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    I don't know if this is shared by anyone else but despite the bridges and PLG I was excited to hear what would come next after DED. It was a great EP and it felt like more of a natural progression than Neighborhoods. I'm bummed that'll never happen. I doubt Mark is stopping a BCR reunion but I also don't want one. It won't be the same, part of BCRs charm was the simplistic and aggressive style Tom had adopted and those days are gone. BCR these days qould just sound like AvA lite and that shit would be ethan as fuck. I'm glad it isn't happening.
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    Pretty much this. Mark got dicked over by Tom in both breakups. In 2004, Tom didn't want to record/tour and wanted to spend more time with his family (his reasons). Mark wasn't willing to record separately and piece together an album over email (went on record stating this, then did it anyways with Neighborhoods) so the band went on indefinite hiatus. Skip ahead to 2015 and Tom is stubborn once again, preferring to tour ($$$) over record new albums (DED being the only exception). Tom spends more time working on AvA content. Mark and Travis make Tom sign a contract with a strict deadline to work on Blink, Tom doesn't comply with the contract, Tom bitches out and gets Rick DeVoe to talk to the band on his behalf stating "Tom is out." Pretty much the pattern is that Tom is stubborn and will only record when he feels like it, even if it means only recording 1 album and an EP in 6 years. Tom then turns into a pussy getting Rick to talk on his behalf and drags his feet on any productive negotiations or discussions with the band. Mark understandably got sick and tired of accommodating Tom and working around his schedule. Tom put himself first over the band, had ample time and opportunity to right his wrongs, but didn't. If I were Mark, I would have done the same thing. New Blink's music is definitely worse without Tom, though - so from the perspective of artistic integrity and developing their sound, it was absolutely a step backward.
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    Why did Blink never play this song live after 1999? It sounds amazing.
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    Agree with everything you said, but this is so damn true.
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    Mark thinks he British coz he lived here for a bit
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    Think about this: Oliver was the one who spent years railing against Tom. AND THEN he spent years bragging about how he was right about Tom all along. And now... he doesn't blame Tom at all. You can't make this stuff up lol
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    Yeah, I'm a huge GD fan when it comes to their 90s output and really until American Idiot. But as I've gotten older, I see where they would occasionally take from various artists. It can be rather blatant, but I still consider them to be great musicians and almost unmatched in the pop punk genre in terms of inventiveness and consistency. I still contend that Warning is their best overall record.
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    Perhaps it is time to put your Tom Delonge shrine back up? He is risen.
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    The issue is that Tom's heart wasn't in it, yet he kept reaping the benefits of playing the shows but refused to record new material or call it quits. Then he blamed the other members ("found it hard as hell to commit") for his shortcomings, and like you said, hid behind his manager. He's a selfish douche bag. I don't mind not being interested in playing in Blink, but then you should quit or tell your band members how you honestly feel and see if something can be worked out. Instead, he misled them and dragged his feet for as long as he could.
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    Well, it's basically Emma Stone and Rachel Weisz are two cousins competing against each other to become "the favourite" of the frail, emotionally fragile Queen. Very cynical and entertaining. Has probably one of the best scripts of the year.
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    Same to you man. I've never ignored anyone on here. Either way, nothing personal, just giving you crap
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    It’s not really Jimmy Fallon, just that Joe Godino their drummer is a dead-ringer for Fallon haha.
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    I think Fallon really loves East Coast rock/punk. I remember watching the Gaslight Anthem play on his show a couple of times and he seemed really enthused on how good their performance was.
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    If you pretend everything up to (and including) Warning is the only material that Green Day have, their discography improves exponentially!