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    Lmao he does the slanted eyebrow thing Tom does, but it's so apparently forced it's cringe.
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    Tonight is the fucking night! Pretty stoked
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    Figured this would be easier making a separate thread. Make your predictions on who takes the throne. My vote - Samwell Tarly. He's got the knowledge, common sense, and likeability to be a decent ruler. He also fits the underdog status that George RR Martin enjoys rooting for. Other ones that wouldn't surprise me: Gendry, Sansa, Night King, Theon Greyjoy, Lyanna Mormont, Ser Davos, maybe even Euron. I think Tyrion, Jon Snow, Daenerys, Arya, and Cersei are too predictable.
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    I know this is a niche subject on this forum but If you're a fan what have you been jamming? Right know I'm all about Knocked Loose, Code Orange and Nails just for starters.
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    Came in here to say Sam. Glad it’s already been said lol. its not what I really think will happen, but it’s what I want to happen 😎
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    Predictions: Arya won’t take the throne. She wants to fight, not rule. I also think she’s going to die, which will make me so sad. Sansa will rule the North. Daenerys will die before she gets a chance to take it. Cersei too. I’m thinking either Tyrion or Jon. GRRM adores Tyrion and would totally be okay with it in the show. I’ll be okay with that, but I’ll be angry if it’s Jon. That would be so yawn. I just want the Night King and the White Walkers to destroy everything to the point where they have to rebuild Westeros and a throne is irrelevant.
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    It’s on 2am on Sky Atlantic pal. Same time as it airs in the states
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    I will always have a soft spot for Megadeth.
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    this is 100% just ghent pretending to be leo.
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    I’ve only recently started listening to the huge heavy metal bands—Judas Priest, Metallica, etc—within the past year or so. Always looking for recommendations!
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    Yeah curry is scary when he gets going. He has proven he can shrink sometimes in the big occasions though. Watched all the games except from the spurs win which was the one I wanted to watch more but was too late here. Hope nets keep playing like they did and win the series fucking sixers suck. Simons is the most overatted player in the league and it's not even close. He's stayed stable no improvement at all this year. Embiid is a joke I never liked him. Checking phones in the bench smh. Anyway today we play the Blazers in game one. Pg is questionable. It's okay we might lose that game I prefer resting pg and have him as close to 100% from game 2 and after than risking a worse kind of injury.
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    Looking forward to hearing the track with Britney
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    It's not even a question who the most important and impactful player is on that team and arguably the league. Ppl will argue Durant LeBron till their blue in the face be no one scares me more than Curry getting going and getting the crowd into it
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    Are we so positive this wasn't photoshopped?
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    Needs more surgery.
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    Pantera is dope for what they play, I never got huge into mastadon or Lamb of God though even though I've seen them both a ton. If you like crazy guitar you should check out the album Rareform by After The Burial. The runs they do are intense.
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    you guys ever think about how weird it is, the paths this band has taken? hitting an artistic peak with untitled > breaking up acrimoniously > reuniting under tragic circumstances > creatively stifled and lost "comeback album" > years and years of nothingness > tom's kicked out again, matt skiba joins > regressive, formulaic throwback with california > working with pharrell?? just thinking about the last one today blows my mind. i don't know what they've got comin', but it feels less and less like my band with time
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    The producers realized Travis is the only one with real talent.
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    Whoa, you're right, I do like the more isolated vocals. The original version of the song has really grown on me. I wish we'd get a blink-only version of the song but I know that won't happen since it's really a Steve Aoki song.
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    Here's what we've got so far: What does your girl think about you copying Tom? What do you do for a living? Are you still a bus driver? How did you perfect the Tom eyebrows? Can you walk us through the process? What was Tom's reaction when you met him? If he told you to stop copying him, would you? If you found out Tom was circumcised, would you get a circumcision? Do you feel like you've made a mistake replicating Tom based on how crazy he has become? What was your childhood like? How do you feel about Mark Hoppus? What are your thoughts on Brexit? Why didn't you marry someone who looked like Jen? Are you interested in UFOs? Did you donate to To The Stars Academy?
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    Remember the fake Mark interview? That was wild.
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    @Thibaut182 that's authentic, guy had a Tom one as well at one point Here is a cool item I somehow missed out on, 1998 Mark/Trav autographs. This is neat because it is a very early Travis "Blink" signature:
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    Real signature or fake ?
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    Purchased it thanks for heads up.
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    Untitled Poster STEAL: https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.com%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F113698762139
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