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    more like the ACDC of punk. kind of same over and over and over.
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    Confirmed. 12 song album, 2 songs featuring Tom Delonge.
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    Yeah I definitely beat a few of the Adventure Island games back in the day including that first SNES one.
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    Wade would not have hit that bucket if it was the old Warriors!
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    i'm uncertain what "heavily biased" means. i have a point of view, sure.
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    Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse. 9/10, absolutely loved this movie. The comedy works so well and almost all of the jokes are in good taste. I was laughing so much during the first 15-20 mins or so. The animation is also super unique and cool. Might be one of the best super hero movies I've seen.
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    Fat Mike dropped the new Cokie The Clown single today and the album comes out April 26th. Travis did all the drumming for the entire album April 26th, 2019 Track Listing 1. Bathtub 2. Fair Leather Friends 3. The Queen Is Dead 4. Swing and a Miss 5. Down with the Ship 6. Negative Reel 7. That Time I Killed My Mom 8. Fuck You All 9. Pre Arraigned Marriage 10. Punk Rock Saved My Life
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    That warp zone shit doesn't count!
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    yeah feldmann is a Nightmare to work with, i learned it the hard way and ey oh here i am but here we go, life's watigin to beginnnnn
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    It has to be. Feldman sent me a few clips of the album, it’s a big improvement. I told him I wasn’t interested in money but he insisted I take some sort of hush payment.
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    kari said it's true though on her Instagram. might be the sekret Project he's working on for his core fans i think
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    really weird Hearing that considering the situation they were in at the time..... mark really loves overshadowing topics he's uncomfortable with jokes it seems, considering how he's handling the whole nana situation
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    Can someone please take a look at this: https://blinklegs.bandcamp.com/album/orlando-fl-2004-5-8 11. Go, starting 2:58 And cry along with me?
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    It was absolutely hysterical, I loved it.
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    I don't think you can find Greg Graffin and Brett Gurewitz's level of songwriting anywhere else in punk rock music because they put a larger variety into their songwriting and they're just themselves. Joey Cape is another excellent songwriter though. His lyrics are convincing and broad, I always think of what he writes as frustrated, diaristic old-man rants and it works great for Lagwagon in the end. Anywho, I'm looking forward to the new BR album. I like My Sanity and this new song.
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    I got that on my list. I love the flat earth theory.
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    Watched "Behind The Curve" the other night on Netflix. Thought it was brilliant. GIves you a good insight in the flat earth community The way they debunk their own theory in the process but refuse to accept it is both hilarious and fascinating.
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    The marvel shows getting cancelled was all Disney/marvel though. They were never Netflix shows, Netflix just had the distribution rights. Theyll appear on Disney’s streaming service when that launches and the more successful ones will most likely have new seasons.
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    Skiba>Feldmann i hope blinskiba release a record without Feldmann so we can see other side of this new era
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    I'm also glad Olivia Colman won an Oscar. She's great. Rewatched The Wrestler last night and still magnificent.
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