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    I'm pumped to announce that we will be hosting a Q&A session with the one and only Leo Dehoe, guitarist and singer of The Hoes! If you're not familiar with his work, here is his latest music video: Submit your questions over the next few days and I will get them over to Leo. All questions are welcome. In his words "the more provocative, the better." I tried to get him to come post here, but he didn't think he had anything to gain from it. Said he was famous enough from Instagram, didn't need to sign up here with a bunch of idiots. This should be fun. If you think it's stupid, then this thread is not for you. Please complain about it in the general discussion topic Here is a preview! ----------------------- At what age did you decide you wanted to be like Tom? First of all, let me introduce myself and say, “Don’t believe everything you see on the Internet".. I'm an 80's kid and I grew up without social media and this whole crap. But I found out very fast that you have many possibilities to prank people and be everything you want. That's the reason why so many smart people make money with YouTube & Instagram. My name is Leo Dehoe. My first name "Leo" is real, but not "Dehoe". Most people think Dehoe came because of Delonge..Nice try, but my old nickname when I skateboarded in the past was "Leehoe.” I was the biggest whore in our crew and I found very early what sexuality meant to me. In the end, they called me "Leo The Hoe". That's the reason why I came to this name. It's also a perfect reason for haters to hate me more..I let them think it's because of "DeLonge". I only changed "THE" with "De". So actually its "Leo The Hoe" Most of you know me as the Tom Delonge wannabe from the Blink 182 community, Instagram and YouTube. You think I'm an American dude because you see a huge American Flag in my videos while I nail Blink songs in power stance. My English isn't perfect, but it's part of the Internet show to look American. In real life, I was born in the Ukraine and moved within 6 years to Germany as a Jewish refugee. I started a new life in Germany, learned the German language, and of course some English in school. My English got a lot better when I started to communicate through social media, with English speaking people from all over the world. To be honest I never decided to be Tom Delonge. I found out about Blink through skateboarding. Towards the end of 1999, we listened to a lot of Punk rock and old school hip hop. One day I shredded with a guy from Arizona, he had awesome music taste. We had a great session, we smoked a cigarette and he showed me some cool stuff from his Ghetto Blaster. He put on the Dude Ranch album and I started to like the music. It was exactly my thing. Then he told me "Dude you remind me of the guy from this fucking band". He told me that I'm the same stupid perverted motherfucker and my dick jokes, humor and my look are exactly like the lead singer "Tom Delonge". I checked this guy out and it was spooky, I found a lot similarities and it was very funny to me. But it was still not a reason to give up my identity to be someone else haha. To be honest, it happens maybe to mental ill people, who are not happy with their own self, but I was always happy to be who I am and I never fucking ever would like to change anything about myself. After this day, I started to be a giant Blink 182 Fan and we had a fucking great time with their music. It was a huge part of my youth. 10 years later i started playing guitar. I was always too lazy to learn notes and shit like that, so I never did it in the past cuz I had no opportunities. But when the world wide web got better and sites like YouTube came out, it was my time to discover this world. Through the internet I found out how easy it is to learn how to play guitar without all the fucking complicated books. I was motivated and I learned how to play songs through tabs. Of course I started with some easy Blink. When I learned the first Blink song, which was not the easiest, I wanted to try out YouTube. I uploaded a cover of Dumpweed. I was happy to get 10 clicks and maybe a comment but the reaction was huge. I saved up for a Tom Delonge Epiphone and a small Marshall amp. I did this cover like I always did in the past. Raw stereo playback and a good guitar sound, edited by ear. I wore a blink shirt and I played his signature guitar, that was it. Compared with my famous videos, the first video was nothing special. I did it in my room in front of a boring white wall and I had 0 performance skills. Nevertheless the reaction was unbelievable. People commented and liked it like crazy. It had over 14,000 views after 2 weeks, which was unbelievable for me. Many people liked it but there were also some idiots who wanted to spread hate. That was the internet. Many of them hated me because I played the TD signature, some other idiots didn't like that I wore a Blink fan shirt, because it was a way too groupie and "not cool" for them. I was always a guy who never gave a shit about other people's opinion. But this shit started amusing me a lot. I kept doing these vids and very fucking fast, I was a part of the blink community. My channel grew like hell over the years and i got loved and hated. Eventually there was so much hate that I had the idea to put more fuel in the fire and give these idiots exactly what they liked to hear and see. So because of my similarity with Tom, it was very easy for me to act like him to piss people off and get more attention. I used some material things and typical clothing brands, that Tom wears, to make the show complete. I studied some of his movements from Blinks live shows and his creepy facial expressions and the show started. I had the space and the equipment to create these funny videos. I also got pretty badass on guitar, that was the reason why I met so many good bands and musicians over the years through the internet. People who loved me, loved me because of my guitar playing, and they enjoyed the show and look. People who hated me just tried to pull me down because of the show I did, the way I looked and acted. I never said that Tom isn't my hero, but all of us have our heroes. Because of them we all have started to skate, dress like them, or we get similar tattoos, clothes or haircuts.. But its completely creepy to give up your existence to be someone else. Sadly as fuck there are still people out there who don't understand that these videos are just a waste of time for me, where I act like a fucking idiot fully drunk, because I enjoy the attention and playing my favorite band's songs. Even years later, after I deleted my famous YouTube account by mistake, people took my name and spread rumors at community forums and Facebook Fan Pages. I mean I had my fun and I'm thankful for all the haters who pushed me and the cool people I met over the years, but I'm not a fucking kid anymore. It gets boring after a time. Reading shit like I wanna fuck Tom's daughter, his wife, because they aren't together anymore, or I just wanna rape Tom's butt, because I'm obsessed, and even more shit. And that's why I say to you kids.."Don't believe the fucking Internet". Many of you guys are there to waste some time, other people act like a dragon, and other people prank the whole world. Its up to you, what you believe and what you don't. What do you do for a living? Are you still a bus driver? Actually i never drove a Bus, which dickhead spread this rumor? After 10 years of studying, I'm a Curative Teacher and a Doctor for Social Care Work. I work for different social organizations, also with disabled kids. I try to make the world a better place. My second job is painting. I've been a Graffiti Artist for like 15 years and I earn my money with this shit. Making Paintjobs for different Clubs, People and Studios. That's the reason why my cash flow is so good and why I can afford to travel in expensive cars and motorcycles and see the world, enjoying life with my friends, wife and family.. I also work a lot on music since I've started my band "The Hoes". Sadly as fuck i live in the wrong country to get fast famous with punk rock music. The Germans burn for Electronic music, Trap/Hip Hop and some death metal or Hardcore Music in the deepest villages. Kinda uncool. It was better in the 90's here. But we are still working on our album, which is very expensive when you produce it in a badass studio..Our next single is ready, just waiting to shoot the video soon. Of course we have some good young rock bands here, but the European tour life kinda sucks dick. I love making music and playing live, but not sleeping in a shitty van everyday and eating cheap fast food to survive and see my fuck face band mates everyday..Kinda understand Tom, after over 20 years of showbizz.. What does your girlfriend think about you copying Tom? She thinks nothing, cuz it's very easy to understand why I did this funny shit, if you are not a dumb ass. You can talk to stupid people like talking to a fucking wall. It brings nothing..Goes in one ear and out of the other ear hole, then straight in their butts..They only hear what they want..So its senseless. How did you perfect the Tom eyebrows? Can you walk us through the process? They fell out when I took psychedelic drugs and my face swelled up xD. For real, I never had these eyebrows when I was younger..it started some years ago at 16 or 18..Exactly at the time when Tom got fat and confused from his painkillers..I told you, there is a creepy connection between us. My mom had a dog, when his teeth fell out, my mom had the same symptoms at the next day 😕 But if you mean moving my eyebrows, was a process that i already learned back in the Ukraine when i tried to scrounge money at the street to feed my family. I always tried to look like a sad dog to earn every penny What was Tom's reaction when you met him? If he told you to stop copying him, would you? I always knew the moment would come when we look in each others eyes and to be honest, I was scared. I thought he is maybe a stupid asshole who would take it wrong, or maybe he thinks the same as the hater scums, but it was one of the craziest moments of my life. I met him back in 2012 in Cologne at a signing event for Love in a music store. I waited drunk in the line and I was nervous af. When I was in front of him I said nothing. Then he looked me in the eyes, touched David and said "Are you the guy from youtube"? I was astonished and I said yes. Both told me that they enjoyed my videos and they loved my custom guitar. Then he complimented my jacket, he said something strange like "To make it more cool, take shoe polish and put it on the American Flag patch to make it look more used". We talked for many minutes. It was really too much for me because I was shocked and unbelievably happy and proud of myself for always making the right decisions in life, without hearing what stupid people say. After that day I got a lot more self confidence. If you found out Tom was circumcised, would you get a circumcision? I've been circumicised since I was 6 years old. I'm Jewish and my mother wanted it. Do you need a proof? 😛 Do you feel like you've made a mistake replicating Tom based on how crazy he has become? I never regret anything in life. I'm very spiritual and I think everything turns out how it should come. Even Tom turning weirdo, it was his decision and he lives his passion with discovering UFOs. What was your childhood like? My childhood in Ukraine was Ghetto. A poor country, a lot of crime and war. Our family was rich for the Ukrainian level, becayse my dad was a badass gangster. But I couldn't stay there, I would die. My childhood in Germany was awesome. A lot of skateboarding and crazy actions with my friends. I got kicked out of many fucking schools because of my stupid behavior. I never could be quiet, I just played the clown and fucked with all my teachers. I'm still a kid, more fucked up than most people my age. I think I never will grow up and it's good. All of us live everyday and then die once, so fuck it.. Life is too short to be serious. So that was the reason why I re-did my schooling after I got older.. But I'm still not serious How do you feel about Mark Hoppus? Oh damn, Mark looks so old now Haha. He lives that shit..Music is his passion and he plays millions of shows like a machine..Over and over. I couldn't do that. He is a good guy..He was always the one who left the stage last and who watched the opening bands, while Tom or Travis just came to play the show and go back to their fams.. Mark is a real full hearted musician and a nice guy. What are your thoughts on Brexit? Music equipment gets a lot more expensive thru Ex and import. We never can play good music instruments anymore because the best ones come from queens Island 😕 Why didn't you marry someone who looked like Jen? Cuz she is not my type and she has a horse face and very small boobs I guess..She is too sensitive and even more spiritual than me..I guess that's the reason why Tom left her xD Are you interested in UFOs? Did you donate to To The Stars Academy? Yes I am, as a very philosophical person I'm very interested in UFOs, cuz I ask myself if we are ever gonna meet them and if the rumors are real that the secret service keep peoples stories secret, to keep us calm. I watch a lot of shit about UFOs through the discovery channel or Dmax. But I'm not obsessed like Tom. Its very fucking Interesting but I think To the stars mainly wants to make some money. Some stuff is pretty boring..I never read one of Tom's books or supported their merch. I follow them and I read their posts but i don't burn for this company..Sorry.. What are your thoughts on Matt Skiba and California? Oh damn..That's a cool question.. I think Matt Skiba is a great musician, I like his voice and his Alkaline Trio songs but sorry..Hes not made for Blink. Matt has a totally boring guitar playing style and his voice is way too Indie Rock/Pop to fit in Blink. Also I think that he sounds very much like Mark. He fits good in other bands. But even when Tom sounds terrible live, he has this fucking attitude, how he moves and how he plays his guitar. Its so real and dirty..Like Good Sex..It always must be Dirty. Also Tom's songwriting style is so catchy and melancholic..Matt’s stuff sounds the same and it sounds so forced. And after these years in Blink, Matt still plays the most boring guitar parts live..Like I Miss you..I cant hear that..It sounds like the CD..So boring and powerless. Tom banged his shitty solos in, with the crazy delay and flanged effects.. it burned me fucking away to where I started masturbating on my fucking guitar. I also don't like the California Album. The riffs are too classic and it doesn't catch me..Only good songs are Home is Such a Lonely Place and Bored to Death. Some other songs like California sound like they're from a fucking Disney Movie..Its so Gay. Also too many Oh Oh Oh Ohs and Nanananas..Its Feldman Production Haha.. What you think guys?..Its gay.. Anything else you’d like to say to the fan base? Still the same...You can suck my fucking dick if u don't like me. Turn your brains on and understand what I've honestly written. There are no lies, just a lot of life experiences and fun. For all my fans and fans of my band The Hoes. Thank you very much for your support and of course I would not be even half famous without my haters who pushed me up with their hate and jealousy..You are my fuel guys and I'm your fire..Keep putting fuel in my fire and it will always burn for you fellas. Your Leo Dehoe
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    wow... cliff diving is my top track on the entire album
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    Man, I'd be so happy if they randomly released a good quality live DVD from this era of blink. This is my favorite era. I'd rather get that than actual new music.
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    Feeling_This just always has "boys" on the brain, forgive him.
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    imo: when your heart stops beating is hoppus' best project on which he wrote and performed the material. commit this to memory is the best project he's ever worked on.
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    I just realized Feeling_This_1 is Leo Dehoe
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    I always thought Secret Crowds was a pretty bad song. Never understood the choice for it as a single, feel like Sirens would have done better and is in the same kind of vein.
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    I’d say the bigger piece of shit is the guy who quit blink to go solo, failed, rejoined for cash, quit, and then scammed people for money using a fake company. Oh and he also didn’t play the guitar parts right and sang terribly live
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    I welcome it 🙏 all I want is Leo and his shaved-to-look-like-Toms eyebrows to join in the fun!!!
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    Again your stating opinions as fact. Tom himself has said that after love part 2 all of the albums sounded the same. To me playing one album back to front, post 03 +44 is miles ahead. That's the beauty of opinions you can have your own.
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    Getting excited about summer break.
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    If only your username was Mark182222. I still think more passion and talented songwriting exists on +44 than anything after it. Boxcar was an amazing album as was Self Titled clearly. But since 03, my opinion sits with +44 as the best album any of them has done since 03. So opinion is one thing, fact as you list is another.
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    Who fucking cares about Leo Dehoe?
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    Found a few pictures from this show the other day on one of my old backup disks:
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    I don't know but they're sure as shit paying for it vicariously.
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    If tom would lose weight, would you too?
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    I have two questions: Have you ever fucked a dog in the ass? Would you? Also- why do you hate black people so much? Why the racist lyrics?
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    Sorrow is a contender for worst BCR song. The verses are cool, but the chorus is horrendous.
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    Looks like an awful cd that. Yeah, the streaming age is ace for convenience but I'm still a cd guy myself, I rarely actively play CDs, but I always buy them for bands I really like as I love having a proper physical item
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    I mean, singles wise it'd be something like - The Adventure It Hurts Do It For Me Now The War Everything's Magic Secret Crowds Breathe Hallucinations Epic Holiday Anxiety Surrender Paralyzed The Wolfpack Tunnels It's awful but technically could be done, although as CD sales are barely a thing now I wouldn't see the point, Greatest Hits releases don't really work so well in the age of streaming.
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    Yeah, it's really good, similar Police drama but it's set in Yorkshire instead and quite a bit darker. 8.5 on IMDB and 100% on Rotten Tomatoes, well worth a watch.
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    What a great thread, thanks for making it, really appreciate it.
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    @Scott. (or anyone else for that matter) you been watching the new Line of Duty?
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    mark is such a cunt too Tom in the bridge here. This was the beginning of the end. Can tell Mark is sick of Tom at this point. I love that Tom though, the last quarter of that is gold
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    Keezykabeezy? I love that dude. We used to message a lot back in the day, we'd talked about doing a cover together of Make You Smile and just never did it. He's a really nice guy.
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    Not many players make it at Barca. Just look at Courtinho, Malcom and Dembele in the squad now. I think he's a brilliant player - this season he's really kicked on, i tend to judge wide players on how dangerous they are - and he always seems to be a threat and create space. He has very similar playing style to Eden Hazard. He would be a good addition to the squad for any of the top 6 sides - with the exception of City.
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    Dude you're obviously Leo Dehoe or part of his band. Arguably worse than your pedo rep.
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    He uses a teleprompter even on his Alk songs. Id rather a teleprompter and someone who can sing in key than someone who mumbles the words when he likely cant remember and sound like a dying giraffe.
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    It's not my favorite genre by any means but I do appreciate how upbeat it is compared to most of the depressing shit I listen to
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    My boss loves it. She's an old school two-tone fan ... we argue all the time about it because she doesn't understand how wrong she is about it being good music.
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    Ska is so fucking happy sounding. I love it.
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    This reminds me of the cover that youtube dude did for blink's Up All Night but a pop punk version. Forgot his name, but he was annoying as hell to watch in his videos. But the guy for this ska version of First Date is cool as hell.
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    He’s on a bit of a rampage atm isn’t he?
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    Sounds like a +44 riff blinkified. Reminded me a bit of Baby Come On’s bridge.
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    I can’t think of a single instance where I’ve interacted with jan, so I can hardly see how he’s my boy
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    Sounds like the BTD/SOOHM/No Future/San Diego/Misery/Long Lost Feeling guitars that tried to sound like STFTK and Adam's Song.
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    Thanks for recommending White Gold guys, I'm loving it. Didn't expect it to be as good as it is.
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    Ive listened like four songs, i only liked Lucy so far. Mmmm if blink would release these same songs under current line-up i don´t think they would get that much praise. Im starting to think that maybe if California I & II were made under other name (say Cereal Killers for example) they wouldn´t get as much hate as they have.
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    If the only person supporting your idea is the resident pedo it probably isnt a good idea.
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    The dislike in blink's music in California and the deluxe album has shifted people to actually miss Tom but if you go back to the days when he was still in the band and was obvious he didn't wanna be there, treated his bandmates, his fans and people working for blink in general like shit, didn't put actual effort in anything blink related people were calling him out. And then it actually proved to be true from the mouths of mark and travis. And everyone hated him even more. Then Cali dropped, core fans hated the direction and started loving neighborhoods which before was received as the worst blink album (now I read people saying it's better than toypaj) and "respect" Tom for having the balls to do what he loves. Have you noticed how the narrative changed into "i left a huge rock band to do this crazy thing" from "i never left, I own this band, i can come back whenever i want, i let them do their thing"? And people actually fall for it. No he didn't leave the huge rock band blink is to do what he loves. He was kicked out of it because Mark and Travis couldn't stand his shit anymore.
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    Can we put a quota on the amount of threads Jan is allowed to create? 1 per week sounds good. This is fucking dumb.
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    Alex shouldn't join blink. mark should quit blink
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