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    Jesus. do you think Matt will be okay?
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    Hi everyone! In the unlikely event that any of you guys is still interested in the whole blink-182 Italia debacle and needs some closure as I did, here's a couple of tweets from Mark's recent Q&A on Twitter which settle the case. In a way, this interaction made that weird block-unblock story even more confusing. I scrolled through my Instagram all the way back to 2016 and all I could find were frequent posts supportive of Matt. I'll admit I sort of remember one post were I ranted about the state of the band for some reason and among other things blamed Matt for still relying on a teleprompter on stage, but it was an isolated case and I can't even find it right now. I'm genuinely curious about where Mark got that idea from. Oddly enough, last night Matt thanked me in Italian on Instagram for my support haha! All's well that ends well, I guess. Thanks for the guitar pick, dad!
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    If I ran into Mark, my question to him would be. "Hey Mark could you just do me a favor and write 1 fucking song without the help of John Feldmann? Why do you need a writer for hire to hold your hand during the songwriting process?" Write it @Italian Throwaway Do you really need a guitar pick?
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    From my honest point of view, mate, I don't see how you did anything bad by expressing an opinion. I'm sick of that image of the fans being like totally numb idiots who will accept anything coming from the bands they are fans of. I think is fine to be fan of a band and being able to criticize some of its aspects, or even not liking some of their works, if you don't like them. The problem is on Mark's roof if he can't see how a fan can be upset about Skiba using teleprompters too often, at least in that period, taking in count he is a full time member. So yeah, don't blame on yourself, man.
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    Cool Mark sent or is sending a pick. What an odd series of events. I truly wonder why Mark can't take criticism about Matt's teleprompter. Feel free to stick around the boards. I personally like having more people here to discuss blink with.
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    Mark has turned into such a giant pussy. Maybe behind the scenes he always has been but thanks to social media these days everyone gets exposed for who they really are. Or it could be I didn’t notice it as much when Tom was in the band because he offset marks pussyness with his IDGAF attitude.
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    They could replace Skiba with Kanye and he STILL wouldn't collaborate with blink-182.
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    "Blink will play anything so when they bail you know something's wrong."
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    That's actually a good point, why start it with "Did you say" if he actually saw it? Would be kinda weird for Skiba to bring it up "Hey so I use a teleprompter and screw up WMAA all the time and this fan account said I do that Mark..." I'd guess on someone in the crew. Robert/Daniel are very active on IG and follow/check a lot of Blink posts. EDIT: After looking at it again, it's "Did you say", not "Is it true". It actually kinda seems like Mark just wanted to own you and get an apology lol.
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    You are overthinking this. You clearly said some shit. Mark got offended and blocked you. The end. Its like you want to claim that you didn't say anything offensive. You did. Which was good, because it was the truth. Post more truth. The truth needs to be spoken. Stop being a little Mark ass licker bowing to him.
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    I had seen the name Sam Fender being mentioned a few times before, but I never got to listen to his music. Last night I gave him a listen. Can see why he's won critics choice at the brits. Good stuff 👌 thanks for recommending!!
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    i'm with Ghent on this one. Relax and don't form your opinion until you've heard the music My expactations are super low based on what we got with California, but they might do something decent this time around. It's not blink anyway. it's just called blink because it sells better. i don't give a fuck if it flops
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    I dunno, at least with that, I get it. The band is huge and namedrop blink in their biggest song, even though I'm not a fan, it's pretty cool for blink to work something out with a group that are clearly fans of theirs (and let's be honest, helped keep blink in the zeitgeist in recent years).
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    jesus fucking Christ I’m beginning to hate this band. They make me sick. 40 year old blokes. Absolute cringe.
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    My hair is like a rain deprived plain.
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    PLG is way different to AVA in my opinion. Yeah it has synths and delayed guitars but it has all the pop punk guitars that blink are known for. That song and WIWY were the most pop punk sounding songs from blink during the Neighborhoods/DED era I think. I love the song but the rap is so out of place. Really wish they would release a non rap version of it like they said they would. The lyrics of it kinda contrast to Tom's lyrics. Tom's lyrics in that are fucking amazing in that song though. Honest too. At least back when it was released anyway, considering it looks like Tom and his wife are now divorced.
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    I like it and I like the rap part!
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    I gotta be honest, I like this new mustachioed possibly-stoned Feldy
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    @Elisa heard of Sam Fender? love the sound of this. Great intro, great voice.
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    Okay, let's end this Mark pile-on now. He's probably reading this and bawling.
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    Fuck guys...Their pop-punk credibility is totally ruined. Time to burn our t-shirts and delete our accounts. No pop-punk band of mine will work with a producer of pop acts. This is an outrage.