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    That’s just the cocaine.
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    all time low blows donkey balls, so not surprised here.
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    I watched Poltergeist last night and it certainly was Poltergeist. Good old 1980s, if your child goes missing, don't call the cops, call ghost dudes.
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    Ay whats up?? I'm doing pretty well actually! Moved to Amsterdam. I make music video's and documentary's for pretty succesful artists now. I saw the Travis podcast and was missing a place to talk about things. How are you people, what's been going on in your lives?
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    She's like ten years younger than me, that's super wrong.
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    While going through @veeRob's image folders, I pulled out a couple references in regards to the debated third arnette logo on the back of the headstock. I can confirm with these photos that this one is the inverted black and white color scheme than the ones on the front of the guitar: Bear Mountain Warped Tour I also found a reference on the mysterious backup guitar laying in a case next to Tom's amp. This suggests that the backup Strat is also a Fender judging by the shape of the case: My suggestion for this is American Fenders produced in the 90's were found in a case similar to that one.
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    It’s funny that Tom is working on all these weird books on weird ideas, and all he has to do is write one about his life and it would outsell all the others combined...
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    I think Travis is more or less over it… He’s friends with tom, but only because he has nothing to offer him at this point. He’s past the point of caring about whether or not he’s a part of the band. He’s not a part of the band. so it’s easy to have a laugh about his craziness and remain “friends” and fondly look back because the time of him being a full time member is over
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    this is literally almost all of those types of youtube vids with those dumbass thumbnails
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    I'd like Lance Armstrong to interview Tom in his podcast. That would be bizarre as hell.
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    This song has been stuck in my head all weekend, love it. So much so that I checked out All-Time Low’s “essentials playlist” and found out...they suck lol. Amazing how awful all these bands are that were “inspired by Blink”.
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    When are we moving this garbage to the side projects section?
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    It's good seeing Helen. this band BLOWS DONKEY BALLS.
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    Does Feldmann have different colored eyes?
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