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    “Tom is hungry for cash after a few years of blowing all of his money like a reetard”
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    He still isn't entirely focused on the new AVA album though. Judging by his posts, he'll record one day then go to a whole different place the next day to do his alien conspiracy shit. Seems to me like he's recording 1-2 days a week, which is probably the way he was when he recorded Neighborhoods. Blink have been pretty busy the whole of December by the looks of it with the odd 1-2 days off. That's probably way too much for Tom to record music.
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    Just hangin' out with my family for the holidays, waiting for my mom to make me lunch like in the good ol' days of being ten years old. My mom remarried last year so now I have a whole new step-family, which means for the first time in my life I'm an uncle. Last night I made my two year old nephew eat a napkin at family dinner. I'm pretty bad at this.
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    Hadn't heard some of those in a long time.. He was/is the catchy riff master
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    Pretty sad that if he just cared about Blink *a tad* he could totally be recording with them and keep up with all his other crap. He’s basically been in the studio as long as Blink has on this new album.... albeit completely on his schedule and in his own studio as he pleases. Really am curious to see what he’s been coming up with.
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    If you pretend everything up to (and including) Warning is the only material that Green Day have, their discography improves exponentially!
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    I'm still waiting for Mark's mom's lasagna recipe.
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    You should probably contrubute to the community before you start hocking your stuff
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    The fact that she is posting that stuff and Tom isn't with her is actually more proof that they aren't together than anything, I would say.
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    He had a violent relationship with Jen.
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