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    Mark lurking the boards to catch up on Blink Italia drama, as the bleached dildo finishes writing the next Blink album:
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    Okay, let's end this Mark pile-on now. He's probably reading this and bawling.
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    Mark's a little bitch these days, everyone knows it. Anyone who disagrees is in denial.
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    Yeah, if new Blink sounds like Fallout Boy (or even California part 3) then this band has officially jumped the shark. Do not want.
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    i guess no fan actually knows but that's the way it all looked from an outside perspective. +44 was going strong, really proud of the record, and committed to playing their material live without using blink as a crutch. then, they opened for FOB on the honda civic tour. nobody there knew who +44 was and i doubt many people paid attention to their set. that's when they started throwing blink songs in. after that, they had a pretty huge european tour booked that was abruptly cancelled so that they could "focus on the second album." obviously, that album never happened and was most likely never even going to happen. this is about the time mark started desperately hanging around younger scene guys in shitty bands
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    He’s such a sellout. He couldn’t give a fuck about the old blink fans who’ve been there for 10+ years, he’s just hoping for a big pop hit and a wave of new teen fans just like they did with enema and Toypaj. How we feel now is what Davey felt all those years ago.
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    Um, alright. Fair enough. I only really disagree with the bolded. It is most definitely Mark. The guy walks around waiting to be offended. He is a snowflake. Even in recent interviews you can tell there are certain question that trigger him or are uncomfortable. He has always been very sensitive. Despite what Davey says, there are old chats from 1998 and before where he gets into it with people who say Blink are sellouts. In fact, he stopped going on Blink's chat back in the day because he couldn't handle the negative. It is far far worse now. Deep down he knows he is washed up, its the very opening line of California plainly states it, just take a listen. All his decisions with Blink are done from a stance of insecurity; from his stale setlists, to not taking any chances musically, to bringing on a songwriter. This action is 100% definitely Mark.
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    But @daveyjones ate lasagna with him!
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    that's really insecure and pathetic of mark. a few music journalists slammed blink for utilizing feldmann/songwriters on california. i wonder if he blocked those websites as well? if you're 25 years in to your career and still can't handle criticism what the fuck are you doing? the italy post wasn't even bad. just pointed out some facts.
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    He actually went out of his way to unblock you? Lol. *Skiba voice* The plot it thickens and growssss. How odd. So the criticism made him butthurt, but then the outpour of criticism against him also made him butthurt enough to undo it? lol.
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    Tom Delonge created our favourite band. Mark Hoppus destroyed it.
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    Yup. A vegan white knight feminist cuck. Actually can’t stand the bloke
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    we are talking about the same guy who cancelled an entire european +44 tour and ended the band because nobody knew who he was while opening for FOB. and i remember he criticized tom for playing blink at AVA shows, only to then do the same thing on that FOB tour.
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    I don't think its fair to say the stuff is beneath him. That is the mistake people make with celebrities, that they have attained this god like status and nothing bothers them when in actuality, its the opposite. Mark has to be crazy worried about how he is perceived at this point and if this Italian guy has in the past been friendly with Mark, that stuff is going to hit him in some form. Our opinons get back to him in some form. There is no question about it. He invites Feldmann onstage and he makes a comment like "Here is the guy with the whoa's and Nanana" Mark know damn well that fans are being critical of him for hiring Feldman to write the bands music.
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    I'm sorry, but this is pathetic. I called him a snowflake as a throwaway comment but now I'm doubling down - That post wasn't aggressive or insulting, it was a discussion point by a group he'd previously had a few interacted with - to not only block it on one and then hunt it down on another is just fucking sad. He's a fucking professional musician supposedly, you'd think he'd keep his shit together. Fucking disgrace.
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    Yeah, they're all from the same scene. California music scene. I mean these were guys who'd shake hands on the stage with NOFX and shit like that. Then after the +44 days, Mark started hanging out with the likes of Pete Wentz and All Time Low. Now it's even worse. They're hanging out with songwriters that have helped the likes of Justin Bieber. I don't think the new album will be shit but I think that's cause my expectations are that low, I'll end up actually liking the album. I don't really mind blink going more pop. They do it well in songs like Boxing Day. Even Tom has had kinda poppy songs like Suburban Kings. It'd make a solid blink sound. But they don't need a bunch of co-writers to do that. It's fucking Mark & Skiba. Two of the best lyricists there are from pop punk/punk rock. Yet somehow, they've been led to believe they're not good anymore. I wanna hear the damn blink songs that were there before Feldman. There was no way they were shit like Feldman would have made people believe. Before California, Mark & Skiba were consistent as hell when writing great songs. They can't just be shit overnight. This new album won't be blink-182. Boxcar Racer is closer to being blink-182 than what this album will be IMO. It's basically two guys from blink with like 10 other co-writers. They're no different to what One Direction or something are. They were 4 guys who'd write songs but also have like 10 other guys helping out. I've got no problem with that. Yeah, punk bands have had co-writers and shit. But not blink. Blink always was 3 guys writing songs together, without giving two flying fucks what people thought of them. And they had a producer that tried to make them very same songs sound better, and not one that gets them to drop the whole thing and hire a bunch of co-writers to help out. There's too much input. Every single idea should start off from Mark, Skiba or Travis. Even if I love this upcoming album, it'll have a tainted feel to it. It's not blink. It's just a side project that includes Mark & Travis from blink and 10 other dudes all with equal amount of input and happens to use the name blink. Boxcar Racer and +44 are more blink than what "blink" are nowadays.
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    Getting a tat of a girlfriend beating scumbag, lovely.
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    i find it really interesting that they chose shane and craig. from what i understand, they were actually in the same circle as tim armstrong and a lot of those california punk guys. craig does the spoken word on an alkaline trio song called warbrain. they were a total 180 from who they surround themselves with now.
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    It's funny that the +44 cover of What's My Age Again? is better than the current Blink performances. That plug Shane Gallagher could play the intro riff better than Skiba can.
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    Yeah, I was in the collectors group and this is true.
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    I predict their next album will be so bad, that even the Feldbots like Ghent will be forced to admit they suck now. Blink comes with such high expectations; you can't fill those expectations with some saw'd off prick writer for hire or a Justin Bieber producer playing guitar. It is going to be trash.
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    What a shame this band has become
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    There's no way that would be happening without Tom making a post like - "Something new, something old...get ready...big things coming..." etc
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    It looks like he just unblocked us on both Instagram and Twitter. I'm grateful, but still very confused. This is easily the weirdest thing that happened to us in almost ten years as a community. All's well that ends well, I guess. Thank you so much guys for taking your time to help me!
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    The fan account earned a follow from Mark, betrayed that relationship, and got blocked. If I was Mark I wouldn't want to follow an account that just called me and my producer out either. And I'm not saying what the account did was wrong. They can post whatever they want. Just can't expect Mark to follow it.
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    this album will be trash lol. i feel ashamed for throwing so much hate towards tom from 2005-2015. yes, he originally broke up the band and strung us along making us beg for blink music we'd never get. however, at least he kept the legacy of the band in check to some degree. what mark is going for now is just laughable. not only is the music super corny, they won't pull this off. you can't buy that success when you're mostly old and irrelevant. what makes all of those pop stars relevant isn't just the music that is written for them. balding mohawk hoppus isn't exactly in the same league as beyoncé no matter how many people he hires.
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    I listened to him back in January to see what the fuck is this dude and it started off with him saying "By listening to this album, you are literally, and I cannot stress this enough, literally entering my mind" and I just died laughing. Good god was that some dumb shit.
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    Why Rivers Cuomo hasn't dropped in is beyond me
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    So fucking true. Those songs were legit painful to my ears. Thought it was a different band. How were those even so big? I dug old FOB, especially Dance Dance. High Hopes actually is okay, I mean it's panic at the Disco, never done much better. Blink is going this route though. It's official.
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    Since the Fall Out Boy songs "Light It Up" and "Centuries" and" Uma Thurman" are some of the worst songs I've ever heard in my life, and those were sort of their big "we're a giant pop band now" hits that Blink is apparently trying to emulate, I'm very worried. EDIT: I thought "High Hopes" was by them as well, turns out it's by Panic At The Disco. It too, is fucking horrible and an example of why I worry about Blink going this route.
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    @NotNow that’s not true for Instagram, Trav and many celebs like tons of photos they’re simply tagged in, still shows up in their IG feed if they choose to look. Most just don’t pay attention because they get so many mentions there. Twitter has a “verified” mentions option which Mark and a lot of famous people use, which means he went out of his way to block them on there after seeing the IG post most likely. He got called out and felt butthurt IMO. His right I suppose, that stuff should just be far beneath him by now so it’s weird to see.
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    i mean, you've gone as far as posting about eating his mom's lasagna and you pretty much only post here when you want to provide info on pre-enema related things. so, of course people are going to ask you questions about this kind of stuff.
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    Yeah, the way that Instagram post was worded seemed like it was taking a dig at blink. Like about Mark wanting to remain relevant or something. Any famous musician will take offence to that. Gotta remember Mark actually went through a writers block stage too. Before California, he wrote roughly around 20-25 songs since 2001? He'll definitely take something like that to heart.
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    Famous people only get notifications from verified individuals, which is why he only responds to verified posts. Mark would never see tagged posts from this page if he doesn’t follow them or they are not verified. edit: also to the Italian. There may be a language barrier but your post definitely was offensive and certainly implied all the things you claimed it doesn’t. I don’t know why mark would get in a huff about it and think him blocking you is ridiculous, but to say your post was benign is totally laughable.
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    Bub, I've given about as much serious opinion on this as I'm ever gonna give. We have reached the point where I make silly jokes.
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    Hitler. He was quite fond of the Italians, wasn't he? Maybe it's just Mark's way of protesting that ... you people are worried about fake Nazis in america and Mark's over here doing the real leg work.
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    If Mark had followed their account and then unfollowed, that would be extremely tame and not a big deal at all. Mark taking the steps to see their post, go to their page, and block them from seeing HIS posts, on two different platforms, is very strange and usually that move is only reserved for people who are all-out trolls or bots. Can't really imagine why he would have even seen it in the first place, let alone gone through that.
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    Now take this and imagine what it was like for Tom when he did BCR!
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    Yes, I did post the same thing on Twitter, but only because all our social media accounts are linked to our Twitter, so everything we post on Facebook and Instagram is automatically also posted on Twitter. As a result, because of the character limit our tweets include only the first few words of our other posts, but don't include tags and mentions. Thus, there is no way Mark got any notification on Twitter. And once again, oddly enough he was so kind to reply to us on Twitter no later than last month, when we asked him to help us figure out the lyrics to the bridge of Why Are We So Broken - which on a side note I'm really into inb4 I'm called a hater. I wouldn't say I had a series of Feldmann complaints lately. I have occasionally expressed my opinion that although he is a master of his craft, he is not an ideal pick for blink. But as far as I can remember, I have always tried to be respectful in voicing my concerns. However, I'd tend to doubt that Mark may be so deeply hurt by sparse comments about Feldmann on a fan page. I agree with you in saying that it's unlikely that he got sick of our tags. Many more fan accounts tag him way more frequently in lousy posts. At the risk of sounding arrogant, we post quality content once a day and not every post is devoted to him. I'm kind of on the fence about requesting help from our community. Some have suggested launching a hashtag, others have already asked Mark questions in the comments to his latest post. I don't want to sound needy and I feel like I should respect his decision, however weird it is, for lack of a better term. On the other hand, this is going to take a heavy toll on our ability to update our community on a daily basis. It's not like this is a death blow or anything and it's just going to slow us down a little, if anything. But I must admit that this is a massive letdown, not only because we have dedicated almost ten years of our lives to building an active blink fanbase in Italy, but especially - and I want to be very clear on this - beucase there was no ill will whatsoever on our part in that post.
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    Hi! I'm the one behind blink-182 Italia. I just wanted to chime in real quick and then go back to lurking. I figured that perhaps some of you might be interested in gaining a better perspective of what happened with Mark - and maybe help me out, as well! In short, yesterday Mark banned us both on Instagram and Twitter. We haven't really figured out why, yet. This is obviously a deliberate move, as it happened on two different social networks, one of which (Twitter) we basically never interact on, as we barely use it. The most persuasive, albeit still very weird, theory seems to be Elisa's. This means that Mark checked his recent tags on Instagram, ended up on our profile, scrolled down to some older posts, found the one linked here, disapproved of it, and got so mad that not only did he block us on Instagram, but he also took some time to look us up on Twitter and block us there, too. Admittedly, this might have happened, but why would a multi-millionaire living a perfect life in Beverly Hills go out of his way to block a fanpage on two separate websites? Also, the post at hand wasn't meant to be negative at all, although I concede that it might have come across as such. All I did was give Italians fans some insight into the recording process, as we have always done. I didn't say that working with those producers is bad, nor did I say that aiming for the mainstream is reprehensible, nor did I say that California part 3 would be unwelcome. From my point of view, I didn't even imply it, as I honestly don't think those things, but I understand that this might be a point of contention. Still, is Mark really so sensitive that a studio update for fans on Instagram prompted him to resort to such extreme measures? I'm struggling to believe that he's a "snowflake", as Kay says. In response to Ghent, Mark never followed us on Instagram. He used to on Facebook as long as he had an account. He didn't just unfollow us. He somehow found us and blocked us for some reason. In response to Ry-Bread, Mark knows full well who we are. There was no mix-up. We interacted numerous times online in the past, he has often visited Italy and some of us met him in person, and oddly enough he replied to our posts and comments several times on Instagram of all places! As you can see from this post of ours, our whole community was just as surprised as us. If you guys want to share any other ideas as for why this happened, I'd really appreciate it! I'm still in utter shock. Thanks!
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    Mmm, I love a nice lemon shandy on a hot summer day. No shame
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    Tom was a dick in that it took him forever to record new material. But when they actually recorded Neighborhoods and DED, it was much closer to real Blink than what we have today. I'll take a 7.5/10 Blink album every 5 years over a 4/10 pop album.
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    I believe people are more worried that the dude has written/produced for Bieber, Selena Gomez, Post Malone, Rita Ora, etc., rather than the fact that he is holding a guitar.
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