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    I'm no vegan or vegan advocate but this is most stupid argument for blink being shit now that I've seen on here, suppose it makes sense that it came from you though! There are a lot of reasons Blink makes mediocre music now, Marks diet is not one of them.
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    Was curious about the reception youtube, mostly seems to be ATL fans loving it, but this comment made me giggle shamefully - "Adam’s Song doesn’t make me wanna kill myself.. but this does. Please tell Mark this is all his fault."
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    I don't see it as the 2016 version of Enema. I see it as the blink-182 version of modern pop punk. Outside of like 4 songs blink didn't sound like blink. It was more like blink trying to sound like bands that are in turn trying to sound like them.
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    fuuuuuuuuuuuck I miss the banter
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    *Caught unassuming under a setting sun Tom's senses suddenly become acute and aware .. his neck stiffens, his head noses up to catch the breeze ... he sniffs twice ...* "I know that scent ..." he whispers as adrenaline starts to course his body and the yodels began to build within.
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    I wish the album would have been called Hard at Work like Tom originally joked. But that wouldn't have matched the album's contents at all.
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    tom never plays that guitar in the studio. didn't we discuss over a similiar picture already a couple months ago? it's just a guitar travis owns and has in his studio. he posts that kind of shit to create fake hype. travis' studio:
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    I think I'm losing interest in blink-182 and then something stupid like this happens and I realize that no, I am not losing interest.
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    I think the comparison to Enema and TOYPAJ is fair. That's why I've always felt California was a step backwards. blink trying to be what they used to be, instead of being what they had grown into over the years. The Only Thing That Matters could easily have been a track on Enema I think.
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    Record signing...a decent loan? What year is this
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    I wonder if Tom could smell Mark's farts when they were both in Sun Valley, Idaho at the same time a few weeks ago. I would have loved to have seen them accidentally bump into each other while on vacation. Would have been so awkward and funny to witness.
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    That's cause it's hard to pass and you sit there forever!
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    I don't even think Trav does it to create fake hype, to him it's just a guitar that Tom probably gave him awhile back. Just a pic of a guitar in the studio, and the #TomBots take it to a ridiculous level. If Tom is ever even close enough to smell Trav or Mark's farts, he will post it on social media ASAP to generate hype. No doubt in my mind.
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    Lol "low energy" - Trav works out like a maniac and has insane stamina behind the kit. Someone should tell Mark that the next album will be better if he just eats a few junior bacon cheeseburgers from Wendy's.
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    People don't like him for his style of football - i don't think its anything to do with personality or else Poch would be hated - he's the ultimate calm/nice guy. Playing 3 DM's at times is going to make you open for criticism. I think he's restricting that Leicester team. Today is a great day - Martial signs a new contract and Fellaini fucks off to China.
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    It depends. If you're underaged, he's more like stalking you.
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    I'd rather City win it. If Leicester got a decent manager they could be a real force - have a very good squad now.
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    At this point Travis could start an all Kazoo band and I'd be interested if literally any of it sounded halfway decent. I just want literally any of them to write passable music again.
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    i guess it's possible that he has one of those guitars at his personal studio and it gets used for all of the other shit he works on. i want them to be working together on something but mark would freak out
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    i wish they would release the version of PLG without the rap. it sounds like someone who is really good with protools could just cut it out and dissolve it, right? travis literally just drum rolls through that whole part
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    it's all of the other songwriters they've hired that make me more skeptical. not just feldmann. at least with him, it seemed like he was just occasionally sneaking his ideas in to their writing process. these other people were hired specifically to write their songs.
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    It’s a nice gesture, and they have seemingly spent a lot more time working on this album compared to California. But with Feldman involved, I have a hard time believing they can execute the premise even if they really wanted to. Hope I’m wrong, but I’m definitely skeptical.
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    I haven't heard this since I was in high school! Although they edited the banter between, so that sucks.
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    When Kansas became their focus demographic.
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    Jesus fucking Christ. There’s no hope. He’s too far gone. It’s over people. Deluded.
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    2016 version of Enema?! I mean, I'm not the biggest California hater or anything but that line is silly as fuck.
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    You know what's funny? Back in 1999, I was 10 years old. As a little kid I heard What's My Age Again and I was sold. 20 years later, turning 30 in april, I'm still following this band from time to time lol. Haven't listened to them in almost 2 years (we grow up, heard the songs 578481 times..). Visited this website first back in 2003. That's 16 years. Crazy man.
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    As long as we're being pedantic, it's untitled. The capitalized U makes it seems like it's called "Untitled" but it actually has no name at all.
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    Mark says that a lot. He is really bad at describing new music.
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    Dumb question. Is Mark vegan/vegetarian? I think lack of meat may be wearing on this band (srs).
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    He needs to shave his head the silly cunt. He looked buff as fuck in the Stftk video with a shaved head. Why hasn’t Skye told him he looks like an absolute cunt? Some fucking wife she is
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    It's been said ever since he first got that haircut but he would look so much better if he gave it up and looked like this. I have no idea why he started doing that Jimmy Neutron shit in the first place, it makes him look like a goon.
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    travis just posted an instagram story of his drum sticks next to tom's gibson
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    She knows where the money comes from and she ain't stupid.
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