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    This is how I feel when I listen to anything that isn't Blink-182's grammy nominated album California. "This is nice, but with a lot more John Feldmann it could be as perfect of an album as Blink-182's grammy nominated album California!"
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    Mark obviously enjoys working with Matt and doesn’t regret it at all. What a stupid comment. As @Ry-Bread said if mark didn’t, he could just drop Matt and replace him. Mark appreciates Matts songwriting talents, even said the one song he wished he had written that wasn’t his was an Alkaline trio track. It shouldn’t really surprise anyone that Gaskarth has good chemistry with Mark. He’s spent the better part of his adult life trying his hardest to emulate Mark/Tom/Blink with his band that he’s basically some weak pale clone of mark. Atleast Matt is his own person.
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    "Looming Threat of Mark Hoppus Fucking Your Mom Becoming More Realistic by the Day" https://thehardtimes.net/music/looming-threat-of-mark-hoppus-fucking-your-mom-becoming-more-realistic-by-the-day/
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    you know, its fun to like stuff.
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    I’m changing my boys name to Arya and I’m a feminist starting from tomorrow
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    I’m changing my daughters name to Arya. She has no say in the matter after this.
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    Its a catchy littlw tune but Toms voice really has fallen off. Its never really bothered me before but it just doesnt sound good in this song
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    Hahaha, you would go crazy with pathetic insults at Tom if he was the one recording with Pharrell. You even piss out pathetic insults towards Tom for cooperating with his bandmates to create music.
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    Cool idea, I like the progression and new wave synth style (in comparison to old U2 wannabe AVA type stuff). Unfortunately Tom just can't sing worth shit anymore and it's hard to get past that. I think it could've been an awesome Blink song with more guitars and Mark's voice on those verses. I dig the bridge. I don't know, it's cool to hear Tom again even if it's nothing earth-shattering. I'm definitely excited to listen to the rest, assuming there's an album coming. Also LOL at the Cali obsessives. Trying to say this sounds like Ilan Rubin wrote it, or that it was Tom trying to write a Cali style song. Come on guys. Haha
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    i don't see how adding nanana's to the chorus or compressing the drums more would help this song? or Maybe the adams song riff?
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    I'd kill to be at one of these Enema shows. Even without Tom. It'd be so fun. I fucking wish they were doing a full tour for it.
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    Mark and Matt are such good friends that they are in a book club together and just wrote over 50+ songs with each other in the past year... Blink Boards: “Mark regrets Matt”, as if he was held at gun point to continue working with him LOL Between this and the “Dude Ranch makes Travis sad” theories spewing in the last few pages, I might have to go invest in TTSA stock, it’s sounding nice and sane!
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    Only thing I'm looking forward to is for all the truth to come out, like Mark and Travis did with Tom eventually and his manager emails. Something's so off, couldn't be more certain about it.
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    Im at a place where i dont care anymore. They’ll do their thing and i’ll check in with them for sure and listen to new music. If i dont like it, im over it. Fine. I’ll get excited for AVA instead now
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    skiba was the best choice but they destroyed all of the chemistry the moment they decided to trash an entire album of material he co-wrote. mark and skiba were a dream team for a lot of fans of their genre. i bet skiba was really excited about it at first too but then it became abundantly clear that he was no longer wanted as a creative member. i wouldn't give a fuck either if i were him.
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    After a second listen, I'm disliking the song more. Reminds me too much of the LOVE stuff which is AVA at it's worse for me.
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    Rubin did the majority of TDW. That's why it was so great. However this song is definately not an idea Rubin would come up with, sadly.i fear that tom took the ava bots comments to serious to go back to the old ava style
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    you could argue that same thing about Mark. Blink is his money source and it's basically on autopilot. Has been since the re-union. I don't get why you're mad at Tom specifically, outside of him not being in blink. Which is why (I think) Tom didn't give a shit about it.
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    I really struggled with the darkness of the episode to be honest...
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    LOVE the bridge!!! a bit too "love" style for my taste, but it's just great to hear new tom music again! kinda thought i wouldn't ever hear new stuff from him ...thrilled for more... also lol at the guy call him Tom delonsche!
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    I'm not blown away, but man is it good to get some more Tom after so long. I have a feeling I'll like this song more in the context on an album. Holy hell, it has a bridge. Thomas, is that actually you?
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    That lyric does sound bad. But it won't be a childish lyric. It'll be just some metaphor and not actually be about trying to be 15. Just will be a genuinely shit Tom lyric which is common for nearly every AVA album. Blink have references to Jack and Sally which is from a kids movie too. Yet the song is dark, moody and isn't exactly a song for teens. It's a song for everyone. I have a song that references the Grinch in the lyrics but the actual song is about a messy break up through my own fault. But the song is probably just as dark as No It Isn't from +44. So the Cinderella thing doesn't mean it's a childish lyric. As I said, it's probably just Tom trying to use clever metaphors but the lyric just coming off really shit.
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    TomBots complaining about childish Blink lyrics for 4+ years only to have the first AVA single talk about Cinderella is HILARIOUS!!! Hoping new Blink references Bambi or Little Mermaid!
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    Blink Italia getting that scooop: https://www.instagram.com/p/Bw2PLQDI6048tF7RrbYywTR-vFOLxHHEF3HC3A0/?utm_source=ig_share_sheet&igshid=s2zey7rbfv4y He really says "The shoe fits my little Cinderellaaaa" omg...
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    Maybe, for the time being, click on individual threads instead of reading new posts that way. The episode has already aired, so it's fair game to discuss openly.
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    Rebel Girl is a bikini kill song, and it won't be better than that one.
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    Sounds like a fun song, glad to see Tom writing music again!
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    Lives on the edge does Bucko. Proper fucking mad head
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    why would you even open this thread? hahaha.
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    That was fucking incredible tv. Will never be topped that. I blacked out my living room so I could see the picture more clear because it was so dark in places. It was perfection imo. The shots of the knights king at the end were fucking EPIC, the music too, everything. whats the point of the rest of the season. How can they top that?!
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    Imagining having such sad pathetic life you need to come into a thread made for something you don’t enjoy just to rip on people that do.
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    I actually liked Thor a lot in this movie. Of all the Avengers, he's lost the most. First his mom, then his dad, then his home, then his brother, then his people, then he messed up his chance to kill Thanos seconds before the universe got snapped, and his girlfriend dumped him. Like what he said in Infinity War, "what more could I lose?" And then when he finally did kill Thanos it was already too late. No wonder he was a complete and total mess imo. The direction they took him made sense to me and I enjoyed it. I liked how Tony called him "Lebowski" at one point because it's funny to think that Tony Stark has seen The Big Lebowski, who was played by Jeff Bridges, who was his first big enemy in Iron Man 1.
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    I was really expecting the dothraki to come right back at winterfell as white walkers but sadly no
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    So many cool scenes. I loved the dothraki extinction it was so scary.
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    I think Matt’s favorite blink material is from Enema based on what I’ve seen and heard. I say roll with it, it’s the most famous album and some of the songs are way underutilized. We will never get Dude Ranch, but we could get more Enema
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    If Tom had played this show, Enema front to back, he would have yodeled through the set, sometimes disrespecting the songs. Parts would have been cool, but parts would have sucked balls. I’d have logged on here to see the same people crying about how much they suck now and should hang it up. Some of the same people who hated on Tom incessantly now yearn for his return. It’s dumb.
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    I agree, it must be dissapointing to work on lot of demos and then see them go to trash, especially for poppy tracks for the mass they got in. Skiba might tell the truth about his feelings as the years go by.
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    Man some of y’all are still continuing to bitch about anything. Why you even bother following the band let alone a message board based on them? Talk about sad. If they’re dead to you then fucking move on. But some of y’all have done nothing but bitch since Tom left and you’re still here.....
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    Fuck me, those must be some seriously low expectations. If this was just audio I would of guessed it was one of those shit 17 year old blink cover bands you see on YouTube from South America.
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    Fully preparing myself for a guitar riff that is better than anything Feldy/Skiba could come up with in 2+ years (despite the writer not even caring/trying) and full blown depression imagining what could’ve been if Mark/Trav were involved. I hope it kicks ass, Tom deserves a pick me up at this point. Been down too long.
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    Listened at home for a second time and this song is nothing special for sure. Simple Creatures is wayyy better
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    heh, I forgot about Simple Creatures. I listened to the EP once and forgot it existed. I'm guessing the same might happen with this AVA song. Still, I can't wait to hear the other songs.
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    Travis Barker when asked about Dude Ranch:
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