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    Sounds like California. They’re not seriously going to put out another California?? If this sounds like Cali then I’m officially done with the cunts, I’ll invest in Tom’s spaceship out of protest ffs
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    I'm not sure what else you can expect from Mark, if you make posts like these on a fan account. I'm all for letting them know they're screwing up, and Mark is a pussy for holding a grudge, but at the same time you have a successful fan account they are aware of, so I'd take these snarky remarks somewhere else, or at least in the comments of your post for discussion's sake because when you decide to say something on a public platform, then you have to be aware that it may reach them.
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    anyone from the boards: Mark could you send me a guitar pick?? Mark: is it true that you're a member on BLINK-182ONLINE.COM??!??!?!!?!?!?! member: uhh.... no.
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    Jesus. do you think Matt will be okay?
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    Hi everyone! In the unlikely event that any of you guys is still interested in the whole blink-182 Italia debacle and needs some closure as I did, here's a couple of tweets from Mark's recent Q&A on Twitter which settle the case. In a way, this interaction made that weird block-unblock story even more confusing. I scrolled through my Instagram all the way back to 2016 and all I could find were frequent posts supportive of Matt. I'll admit I sort of remember one post were I ranted about the state of the band for some reason and among other things blamed Matt for still relying on a teleprompter on stage, but it was an isolated case and I can't even find it right now. I'm genuinely curious about where Mark got that idea from. Oddly enough, last night Matt thanked me in Italian on Instagram for my support haha! All's well that ends well, I guess. Thanks for the guitar pick, dad!
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    If I ran into Mark, my question to him would be. "Hey Mark could you just do me a favor and write 1 fucking song without the help of John Feldmann? Why do you need a writer for hire to hold your hand during the songwriting process?" Write it @Italian Throwaway Do you really need a guitar pick?
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    From my honest point of view, mate, I don't see how you did anything bad by expressing an opinion. I'm sick of that image of the fans being like totally numb idiots who will accept anything coming from the bands they are fans of. I think is fine to be fan of a band and being able to criticize some of its aspects, or even not liking some of their works, if you don't like them. The problem is on Mark's roof if he can't see how a fan can be upset about Skiba using teleprompters too often, at least in that period, taking in count he is a full time member. So yeah, don't blame on yourself, man.
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    @Italian Throwaway don't listen to these people bullying you (hypocritically I might add) about what you said or to not come here abiut it. That's actually a really cool story to get responses as direct as that and enough for him to send you a pick! What you said is nothing wrong, especially after tons of praise prior and after. No need to censor anything, you expressed your honest thoughts and no one should have to lecture you about it. The reason why Matt doesn't learn the guitar parts or lyrics is for reasons like that. You get a rally of apologists and Mark himself bullying you not to criticize in any shape or form. Pathetic really. Instead of crying about it and taking into consideration why ppl are saying this he might actually learn the parts.. Jaded dudes.
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    I was BLOCKED by Tom on multiple social media sites for making similarly offensive comments to him about ripping off blink fans for their money. Did I get offended and run and complain to a message board after I wrote these dickish comments to him? No, I expected to get removed. These people are humans, they don't owe you anything. You act so innocent and shocked but this is twice now that you have written brutal comments criticizing them and then come running to complain about their reaction. Honestly what do you expect?
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    Woo! California pt2 coming up! La croix! Iced water! Donuts!!! NANANANANANA
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    jesus christ. can you imagine grown-ass men being that fragile and petty? wtf
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    Cool Mark sent or is sending a pick. What an odd series of events. I truly wonder why Mark can't take criticism about Matt's teleprompter. Feel free to stick around the boards. I personally like having more people here to discuss blink with.
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    i agree with what the italian instagram account has posted and i wish the band would be less sensitive to posts like that; however, i also get why mark blocked the account now haha. its all about how you phrase what you say. we can talk all the shit we want on these message boards but when making a public post on a fan based social media account, you have to be a bit more formal in getting those messages across.
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    First post: We love you blink! your work ethic is amazing Matt! ~Blink life for life!~ Next post: This band is an embarrassment. I am ashamed to be a fan of this trash band full of greedy 40 year old men. Fuck this band. Matt Skiba is a joke. Learn to play guitar you fucking loser John Feldmann is a homo
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    Mark has turned into such a giant pussy. Maybe behind the scenes he always has been but thanks to social media these days everyone gets exposed for who they really are. Or it could be I didn’t notice it as much when Tom was in the band because he offset marks pussyness with his IDGAF attitude.
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    They could replace Skiba with Kanye and he STILL wouldn't collaborate with blink-182.
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    "Blink will play anything so when they bail you know something's wrong."
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    https://remasteredblinkdemos.bandcamp.com/ I remastered Flyswatter, Demo #2, and the Buddha Promo tape last weekend. I was sick of my ears bleeding every time I felt like putting on some old Blink demos. So I finally took the liberty of EQing and remastering them to make them more listenable. Obviously you can't polish a turd, but I hope I at least gave them a decent spit shine. Enjoy!
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    Pretty Little Female 😂 😂
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    Ghost On The Dancefloor Natives After Midnight Kaleidoscope This Is Home Even If She Falls When I Was Young Bored To Death Left Alone Long Lost Feeling
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    Has the clip gone? I can't see any clip. Edit: Oh, I hear it. I just get Simple Plan vibes. Not good.
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    Kind of takes the soul out of it, huh?
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    All sit comfortably in the top 10 post reuinion songs..
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    From Reddit, new Blink song in background of Feldy's clip?
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    mark shook ass bitch hoppus
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    I think Blink could pick cooler bands (so not pop stars) to collab with, but also who cares? I'm as much of a Blink purist as anyone, but single collabs can and should be with anyone because it can be fun and something different. I don't care for them on albums just because albums should be your work and only have features at the most, in my opinion. I don't really like the Aoki collab, but I also don't have to deal with skipping it on an album. It's just a song Blink did with another artist and some people love it.
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    gosh guys, why is Mark so meannnnnnn to me?!? He blocked me! FELDY HOSTILE TAKEOVER *can I have a pick?*
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    Why can't a fan account post their honest opinions? It basically mimicks what majority on here say too outside of the few in denial. How can anyone be constructive if they are getting fake reviews/praise all the time. They are grown ass men, what do they expect when they are messing up lyrics or using teleprompters? It's okay, you patriciated Matt. Should have changed their name to Bink 18Vegans.
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    Jan using "jaded" and "fan fic" in consecutive posts....Stop plagiarizing your opposition!
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    This sounds hilarious. Drunk Tom is often hilarious. I've never heard about this, what happened?
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    This is bizarre. Dude, fucking let it go.
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    I don't expect Mark to support any level of bashing at all. This is still not the point as far as I am concerned, though. Because of the several inconsistencies that I listed above, I am inclined to think that that post has nothing to do with it. What caused him to block-unblock us is still far from clear. I said many times that he never followed us. I think that your reconstruction of the facts is reasonable overall, but it leaves many questions unanswered, most importantly not explaining how Mark ended up on that post in the first place, if he ever did. I obviously discussed the matter with my fellow administrators and the most credible hypothesis seems to be that Mark might have seen that post in December in the explore tab on Instagram, which is not based on chronological criteria, but rather on interest criteria. I used the hashtags #blink182 and #markhoppus among others in that post. If he often browses through pictures thus tagged, it is not completely improbable that he might have seen that one in the explore tab. If this is the case, then the odd timeline makes more sense. I still find it unlikely that of all of our posts, many much more successful in terms of engagement than that one, this is the one that shows up on Mark's feed. This is all just speculation, though, as we'd need to better grasp how Instagram's algorithms work to reach any definitive conclusion. I'd rule this out. Matt is kind of awkward at Instagram. Nothing ever suggested that he lurks on blink-182 fan accounts. Furthermore, he's subject to a barrage of insults on a daily basis and doesn't seem to care that much. What are the chances that a single post of mine was the final straw? As I said, I really like Matt in blink and I think he knows. This is a really good point. Thank you, Ghent. Regardless of whether he said "Is it true" or "Did you say", both expressions convey uncertainty. Perhaps, someone close to them saw something I posted, didn't like it, and told the band. It could have been virtually anyone from their crew. Very hard to tell. I still can't guess what angered them so much, though. I don't think it was the post we're talking about, because it wasn't exclusively about Matt. Haha! It might be. I don't know. We'll probably never know. I still don't really get what happened. It's been all just speculation so far. Hopefully, this guitar pick will bury this alleged, very weird hatchet.
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    There's also a chance that Matt himself saw it and brought it up to Mark. He definitely reads fan comments. I'm sure it would make him feel shitty seeing that from a fan account and could be something he would bring up to the band. Could be why Mark prefaced his response to you with "is it true."
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    That's pretty strange... Mark is buggin.
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    I had seen the name Sam Fender being mentioned a few times before, but I never got to listen to his music. Last night I gave him a listen. Can see why he's won critics choice at the brits. Good stuff 👌 thanks for recommending!!
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    I'd say Mark isn't able to take any criticism, to be fair.
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    i'm with Ghent on this one. Relax and don't form your opinion until you've heard the music My expactations are super low based on what we got with California, but they might do something decent this time around. It's not blink anyway. it's just called blink because it sells better. i don't give a fuck if it flops
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    I hate Star Wars but I enjoyed Solo, you should check it out.
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    both these things. i mean, i'd have to risk that 7" in the pit, just to hope to catch tom at the merch table. and i just didn't think about it. i was just going to shows and hanging out. mark and scott signed it sort of as a joke; we were just having a conversation in between band sets at their merch table. it was very impromptu.
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    mark and scott signed my short bus at the SOMA new years eve show '95. tom was in the bathroom.
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    I like it and I like the rap part!
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    I gotta be honest, I like this new mustachioed possibly-stoned Feldy
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    But @daveyjones ate lasagna with him!
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    Fuck guys...Their pop-punk credibility is totally ruined. Time to burn our t-shirts and delete our accounts. No pop-punk band of mine will work with a producer of pop acts. This is an outrage.
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