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    Yea, the post where it was on the Strange Times script talking about a Sex Ed class in highschool, going in detail of the dildo or something they were using to put the condom on. It was super weird.
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    I randomly decided to put AVA on shuffle last night on a two-hour drive. Ended up listening to AVA for the entire two hours. Damn, I forgot how much I like this band. Start the Machine, Heaven, Diary, Valkyrie Missile, Chasing Shadows, fucking good stuff.
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    Remember the days We would drink on the train On our way to the show CHI-CA-GO
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    He did start it. It also ended when he left. All hail King Delonge!
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    I think I remember them saying Tom was stuck in traffic or something and didn't get there until they were walking out onstage, I don't think I ever heard they were fighting. And I think the Conan thing was obviously a joke.
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    That "need to spend time with my family" excuse Tom always used to use for not doing blink really appears to have paid off for him.
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    I think so, I don't know if that was an indication of Tom's interests or he was just super nervous or something.
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    I was out last week, so sorry if mentioned, but Mark apparently moved to Chicago. Interesting
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    But for real, didn't Tom show up like 5 minutes before their entrance? And no one knew if they were even going to be able to announce their reunion. Tom wasn't there for rehearsal and didn't know where to stand or what to say. Still one of the most awkward moments I've ever seen blink in, and it was my first clue that maybe things weren't going to be like old times after all. I guess I sensed a disturbance in the force when I watched it but didn't think much of it until we started hearing Tom couldn't record etc
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    I got into TMG around the time Get Lonely came out, and I was just so blown away by TST, Tallahassee, and Get Lonely. Now that was when the band had ... 10 albums? That was such a huge amount and it's only grown to 16, plus the EPs and odds and ends. The amount of output is staggering considering the quality. I need to read those novels. I think my favorite are Love, Love, Love, Song For Dennis Brown, and You or Your Memory. This Year is probably the best, fully formed song here, but I've heard it roughly 500 times. Forgiveness is such a huge part of this album, you really don't get over your trauma, but you move on the best you can and cope. Pale Green Things, I think, is John's attempt to humanize his step-father and put the final chapter to rest. There's not much insight there, but maybe that's a fool's errand. Contextually things can't always be explained and acceptance is key.
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    Ahhh board is back!! So much stuff to discuss... Make sure you invest in Tom’s ADAM project, they discovered an empty pill bottle: Oh and then Tom dropped a new AVA clip... which the first 10 seconds is more interesting than any Cali Era Blink guitar stuff. I still don’t think Tom is releasing any new music soon and it’s just a crappy little demo he wanted to tease, but at least he’s picked up a guitar recently...
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    Im sure he will get a big signing by next week and everyone will forget his tantrums... Bit of a joke no1 has come in yet tho
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    I usually blamed it on the label but then I recently read an interview to Billie Joe and he said, no matter how many times the label has asked them to do this kind of m&g's, they will never agree to do that because they don't want young kids to waste their parents money just to meet them for a few seconds or see the soundcheck. So, apparently, the band has a say in all of this and they can say no, if they think it's stupid.
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    That's my favourite Mountain Goats album, even though I've discovered them with Tallahassee. One of the things I appreciate the most is that Darnielle has always written fictional songs and this is the first time he talks about his life. The fact that he is able to forgive his step-father for abusing him as a child is moving. All of the songs on this album are recollections of some of the things done to him and it’s terrible, but through all that pain and suffering John is able to forgive his father years later. I love this man. I think it's impressive. I'm not writing a review because it isn't the first time I listen to it, but I give it a 8/10 and my favourite songs are This Year, Up The Wolves, Love Love Love and Hast Thou Considered The Tetrapod. I also suggest Darnielle's two books, Wolf in White Van and Universal Harvester. Especially Wolf in White Van for the hurt that soaks every page and for the cynical observations of life. It won't take long, because this book is far too short, and, like a great story should, leaves you wanting more. If you guys are interested, I have the pdfs.
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    FYI this flyer is from the adam's song video shoot. many vintage san diego flyers were used as wallpaper in the background. all had "182" added in sharpie pen.
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    These all sound like gems so don't care.
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    Are you sure you know what a Mary Sue is? also you keep saying complaints about Rey/holdo are sexist. Well you're the only bringing gender into the discussion. They don't suck cause they're female, they suck because they suck lol.
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    Considering the party lifestyle of touring, how much he use to drink (or still drinks) and the amount of drugs he's gone through, he look pretty good for his age.
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    they should have use that riff in another song, and have something different for up all night. it could have been an upbeat song, even if the lyrics are somewhat dark/deep. the song itself reminds me of "hard rock bottom", the album by no use for a name. it's one of the best albums ever, and up all night would fit in well. with a better main riff, of course.
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    I love Up All Night, the video sucks though.
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    I'm still not the biggest fan of the song but I have very vivid memories when I first heard it. while I don't love the video it's not their worst (looking at you, SOOHM) and eh... I still like the chorus and the main riff.
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    It’s fucking shit and the video is cringe.