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    Haha I always wonder what their communication is actually like, I can't imagine they're actually hanging out or having conversations I just imagine every couple months one of them shoots a text or something like: Tom: this is crazy I'm about to go to the white house lol Travis: lol
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    I really really wish they would leak the blinkumentary already, seems like something we should have seen some sort of version of by now.
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    I think Travis is more or less over it… He’s friends with tom, but only because he has nothing to offer him at this point. He’s past the point of caring about whether or not he’s a part of the band. He’s not a part of the band. so it’s easy to have a laugh about his craziness and remain “friends” and fondly look back because the time of him being a full time member is over
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    i still listen to their complete catalogue in every 1-2 months.
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    this is literally almost all of those types of youtube vids with those dumbass thumbnails
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    I came home a broken mess of a failure from a Mormon Mission. I didn't know who I was or what I was going to do with my life. I discovered Say Anything I couldn't get enough of his music. I think their self titled record was the first thing I heard. I'd listen to it on repeat. Then I'd find an older album and do the same. Then I'd find old unreleased shit and obsess over that too. I blew half my two week paycheck on a song shop. Anything beyond self titled is garbage. Anything prior will change your life. I cringe at myself for how ethan I was.
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    Okay so we have recommendation threads, and we have the music club, but I want this to be kind of different. In this thread, you are only allowed to recommend ONE ARTIST/BAND. You can post to discuss but you cannot post another recommendation. so choose wisely. - They are one of your favourite artists that you rate highly for one reason or another. Give us those reasons. - Suggest style / feel of the music, maybe give other artists as similar examples. really think about what you like about that artist, and explain that in your recommendation. - it doesn't matter if it's some tiny unheard of band from Tuscany or fuckin' Katie Perry, or if someone else has already recommended them. It's whoever you want! the only one I'd suggest (but not outlaw) putting down is blink. - You list (and link if you can) a maximum of 5 songs by said artist (helpfully in a spoiler if you're adding videos) in an order that you see fit as your ultimate "This is what you should try first" listens for others. - Put thought into it! - Be respectful to other peoples recommendations. Don't like it? don't comment on it - it's clearly just not to your taste, but could be to someone elses. Let's keep it as positive vibes. I'll post mine as an example of what I mean in case I've lost anyone. Let's discover new music or re-try stuff we've previously pissed on! w00t.
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    I'll always be a Blink fan even though my enjoyment of their music has waned pretty badly over the years, but the one thing that would really complete my Blink fandom would be an honest career-spanning documentary, made by professionals but with full participation of the band. Their story is fucking insane, and if they ever end up on decent terms again and the bitterness gets to a low enough level, they could cut any bullshit and get a real portrayal of everything that has gone down in their career. Growing up I never figured they'd be the type of band to warrant an introspective documentary haha but there is so much craziness and drama that even a non-fan could find it all entertaining and fascinating if the story was told well. I can't even imagine how much behind the scenes footage there is lying around too.
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    mannnnnn. time flies. such a bummer, even if we saw how awk it was, none of us knew then it would never be the same. i held out hope they could replicate some of what was destroyed
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    i just noticed i left out bcr and +44 from my list. but those two albums should be included in blink's discography - in retrospect we can see them as they were still blink-182 but with a bit different lineups.
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    Maybe garbage is harsh. There's usually 2 or 3 solid songs on each album. Except "I Dont Think it Is". There is no hope there.
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    yeah wtf would the sequel even be about. he wrote a different book "armada" that is... so similar in some ways lol, I enjoyed it though. it's more of an easier read.
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    The time marker you linked to is talking about Tom not Alabama, was this a mistake?
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    That was probably the most entertained I've ever been by a non Warriors game.
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    I was at the Lakers vs Celtics game last night. Pretty incredible to witness Rondo hit a game winner against his former team. Its also insane how effortless LeBron makes it all seem live. It looks like he’s out there playing a pick up game and the next thing he’s got a 25 point triple double.
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    Trav in the studio last night: And a potential Blink drum part:
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    I loved the book. the film was not the book. I've seen a few people defend the film saying it's "close enough" but no, not at all. it completely bungled characters, created new ones, completely rewrote most of the major parts of the book. I *adored* the book. I'm not going to pretend the book was brilliant but I adored it. I couldn't put it down and it meant a lot to me at the time, so when I saw the trailers for the film I was like "eeeehhhhh" because I wasn't sold but the missus wanted to see it. She liked the film. I was spitting fucking feathers when we left the cinema lol
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    @rexman182 yup, and I am not going to call too much attention to it, as it is clear that this bum has paid attention to my study and does his homework. All I will say is DO NOT BUY from eBay seller hulahoopsolo
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    I always feel like that guy has no real insight into anything and just states very basic things about bands. "This band got popular while this one didn't. This was popular but now it isn't."
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    I thought I was the only one that actually liked Bad Astronaut that much haha.
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    Absolutely disgusted. Club is a fucking mess
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    The only pop punk that matters is California by Blink 182.
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    Can't help but agree with you on the SA front (although I actually like a handful of songs from Anarchy My Dear, but the album itself isn't good) their first few records are outstanding and Max had such a grasp of self hatred, anger, and mental health problems. I got into them around the time of In Defense, I was probably 19? fell in love with songs like "About Falling" and "Shiksa" and became quite obsessive. Max's fall is weirdly similar to Toms to me - both huge influences that I highly admired who turned into fruit bats.
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    I love the idea of this thread! I'll put some thought into this and come back with a suggestion, and check out everything you guys have shared.
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    This thread reminds me of being a sophomore in high school and listing as many underground metal/punk/hardcore bands in my Myspace profile I could in order to get scene-cred. "Damn bro you've never heard of AMEBIX? What a fuckin' poser."-probably something I'd say.
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    not all of them are pop punk per definition, but they're either on the poppy side of melodic punk rock (or ska) or the punk rock-ish side of pop. 1) blink-182 2) lagwagon 3) bad astronaut 4) alkaline trio 5) descendents 6) motion city soundtrack 7) the interrupters nofx 9) new found glory 10) no use for a name 11) rancid 12) less than jake 13) mxpx 14) against me 15) sum 41 16) home grown 17) fenix tx 18) tonight alive 19) the offspring 20) sugarcult 21) jimmy eat world 22) hey monday 23) paramore 24) yellowcard 25) simple plan 26) good charlotte 27) the distillers 28) bowling for soup 29) the get up kids 30) american hi-fi 31) the ataris 32) a day to remember 33) all time low 34) green day 35) wheatus
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    Cause let's face it there would still be about 3 topics this project gets talked about in the Blink section anyway,
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    Nope! I saw yours and got intimidated, which, funnily enough is also the reasoning behind me being straight!
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    “I got no regrets right now, I’m feeling kids” now the username makes sense.
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    Marc Maron > Rogan ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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    I can't wait for this. I wish more bands would rerecord their old stuff honestly. Anyway, I just randomly bought a ticket to see Senses Fail live tomorrow night. Woo!
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    Watched the doc ‘abducted in plain sight’ on Netflix, it’s absolutely fucking insane. Jesus Christ those parents. 8/10 get it watched
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    It always bums me out when people shit on Aliens. It's my favorite action movie of the 80s and I think Cameron made a respectable stab at making this a blockbuster war movie.
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    Gotta give Ridley credit for making Prometheus and Covenant look absolutely gorgeous though.
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    Watch them all. My second favorite franchise. Go into 3 and Resurrection with an open mind. They aren't "good" but I love the universe. Prometheus in my mind is great, and Covenant was Ridley Scott being forced to include the classic xenomorph.
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    Aliens is great. Alien 3 meh ... Alien: Resurrection fucking awful Prometheus was alright enough and I enjoyed Covenant.
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    So it turns out the Russian Etsy seller updated his sticker set: The inaccuracies are still insanely noticeable. The one that gets me the most is the subtitle on the Short Lived sticker says ‘TOUR OF DUTY ‘97”, not ‘92.
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    Harden got 30 though! That's all that matters....
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