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    I might regret posting this in retrospect, but I’m a lot more interested in the potential of this album than I was a year ago. Not quite excited per say, as I’m still reasonably skeptical, but definitely intrigued. As we all know, California was done really fucking quickly, blah blah. But this time it does seem like they’re really genuinely taking their time. And seemingly mapping it out much more carefully. They started writing not too long after Cali Deluxe, right? They started recording a year ago, and even with Travis’s health issues in mind, Matt and Mark were still writing and working in the studio during that time, and Travis has been back with them for six months. And they’re STILL not done. I mean, this is a ballsy thing to say, but that in itself is very self titled-esque. Ya know, given all the self titled-esque talk. I also like that they’re branching out with various producers instead of just having Feldy steer the whole ship this time (although I’d still prefer he weren’t involved at all. But hey, can’t win em all). Now the various producer thing can just as easily pull things down as they can push things up, but it does make the playing field much more interesting. I honestly don’t know what to expect anymore, but color me intrigued at the moment. Really wanna see what the fuck this thing is now.
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    I'm listening to these songs. The thing is I am sure I have listened to some of them in the past but it's like I've never heard them before. Gravedigger is the most terrible song ever written about a monster truck. It makes sense though that liking the Dave Matthews Band is a prerequisite for being an average white person who likes beer and trucks. Then I was going to say that Two Step wasn't bad only to realize I was listening to Two Step by Def Leppard. I'll keep you updated as I go on with the list.
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    I find it intriguing at this moment. The thing about so many people being involved awakes my curiosity. Another different thing is how it will turn out... if it will be a masterpiece or a massive turd. From my irrelevant point of view, I'm expecting very low standards with this band at this point. So if they improve that, that's ok, I guess. I don't know, we'll see.
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    I will use this thread to share any news on the next album. If you come across any new info, post below and I'll keep a running tab in the OP. Please try to stay somewhat on topic, you can discuss your hatred of Feldmann here , Matt here , and Tom here. 3/8/2018: Musink Article: Travis: "Now we’re playing a couple shows this year, there will be more announced right after MUSINK and then we’ll be right back in the studio recording again. I can’t wait!" 3/18/2018: Musink Interview Travis: "With California I felt like it was giving everyone what they expect from a new Blink album, and with the next one I feel like we can experiment again" 4/20/2018: Mark posts a photo of Trav playing drums in his Instagram story with the caption "New Blink-182 Songs Day One". Robert (bass tech) posts photos with the hashtag #NewMusic 5/3/2018: Mark is in the studio , photo by Robert (bass tech) 5/7/2018: Mark tweets that the new blink-182 songs sound like they pick up where TOYPAJ left off. Feldy posts this picture, Robert posts this picture from today's long session. 5/10/2018: Travis posts a picture in his Instagram story listening to new Blink and tags Feldmann. 5/15/2018: Feldy posts a picture of Skiba in the studio, and another later that day. Matt posts this on Instagram, recording vocals. 5/15/2018: KROQ interview at Weenie Roast. Mark "We’re very early in the process, it’s a little darker, little heavier. Sounds like the Untitled record, but that’s kinda what we want anyway." 5/18/2018: Vegas Residency interview. Mark mentions lack of tour dates this year and focusing on writing new material. Also mentions they may use the Palms studio to record stuff while the residency is happening. 5/31/2018: Feldmann posts picture in his IG story of Mark in the studio. 6/1/2018: Feldmann posts picture in his IG story of Matt in the studio. 6/11/2018: Mark KROQ interview in Vegas, "We are well into the writing of the beginning of the next record. Still feels like where TOYPAJ left off, but that might change." 6/20/2018: Mark Rocksound interview "It's still in the writing stage, so it will probably change over time but right now it's really aggressive and really catchy and dark and weird. If you take 'California' and compare it to 'Enema Of The State', I would say that what we're writing now is more in line with 'Take Off Your Pants And Jacket' and the 'Untitled' record." 7/10/2018: Mark posts this picture on his IG Story with Trav/Feldy in the studio. (Trav is currently not able to drum, perhaps they are listening to new song mixes.) 7/14/2018: Matt is in the studio laying down vocals 7/16/2018: Mark is in the studio 8/24/2018: Matt tells me that current Blink is on hold due to Trav's issues/Alk3 tour. 9/7/2018: Matt gives an update in a Alkaline Trio article "We've been working in the studio. What is going to happen is sort of up for grabs -- yet to be determined. " 9/25/2018: Mark is in the studio and even locked himself in the bathroom 9/26/2018: Mark is laying down vocals in the studio! 9/27/2018: Mark tweets from Trav's account, then tweets again that Feldmann is making him sings Whoas/Nahs. Feldy posts a pic of him and Matt in the studio! 10/1/2018: Mark posts this on Instagram, this in his IG Story. Feldmann posts a picture of Travis in his IG story. 10/2/2018: Mark was apparently in the studio, but got sick and had to leave 10/9/2018: Mark is tracking vocals 10/10/2018: Mark is tracking vocals in what appears to be a new studio, Feldy posts a picture of Mark writing 10/15/2018: Feldy posts what is the first sign of Trav playing drums in over 4 months 10/16/2018: Mark's bass tech posts a picture hinting at donuts in the studio that day 10/18/2018: Mark is in the studio after rehearsal 10/30/2018: Mark is in the studio 10/31/2018: Feldy & Mark are in the studio 11/1/2018: Mark is in the studio 11/14/2018: Mark, Matt, and Feldy are in the studio , Feldy added pictures of donuts, and Matt. 11/18/2018: After the Vegas shows are complete, Mark posts "Now come home to finish recording the new blink-182 album." 11/20/2018: Feldy posts this of Trav playing drums , later Trav posts this saying "Recording X-mas music"...hmmm. [Note: This ended up being the Goldfinger X-Mas EP] 11/22/2018: Feldy posts 2 pictures of Trav in the studio, and adds an X-mas tree in one... hmmm. [Note: This ended up being the Goldfinger X-Mas EP] 11/28/2018: Feldy posts another picture of Trav laying down drums 11/29/2018: Feldy posts a picture of Matt and Trav at the studio. (Mark is sick) 12/3/2018: The whole band is in the studio, hard at work! Mark posts some lyrics 12/4/2018: The band is working at Andrew Watt's house, Matt suggested it was Charlie Chaplain's old house? 12/10/2018: Mark & Feldy are at the studio today working. Andrew Watt is there. 12/12/2018: Mark & Feldy are in the studio, Watt's singing, Mark's on a bean bag, Matt's pulling double duty with Alk3, and apparently they did 3 songs. 12/17/2018: Trav is laying down drums at Foxy Studio, Feldy posts this 12/18/2018: Daniel (drum tech) posts a photo of Trav's drums 12/21/2018: Robert (bass tech) posts a few pictures in the studio 1/5/2019: At an Alkaline Trio acoustic radio appearance, Matt confirms (~28 minute mark) they are working on the record. Dan mentions he has heard some of the new stuff, saying "You'll need to change the name of the band. It's like black metal" 1/7/2019: Mark is in the studio, and made fun of the Whoa/Nas with Feldy 1/14/2019: Mark is in the studio today, Matt was in later 1/15/2019: Mark & Matt are in the studio hard at play 1/17/2019: We got what could be the first clip of new Blink, in the background of a Feldy IG story 1/24/2019: Blink is in the studio with "Captain Cuts". Side Note: Mark releases the first single for his side band, "Simple Creatures", EP1 coming in March. 1/25/2019: Mark is doing an interview to promote his new band and mentions that Blink is still priority, and that the Simple Creatures EP2 will depend on when Blink's new album is released which could be: Spring, Summer, Fall... 1/28/2019: Mark and Travis were in the studio 1/30/2019: New Kerrang article, Mark mentions Blink going back to the 2003 Untitled sound "I want to push it and do different things and take blink to places where we haven’t been before", and that Blink is priority. 1/31/2019: Mark is in the studio 2/6/2019: Matt is in the studio with Travis who is laying down drums 2/7/2019: Trav is laying down drums 2/9/2019: Trav is laying down more drums 2/20/2019: In a Billboard interview, Travis says the album is 70% done with an April-June ETA. Also mentions the lead single they like is referred to as "Paris". 2/27/2019: Mark is in the studio today 3/4/2019: All 3 were in this "special" studio yesterday 3/6/2019: All 3 are still at this special studio, which appears to be "Henson" studios, and working with Pharrell. 3/11/2019: During a Musink interview, Trav says the album will definitely be out before the Warped Tour (June 8th)!!! He also says the album is about 80% done 3/13/2019: Blink appears in the studio with songwriting duo "The Futuristics" 3/14/2019: Trav replies to a question on Instagram saying new Blink is coming "very soon" , Blink is also in the studio with The Futuristics again 3/15/2019: In an interview with the Australian Media, Mark confirms an "early summer" release 3/19/2019: During a quick Twitter AMA, Mark says the new album is "well underway, we're moving onto mixing soon." 3/25/2019: In an interview, Mark says "It's very different than California. It's darker, more aggressive." 3/26/2019: During Mark's Princeton Q/A, he says the goal was to have the album out before a summer tour. But they are booking the tour, and the album isn't done yet... so "We will see what happens" 3/27/2019: Travis is laying down drums at Feldys 4/5/2019: In a Simple Creatures interview in London, Mark mentions Blink is "Still writing songs, but we're in the mixing stage. New album this summer" 4/10/2019: The band is all working together with Matt Malpass 4/11/2019: Still in the studio, Mark posts a lyric sheet and is recording vocals 4/15/2019: Feldy is at Matt Malpass' studio. Mark says in an Instagram Live video this is potentially the last week of recording before they go on to mixing. Also says it sounds "nothing like California". In an ABC Radio interview, Mark confirms a summer release saying: "We want to go out on tour, we have shows lining up," Hoppus says. "We are ready to start that whole cycle again." 4/16/2019: Mark was in the studio all day, Trav posts what appears to be a brief snippet of new Blink 4/17/2019: Trav is laying down some of the "final tracks for the new Blink album" , later Travis posts an IG Story screenshot of a Blink song he is listening to which appears to be named "Uzi Dreaming 4.0 Conway" 4/22/2019: On an IG live video, Mark says they do not have a title yet, album isn't done but is close, and that they are shooting for 10 songs. 5/1/2019: A Reddit user claims the lead single is in industry hands and expected to release pretty soon. Also Mark is back in the studio with Simple Creatures which may mean the Blink album is finished. 5/2/2019: Trav replies to a tweet saying the new Blink single is coming "sooner than you think", Trav is also laying down drums so it appears the album isn't totally finished just yet. 5/3/2019: Trav is still laying down drums 5/5/2019: Per Feldy's IG, Trav is still laying down drums 5/6/2019: Blink appears to be on the verge of announcing a tour with Lil Wayne, also the website has been updated... the single title is released here, we're getting close! 5/7/2019: Mark confirms on IG live that the new album is not finished yet. 5/8/2019: The first single "Blame It On My Youth" is released. Trav says on Kevin & Bean the new album is coming "Sooo soon." and that his dear friend is working on the album art. 5/11/2019: Feldy posts a picture of Mark with Ali Tamposi (songwriter) and tags Blink-182. It's unclear if they are working on a new song, or hopefully just listening to final mixes. 5/16/2019: In a podcast interview with Blink-155 Mark says they think they are done writing, mostly mixing and mastering. Still don't know the album title or the tracklist.
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    Got tickets for SF for $35 after fees. They ended up selling out in a couple minutes. VIP was an additional $80 for a meet and greet which I passed on.
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    As expected, the professor continues to teach the student.
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    Jesus Christ, yes lol can you delete the other two Patient? My bad.
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    Anyone watched After Life on Netflix yet? Watched the whole season last night and loved it. Laughed and cried in equal measure. Such a beautiful piece of work.
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    I would find it intriguing if they hadn't hired a bunch of outside writers. That and choosing pharrell sends a clear signal. I am completely not interested anymore, they could release a dubstep album for all I care.
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    He went from "I never left" and "I can come back whenever I want" to this bullshit.
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    I think Mark has gone through the 5 stages of grief with blink not being what it used to be, and these stages have taken place at various times over the last 15 years. Denial - When BCR happened, and TOYPAJ saw a turn in what blink were trying to do where Mark wanted to hang on to the Enema feeling but Tom wanted to go further, I think Mark saw trouble. He didn't want to let go. Tom wanted to try and push things further and Mark didn't want to lose what they had, so he 'embraced' the concept of going fully weird and properly working together on a different sound. We got Self titled. Anger / Depression - +44, enough said. Bargaining - Neighbourhoods and DED and reforming with Tom. I think he knew it wasn't going to work this time, he knew Tom wasn't committed, he knew it wasn't like the old days, but he was desperate to relive it, so he kept making excuses for Tom and trying to find ways and means to make it work. Alternatively you could argue bargaining was going to extremes with California to dial the sound back to the late 90s and sell out for the relevancy, depends how you look at it. Acceptance - Now. He knows it won't ever be the same again and he's accepted it won't be so he's just flat out stopped caring anymore. Let other writers in, let many producers in, they'll pump out some crap songs for him, he'll tour a bit to keep the money and the name going, and then go do other stuff.
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    realistic reply, using mainly singles dammit -- blink-182 basket case -- green day ocean avenue -- yellowcard get the time -- descendents sugar we're goin down -- FOB linoleum -- NOFX don't want to know if you are lonely -- husker du i wanna be your boyfriend -- ramones the girl next door -- screeching weasel honestly -- cartel honorable mentions: when i come around -- green day ATST -- blink my friend's over you -- NFG everything is alright -- MCS hyper enough -- superchunk may 16 -- lagwagon she's my ex -- ALL
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    On the album they are definately taking turns. You can sometimes hear their voice getting picked up from the regular mic, especially tom
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    Honestly, I haven’t been keeping up with blink news for a long time. I read these threads and for some reason don’t remember what I just read about what’s going on with the band, lmao.
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    What about his Satan voice? I'd definitely listen to Tom voicing over documentaries with his Satan voice.
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    EP's usually arrange for the funding of others, or are lending their name to the project for visibility / credibility. since tom doesn't have any of the latter, i hope he knows people with money to burn.
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    No, that was well before I asked him to make me a mod.
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    This is true, I'm sorry. Don't know what got into me.
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    4/20/18 was the first day in the studio, and you would assume they had some ideas leading up to that. By June they were "well into the writing process"... (Gee if only there was an amazing timeline at the beginning of this thread with every single update ever...) LOL 😃 But regardless, almost a year of this, compared to 2-3 months of cranking out California. I can't wait to hear it!
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    Got one episode left. It’s fantastic mate
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    I think he's having a mental breakdown. We'll have to cut him some slack.
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    Both were amazing last night
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    They didn’t start until the summer of last year when the residency started and I don’t think they started working on it seriously full time until the fall.
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    The comments section on that video, hopefully Tom doesnt read those. Ive come to the point now where if hes happy doing this, which it seems like he is, then go for it. Atleast hes getting something done (history show). Where the fuck are they getting the money for all that aerospace shit though. No way any of that is actually really happening
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    Another example of Mark being completley wrong about his own music.
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    They need to stop pushing the whole “trashy pop” narrative. Simple Creatures sounds like every other pop song on the radio at the moment.
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    I don't understand how that could sit right with him. it's no longer blink, or even his music, if a shitload of other people are working on it too. That's why I don't think he cares. He's never been the 'shit load of projects' guy, he's always focused on what he's passionate about - and during the whole process of blink allegedly writing and recording this record he's been focusing on some EPs and live shows with someone else. I genuinely think he just does not care as much, that he's given up on it.
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    Lol i haven't been posting in general. I come in this thread from time to time though don't be a dick for no reason. I don't remember coming here posting neither one of the three times the last three years when we actually won the ucl. You think I wasn't happy back then? Don't be jealous of a club being healthy and having success unlike any other club ever in a span of 5 years. I understand you may haven't watched the news as close but over the last years Bale has created problems in the club with his behavior and that's unacceptable. Plus Real Madrid is the biggest club in the world(or 2nd biggest to some of you whatever I don't wanna argue this again) no player-coach-person is above the team. I can't understand why you guys don't get it but it's okay. You may think like all madrid fans are stupid kids that became fans because of the success of the last 5 years which is true to some extend but please I was watching the games when we were getting beaten up from Lyon in the final 16 like this year from ajax
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    Madrid are thick as fuck if they think Bale can replace Ronaldo. Only messi could
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    Money talks unfortunately. The problem with Bale is he was bought in to eventually replace Ronaldo, it's unrealistic expectations. Ronaldo is a freak, he's made himself one of the greatest of all time through hardwork and commitment. He hasn't got the natural ability of Messi but it's a credit to him that he even competed with him for the Balon d'Or so often. Any player that is bought in to be the "New" star is always put under too much scrutiny and unfairly compared to them. Bale is a great player, if you can't see that then you are living in cloud cuckoo.
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    Someone sounds a bit excited about the prospect of seeing more of Travis's kids...
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    Great list and a great thread, thank you so much for sharing. Ghent - stick this one in the Hall of Fame when you get a second, cheers.
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    Bale's overall career in Real though has been average to bad. It's no coincidence that with every coach he's been benched sooner or later. He's had some games here and there where he was phenomenal or made some phenomenal plays but overall he's surely not worth paying 100 mil and the huge wage he will demand. I know someone is gonna pay though that's the way football is right now. I guess he will be a lot better in england the fast football suits him more. So happy for Zizou to be back though. My favorite player ever and the reason I was supporting Real and the france national team(2nd to greece of course ) since I was a kid. Seriously one of the goats if not the goat.
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    poor mark. tom was and still the only one who could pressure him to write something decent. nobody will ever come close. it's funny how mark talks about progression, when he never really wanted to do untitled styled record. and he's still insecure about anything he writes. describing SC as a trashy and wierd music, lol - way to go Mark, already making excuses when nobody gives a fuck about SC after a week it's released. well, no tom around - mark doesn't have to try hard. everybody's else making it for him. what a joke. still can't believe he's so afraid to write whatever he wants, when there's nothing really to lose.
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    One of my absolute favorite EPs!
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    Do you remember Rock 'n Roll Radio?
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    1. Lit - My Own Worst Enemy 2. Lit - My Own Worst Enemy 3. Lit - My Own Worst Enemy 4. Lit - My Own Worst Enemy 5. Lit - My Own Worst Enemy 6. Lit - My Own Worst Enemy 7. Lit - My Own Worst Enemy 8. Lit - My Own Worst Enemy 9. Lit - My Own Worst Enemy 10. Lit - My Own Worst Enemy CAN WE FORGET ABOUT THE THINGS I SAID WHEN I WAS DRUNK. I DIDN'T MEAN TO CALL YOU THAT.
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    Feeling this isn’t pop punk
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    For a list that's only supposed to include albums that came out after Dookie, there are an awful lot of Dookie songs on there.
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    Here's the thing with growing out of "Blink and that kind of music" - I did grow out of pop punk for the most part, like a LONG time ago. Especially the real glossy overproduced style that took hold after Blink blew up. There are always some awesome bands making music with pop and punk elements, but as a specific genre I'm guilty of growing out of pop punk I guess haha. As a kid in the late 90s/early 2000s I fucking loved just about any and all pop punk, I devoured as much as I could. But Blink was ALWAYS the best of the bunch, their music went far beyond standard pop punk to me, and just as I was "growing out" of that style, lo and behold Blink did too! BCR and Untitled mixed things I loved (and still love) about older Blink with the types of indie rock that I was just starting to check out at the time. I wasn't remotely as interested in that next wave of pop punk, with FOB and Simple Plan and MCR and Panic and ATL. So I did grow out of that world, and so did Blink, and then with California they not only went back to pop punk they actually inserted themselves into that later style that I didn't like as much in the first place. There is no doubt that if Enema or TOYPAJ came out today they wouldn't click with me the same way they did when I was an obsessed middle schooler haha, that's just how music works and there's nothing wrong with that. But there is also no doubt that I would like them WAY more than I liked California, and in fact I still like them and every other Blink album so much that I still fuck around on this message board with all of you people waiting impatiently to find out what they'll do next!
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    Nah, still love Enema and Dude Ranch just as much as I love the smiley face album. I do feel completely different towards TOYPAJ though. Used to love it whereas now I just have a similar opinion to it as I do with California. The albums just don't sound honest to me. Instrumentally TOYPAJ kicks ass though.
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    Fuck yeah! That's a solid EP! 1. Major Label Debut 2. Formula 27 3. Radio Blast Those are the top 3 SW EPs for me.
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    Tom needs to re-join and re-quit blink again so we can have some fun stuff to talk about
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    This topic use to be lit, Tom needs to up his crazy for some more excitement.
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