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    heads up for those interested: WYHSB is finally getting a great release on vinyl, courtesy of SRC. plus color variants matching the OG release https://www.srcvinyl.com/44-when-your-heart-stops-beating-green-lp.html
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    Even as a huge blink fan, that's hard to disagree with.
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    Paper Doll is 100% the best song featuring mark.
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    Played Love is Dangerous like 5 times yesterday. Think it honestly is the most underrated Blink song on here. The actual repetition of "love is dangerous! Love is so dangerous!' isn't the greatest. But everything else is legit a perfect Blink song. Those Mark backing parts, the guitar...fkn top tier.
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    Harden is never going to win a title so at least there’s that
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    I miss the days when the huge debate was which guy to keep-Ellis or Curry lol.
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    This clip was in the Fyre Netflix documentary about Blink lol:
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    You seen this? https://www.gofundme.com/exuma-point-fyre-fest-debt Tripled her money, not too shabby!
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    Watched that Fyre festival doc on Netflix. Absolutely mental. That bloke is crazy. Cringing at Blink saying yes to playing that though, not there scene at all. They’re desperate old cunts. I hate this band more every day I swear.
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    Bohemian Rhapsody is the most overrated song of all time, and Queen are a fucking shit band.
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    The first media session after Steph was drafted they asked Monta about playing with Curry and Monta said it wouldn’t work. Stephen Jackson asked to be traded that same day. What a time Bonus Monta memory - He once said that other than a few championships he and Wade are basically the same.
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    If it makes you feel better I’ve legit been a Warriors fan my whole life. My first favorite player was Joe Smith. I’ve paid my dues!
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    It's the corny name Speedo, not the idea of a kid's section. (Even though "Blink" and "Family Friendly" should never be in the same sentence)
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    Now that would be a sweet show to go to
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    Macbeths are the most comfortable shoes I've ever owned.
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    Brady loves the game. He was like the second to last pick in the draft. He always wins on dramatic comebacks. I have nothing but respect for him and am happy for him if he wins. That said, I have money on the line for a Rams win. Fuck everything LA but I'll be rooting for my money.
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    I think they will, the fact she gave her life savings away when she really didn't have too suggests to me she has a conscience on this sort of thing and will more than likely do something with the excess money for the community.
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    The only band in history where every member wrote at least one number one hit. I mean how fucking talented can you be ffs
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    I don't think anyone was denying what you're saying. No one believes Mark is "forced" to do it by outsiders, they just think he's so under confident and believes that blink needs to be relevant that he lets himself be at the mercy of a label and Feldmann. my point was, if Mark decided to write and release something on his bill just for him completely ignoring all of that pressure, that he'd probably make something actually good. No need to insult everyone for basically being on the same page?
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    The bit where Billy McFarland asked that guy to suck dick to get the water was mental, me and the missus proper gasped haha.
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    I can't comment as I don't know much of there's outside of their singles, but they are easily one of the best bands of all time without trying. Whenever I see people dissing on Bohemian Rhapsody I assume it's purely because they've heard it too much. Musically it is just fucking superb.
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    Do you remember when Mark posted the contract he signed for the label for the second +44 album? He posted a picture on his website and everything.
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    yeah, mark's plain, monotone voice works really nicely for those guest spots. i think he's been singing wildly out of his range on recent work which is really why he sounds like he's suffering (that and he's getting older and is obviously in need of vocal coaching). i was a fan of this one back in the day, but it hasn't aged too well (that and it's verse melody is a carbon copy of nirvana's mollys lips) speak of the fucking devil, what ever happened to that dude? i wonder what he'd think of feld
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    I'd buy it just to jerk off into it.
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    Exactly. People on this board seem to hate that In Transit song he wrote. That song is so +44 sounding. Also shares the same vibes as Kaleidoscope, MH, DED and all that. That's Mark's true sound. If people don't like that sound, then they don't like real blink. That Nothing and Nobody remix is also very very +44 sounding if you ignore the vocals. That's what blink-182 should be sounding like because that's who Mark is now. Obviously including Skiba and Travis as well, because they'll bring their own shit to the table too. The snapchat clips from like 5 years ago when Tom was still in the band, again just sounded like +44. I'd rather have Mark writing what naturally comes to him. California has 10 songs I enjoy but none of them feel natural at all. They all just feel forced to me.
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    Tbh if Mark said "fuck it" and self produced, self released without any label, like a 4 track EP of just him doing him, I'd probably love it. It wouldn't be blink and it'd probably be super damn weird but I'd like to see what he would do if he wasn't having to worry about specific pressures in the industry. just did it for him.
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    Alright @daveyjones I have put together some comparisons, and it has actually confirmed what I already knew - these are no doubt authentic IMHO. We can start with the "May The Force" inscription. In 6+ years of compiling exemplars, I only have two examples of this from back in the day. (He's done it some more recently, but uses all caps now). Here is a comparison of two, keep in mind these are both signed ~2 years before the 96 TCTCU vinyl we are discussing. However, this is absolutely Mark's handwriting IMO. I have tried to color coordinate specific areas to compare: Next let's look at Mark's actual autograph. I have compared it with a couple other authentic examples signed in 1996 where he is still signing "Mark Hoppus". I do not have any examples of him adding "182" until 1997 (right column). So your point about "Tom is Blink" and "Mark is 182" is super interesting, but he has not added "182" yet, and thus Tom adding it on what is a super nice autograph doesn't shock me too much. There are various signs of speed on the TCTCU that forgers simply cannot get right. (Mark's "M" alone is incredibly hard to pull off). Next Tom, I have color coordinated several points of emphasis, ranging from identical characters, signs of speed, letter formation, slant, baseline, etc. This is stuff forgers would never get right, at that speed, while absolutely nailing Mark + Inscription, and Scott as well. The "'96" alone is a super weird "6" with what was previously an unknown inscription. Lastly, Scott. Once again I have color coordinated some points of emphasis. These are all absolutely same hand IMO. I did notice something interesting while putting this together though, through 1996 Scott would sign "Raynor" underneath "Scott". But starting in 1997, he signed "Raynor" to the right" (As seen in the 1997 DR poster and beyond). Again, another extremely small detail that a master forger would have to do extremely serious research on, while combining multiple examples, all before I had even put this stuff together. So again, even to pull off the technical aspect of these autographs and inscriptions perfectly would be insane. Combine that with the research/knowledge needed, and signing the inside of a random vinyl, it's just not plausible IMHO. All I ever go by is the autographs though, and these are absolutely amazing no doubt authentic 1996 Blink autographs IMHO.
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    long lost feeling bored to death teenage satellites good old days kaleidoscope no future cynical mh 4.18.2011 rabbit hole california
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    Ry-bread is the 2018 Famous Burro.
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    Yeah plus Mark was hyping up the second +44 album, then cancelled their European tour to "finish the album," and then just went silent and we never heard from them again. It still annoys me when I think about it.
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    speaking of scrapped +44 ideas, I remember at one point one of the guitarists (I think it was Craig but I can't remember for sure) said they had like 37 new +44 songs written. I'll never find the interview now, but I remember being very excited by that because I thought it meant new music was coming and we'd probably get a lot of bonus tracks with it. I wonder what happened to those and I wonder why they didn't just release an album before calling it quits if they already had the music.
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    oddly a fucking great song. how embarrassing that mark made a trash song better but can't even make blink sound good anymore. i'd be willing to bet the chorus was a scrapped +44 idea that he couldn't come up with verses for.
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