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    I'll take too many cooks than one hyped up cook on crack flipping 100 artificial hamburgers in the back.
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    I don't think blink needs to spend the rest of their career trying to redo old albums. California was amazing because the band had gone majorly astray and they needed an album like that to ground them back to what made them relevant to begin with There's no way this album shares anything with Untitled besides being a departure or evolution in sound. I would be shocked.
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    To me it all sounds like if blink was a huge cake being sliced and eaten by lots of people there.
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    Studio yesterday, I believe it is "Henson" studio they are working at, not sure if Pharrell is based out of there or just popped in to help/produce: They've been in several studios, with several different people now. A weird approach I guess, but a lot better than cranking out songs in 30 minutes at Feldy's kitchen table IMO.
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    I went mental when Rashford scored the pen haha, was like I was a fan. So glad to see those dickheads get knocked out, Di Maria and Neymars face at the end was great. Penalty was debatable and could of gone either way (although when you're a defender and you turn back you're asking for it imo) but I think it's karma for them just being cheating wankers all the time. Marquinhos is an absolute embarassment of a man - he's the absolute worst of them all, the way he went down when McTominay accidentally brushed his neck and his dive at the end where he tried to get a piggyback from Shaw and then fell over was pathetic.
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    So you just like it when it’s enema and take off being replicated. Got it.
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    I'd be a lot more interesting if Tom was involved, with any producer. I just don't see these 3 as capable anymore Matt is too big of a pussy to contribute and Mark doesn't stand up to producers like Tom would. Travis has no say other than "yoo.. can my bro like design the cover art after he tattoos a drumstick on my cock?"
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    I think it'll be more like the Panic and FOB stuff of late. Not good
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    I'll take Pharrell over Feldy right about now.
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    One thing California lacked was ideas...it was so repetitive across the board. I'm hoping at the very least it'll be interesting. Only problem is that pop writers all collab constantly for radio hits and I don't care of the majority of it.
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    I'm gonna buy all the goosebumps books.
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    Always loved Bogut even when he was on Milwaukee. Just please, dont let him injure PG or Russ...or Steven. Go after Patterson or someone lol.
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    i watch jeopardy like religiously. this is really, really sad to me.
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    Maybe it'll be like Decomposer. A bunch of producers making a great but weird pop punk record. It had Mark, Tim Armstrong, Matt Rad, Brett Gurewitz, Feldmann, the guy from 311, etc.
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    Frenkie de Jong looks like an absolute baller too, Barca have got a player there. Shame they will probably lose De Ligt this summer too, as always the Ajax team will be stripped for parts, would be great if they could go even deeper into the tournament - they deserve too, such a likable club.
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    I couldn't get any sleep mate - what a buzz. I think this is the making of McTominay and Pereira - both have really stepped up the last few games. Fred also has his best game.
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    Those are two I’ve seen. It’s really good and only 25mins each so a nice length.
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    I'd like it if it were EotS or TOYPAJ! I don't know what the hell current era Blink is supposed to be but it sure has hell ain't a replica of those fine albums. That's like shitting on a canvas to replicate the Mona Lisa.
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    DLX for the first time in awhile, really digging Good Old Days for some reason, never cared too much for it before.
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    If it wasn't for other pure pop songwriters going in and out of their sessions over the last several months I'd be more likely to agree with you. BUT if you're right about a Pharrell produced lead single actually capturing their strengths while being catchy as hell I'd be onboard!
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    No you’re 100% right. Mark is a desperate whore. Would sell his own child for a number one smash hit.
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    It’s going to be an absolute cunt soup of a record. Every song will bring me nearer to cutting my ears off. Honestly my expectations are so low
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    There is no way on earth this record is going to be anything like Untitled. There's no Tom, and no Finn. it's still Feldmann, it's a fuck ton of outside writers and apparently a major pop producer on board now too. it's going to be a barely recognisable poppy clusterfuck and it's going to have stupid noises in it and they'll claim that's experimenting.
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    i mean, interestingly enough, this isn't unprecedented. let me put on my blink historian hat for a moment...
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    It honestly still feels bizarre to me that Matt Skiba is in Blink 182. And it's been 4 years!!? Like what is his place in this band? Does he enjoy it? Is he interested in the music they're making? Does he feel any ownership of the band and if not, does he want to or is Blink a fun way to cash some big checks? On a personal level it working as well as they all hoped? The whole situation still seems off for some reason haha, even taking into account how ANYONE would feel different as a replacement member. So much attention has gone to Feldy that I still feel like I barely know Skiba's vibe as a part of Blink 182.
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    I wouldn't be surprised if it ended up sounding very similar to what he's doing with Simple Creatures tbh.
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    Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse. 9/10, absolutely loved this movie. The comedy works so well and almost all of the jokes are in good taste. I was laughing so much during the first 15-20 mins or so. The animation is also super unique and cool. Might be one of the best super hero movies I've seen.
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    I'm not saying I prefer one over the other. I'm saying they're both a bad idea. like juggling knives and juggling bowling balls. two very different things, but both will still injure you.
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