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    *schedules show on an island* *cancels because they just barely realized that Travis doesn't like flying*
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    Love this song and it's not even out for another 4+ months, so good and jealous of all who got to attend these small gigs:
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    The guy can't enjoy a new side project without the internet pseudo-psychs diagnosis? It's new, its exciting and there's more energy in a small venue. It doesn't mean he's depressed in Blink. Let him have his fun you goofballs.
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    Well since mark chooses blink setlists that’s his own fault. Its going to be good when the initial hype for this band dies down a bit. Don’t get me wrong I very much enjoy the ep but the “mark Should quit blink/fire skiba and hire gaskarth” posts are getting old.
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    9 total songs. All 6 from the EP that is out, 2 from the next EP (titled Everything's Opposite) and 1 cover: Drug Adrenaline How To Live NVM Personal Jesus (Depeche Mode cover) Ether One Little Lie Lucy Strange Love Only a ~45 minute set which is kinda whack for the price, but still cool.
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    Yes man and the shite response
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    Vincent's wife is a little rocket isn't she, love that she has a filth side and an attitude on her too.
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    I preferred the first but still good 👍🏻
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    @Dean maybe we should have back-up hamsters.
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    the hamster fell off the wheel
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    EP 2 to be released in late summer (Mark's live Instagram) also someone asked if there will ever be a show or song with Tom again and his answer was: I don't know, I really don't know.
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    I hope so! They got dropped from their previous record label and every article that comes out still centers on the controversy and pretends that nobody knows what happened and that they still have this #MeToo cloud over them. Hopefully with the next album cycle media will stop using the "mystery" for clicks and let everybody get on with their lives.
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    @Scott. watched the first 2 episodes of season 2 of White Gold. it's just as good as the first so far, loving it.
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    You don’t need a drop out minor in psychology to see that.
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    I actually minored in psychology and finished a few classes before dropping out, and I can tell you Mark is much happier in Simple Creatures than blink.
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    If it helps here's a screen shot
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    That's def not true. A show I was supposed to attend that summer right before Fyre Fest was cancelled like a week prior, so I drove 7 hours to a different show and met Blink... we asked Trav why they cancelled that show and he said it was because he had to drive down to Florida to take a boat to Fyre Fest... so Trav's version is what happened. I didn't see Mark's quote on that, but it's likely that they still hadn't been paid, and caught wind of the disaster at the last minute, which is essentially what the documentaries have said for several bands.
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    i went and saw pinegrove last month and it was sold out, their biggest show ever. the rest of the tour is similarly sold out. i don’t think they’ll have any problem continuing and signing to a “big” indie for their next record
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    I don't think he looks miserable in Blink but I do think S.C. is a breath of fresh air and he's having fun playing small shows with no expectations, which I'm happy for him. The way him and Alex interact on stage/interviews definitely gets more funny "banter" out of him, so it's fun to see to see that come out a little more. (Matt just isn't as quick/witty naturally, not really his fault.) IMO it's good for him to see that he can just be Mark Hoppus and write from the heart, and people will love it. I just hope all the new Blink material already recorded reflects that (and I think it will). This S.C. stuff is so good IMO that it has raised the bar even higher on this next Blink release for me personally.
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    Russ gets so excited for regular season stats. It's cute.
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    Ah, I do remember something, but that was during the "vague facebook" thing and I didn't understand it. Honestly I'm not a huge fan of them, in that I just never listened to them very much. Weird stuff. But this is becoming very common nowadays. Sounds like he did another dude dirty and fucked up somebody's personal life. Really, that's probably 90% of dudes in bands. In some ways it's good people care, but in other ways, they just seem to be trying to take down artists to justify this hate quota they have in their head. I heard another band (honestly never heard of them before, can't remember the name) had a member date a 13-14 year old when he was 17-18 ... when he was in high school. People were upset about this? It seemed pretty arbitrary. Good god teenagers dating one another?! The girl never spoke out about it, they just found it on the guy's twitter/facebook. Or like the lead singer in Vampire Weekend dated a 18 year old when he was 30. Is that illegal, no. Is that weird, yeah, it is. I personally wouldn't approve. But do we "cancel" Vampire Weekend? Should Mark remove them from his public playlists? (I have no clue if Mark likes VW). It's stuff like this that really bums me out, because largely it's not that big of a deal. Focus on people who assault others or have horrible opinions.
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    You make a good point here Kay. Almost seems like mark should hang it up with blink and forge on with simple creatures and other projects. As much as I truly love blink, they are so far removed from what they once were that it has become tough to follow them.
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    I'm starting to think that even Olidamus could be a better fit.
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    their first record is still so so good. I met Andy Hull back in 07 during their summer tour with Colour Revolt. Really nice guy.
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    Its like celebrating 20 years of marriage with your new wife you married 4 years ago
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    this is how Apple got started
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    I think at this point that Mark isn't even the right fit for blink if pop is the direction they want to go in.
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