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    Imagine Kings of the Weekend in the Untitled era? ...sorry couldn't keep a straight face there
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    i saw dammit played at several shows in the fall of 1996. it was usually introduced as "dammit dammit son of a bitch" (the original title; a beavis and butthead reference). would be cool to see a vid for sure! on the topic, apple shampoo was played live as early as july 1996.
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    the idea with our timeline is that we want to get to a point where we archive that type of material too. i believe @Thibaut182 is already archiving pictures from shows, and every time we find a video available for a concert, we provide a youtube link to it. in addition, we've added show flyers, posters, and tickets where available. hosting it all on our site, particularly videos, i think might be prohibitively expensive. but i do think the ideal way to present the timeline would be to potentially have a page for each date on the timeline that one could click on and it would lead to information about that date... if it was a concert, we present a setlist, videos, tickets, etc. we could even have a feature where people can comment their memories on that date.
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    original, which for years I heard such incredible things. I watched with 3 other people and we were so disappointed.
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    These deals are making Klopp look like a fucking hypocrite if I'm honest...
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    sold very briefly on the warped tour, summer 97.
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    Original Blink t-shirt from the 1997 release "Dude Ranch"
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    The World Cup ended 3 days ago, here I am with massive withdrawal symptoms already. Roll on the new season, as an Arsenal fan (who loved Arsene), this is the most excited I've felt in a long time, which speaks volumes.
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    Almost done with A Fire Within. So far it's alright- not a fan of the Timika and Morat characters, or any of them for that matter with the exception of Alan, but I get it, they're trying to present facts by weaving them into a suspenseful plot, etc. The series has gone from "somewhat believable" fiction to straight-up Harry Potter "no way this is real" fiction. Would be cool to see all of the shit described in the books for real, but until then, I'll maintain cautious optimism and healthy skepticism.
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    found another clip from that interview above where Mark talks about Adam's Song : 6/7/2000: The band performs at Mellon Arena in Pittsburgh, Ohio. found ticket stub for this show : 9/19/2001: The band performs at Long Beach Arena in Long Beach, California. found interview for this show : 11/10/1999: The band performs at Maple Leaf Gardens in Toronto, Ontario. found interview for this show : 11/8/2001: Blink performs at the MTV Europe Music Awards in a disastrous performance of "First Date". old interview/performance link was deleted, here is a new one for this show : 7/28/1999: The band performs for Donny & Marie. found interview for this show : 12/4/2001: The band is on the 2001 Billboard Music Awards. found clip from "Dumpweed" for this show : 6/23/2001: The band performs at Verizon Wireless Amphitheater, Irvine, California, as a part of KROQ Weenie Roast 2001. found clips from this show : 2/15/2004: The band performs at Sports Hall in Bologna, Italy. found clips from this show : 2/17/2004: The band performs at Philips Halle in Düsseldorf, Germany. found "What's My Age Again" performance from this show : 12/31/1999: The band performs at MTV Studios in New York, New York for MTV New Years Eve. found clip from this show : 8/13/2004: The band performs at Neal S. Blaisdell Center in Honolulu, Hawaii. New date to add : 04/28/2018 Travis Barker plays drums as Baron Von Tito with the Aquabats at the Back to the Beach Fest. found clips from this show : 8/12/1999: The band performs at Gibson Amphitheatre, in Universal City, California for the 1999 Teen Choice Awards. found interview from this show : 2/18/2004: The band performs at Le Zénith in Paris, France. New date to add : 02/20/2004 The band does a signing at Virgin Megastore in Paris,France. found other clip from this show : 4/17/1999: The band performs on ESPN2's X In Concert 1999. second video of the WMAA video 4/1999 (undated, so far): The band films the music video for "What's My Age Again?". found Warped Tour 1996 VIP Laminate : found Warped Tour 1997 VIP Laminate :
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    I was happy when this song came out but let down by the song. The one that seemed like generated the most interest was Ghost on the Dancefloor looking back. I remember hating it when it first came out, but Natives brought back the love. Kaleidoscope was such a great song.
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    It is honestly so weird to be talking about how blink was better live than on an album.
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    Same for me. I haven't written music in some time, but that songs feels like something I'd write in 5 minutes and hate myself for it later.
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    Tom’s voice makes me ill on new blink songs. It’s repulsive. Some genuinely great songs but he doesn’t deliver them well. Think how good those songs would be with boxcar/Untitled tom voice.
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    Tom's AvA influence didn't ruin the album. I thought it had a good impact on songs like Ghost on the Dance Floor, This Is Home, etc. His inability to work with them throughout the recording process and leaving Mark and Travis to do the bulk of the recording was the main issue.
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