeling) and I think this would be cool to see more of going forward. None of these alone are reasons why it's more experimental. But, it shows they are making an effort to not just release a song in the key of C, in 4/4 and using the chords C Am F and G.
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    I meant sound wise and that they’re for the most part sticking with their sound. I would give Millencolin a higher ranking than both Bad Religion & NFAA on my list though, their last album is amazing!
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    Bad Religion has never had a bad record save that one and you know which one I'm talking about and it doesn't need to be named.
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    bad religion is a far, far, far superior band. i put no fun at all on the same shelf as millencolin. and yes it was nice to hear them again.
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    Got a plug for the switch hole. It doesn’t fit 100% perfect but I’m not trying to hunt another one down so it’s gonna stay. (It didn’t quite fit so it had to be super glued in). I also leveled the frets. This is like, the third time I’ve don’t that and I have to admit I’m pretty happy with the outcome. There where spots on the neck above the 12th that where completely dead, and now all notes play clean with the action pretty low. Didn’t polish the frets as much as I could have so they’re a little rough feeling, but I suspect they will feel better as the strings contact the crown over time. Now to get the gold knob I ordered weeks ago... you have to love shipping things direct from China. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    This is how you know the Blink fanbase is getting old,
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    I've said it before and I'll say it again. You know you're a pretty non experimental band when you do a song in a different time signature and feel the need to name the song after it. And wow, three whole songs in minor keys!
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    In all honesty, I don't think they'd have been anything resemblant of mainstream or whatever they were following bored to death and the grammy nom. That was a lot of marketing push I don't think they'd have done without Feldmann's help. Blink wasn't that relevant anymore. Yes, people were interested in hearing a return, but most still don't even know Skiba replaced Tom.. and it's not like they were mainstream after the first return album and DED.. Feldmann always wanted and always wants to be mainstream, and he knows what he's doing there and got Blink's name to play with.