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    "Looming Threat of Mark Hoppus Fucking Your Mom Becoming More Realistic by the Day" https://thehardtimes.net/music/looming-threat-of-mark-hoppus-fucking-your-mom-becoming-more-realistic-by-the-day/
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    I’m changing my daughters name to Arya. She has no say in the matter after this.
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    Its a catchy littlw tune but Toms voice really has fallen off. Its never really bothered me before but it just doesnt sound good in this song
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    Hahaha, you would go crazy with pathetic insults at Tom if he was the one recording with Pharrell. You even piss out pathetic insults towards Tom for cooperating with his bandmates to create music.
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    i don't see how adding nanana's to the chorus or compressing the drums more would help this song? or Maybe the adams song riff?
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    Im at a place where i dont care anymore. They’ll do their thing and i’ll check in with them for sure and listen to new music. If i dont like it, im over it. Fine. I’ll get excited for AVA instead now
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    I really struggled with the darkness of the episode to be honest...
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    his voice just keeps trending downhill.
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    I'm not blown away, but man is it good to get some more Tom after so long. I have a feeling I'll like this song more in the context on an album. Holy hell, it has a bridge. Thomas, is that actually you?
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    Rebel Girl is a bikini kill song, and it won't be better than that one.
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    Sounds like a fun song, glad to see Tom writing music again!
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    I was really expecting the dothraki to come right back at winterfell as white walkers but sadly no
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    If Tom had played this show, Enema front to back, he would have yodeled through the set, sometimes disrespecting the songs. Parts would have been cool, but parts would have sucked balls. I’d have logged on here to see the same people crying about how much they suck now and should hang it up. Some of the same people who hated on Tom incessantly now yearn for his return. It’s dumb.
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    Fully preparing myself for a guitar riff that is better than anything Feldy/Skiba could come up with in 2+ years (despite the writer not even caring/trying) and full blown depression imagining what could’ve been if Mark/Trav were involved. I hope it kicks ass, Tom deserves a pick me up at this point. Been down too long.
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    Hopefully Avatar is finally dethroned. I saw someone on Twitter say that if Endgame passes Avatar, it finally means that the #1 grossing movie won't be a movie that everyone forgets about a year later.
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    maybe if he did music with the guy with all time low? then he'd be cool?
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    I was so glad when they started lighting everything on fire and I could finally see better.
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    Mark and Travis work extremely hard on blink. Touring it across the world, making music, promoting it. Props to them
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    yeah , leaving a multiplatinum band is a scream for money… great logic there, @Ghent
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    See how silly all of these arguments are? Doesn't matter which side it's on, filling in the blanks about things we don't know will always look dumb.
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    The most shocking thing they could do going forward is having nobody else die. This show has trained me to expect death, and if everyone else survives, it'll blow my mind. I don't actually hope this happens but it would definitely subvert my expectations.
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    Ilan would never write a song like this
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    Also lol at the guy for saying “i got a song in my inbox and it said premier tomorrow at 10. Huh. I guess i’ll just play it now” *plays it*
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    Yes, you're so considerate to demand everyone else change their posting habits to make you happy instead of making a minor change to how you browse the forum. So entitled!
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    i'm not liking that chorus so far though, the lyrics as well… but I'm not judging to harsh until i hear the full Thing. the only HILARIOUS Thing is the ghent and ry-bread Crew defending lyrics like "We won this war, we cursed and swore" but laugh their ass of at "the shoe fits my Little cinderella" it's a silly metaphor but not even in the same ballpark as some of cali's lyrics
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    just a snippet that's not even remotely comparable….. the context with the rest of the lyrics will show the shoe fits my Little cinderella > i'm in Deep with this girl but she's out of her mind whoohohohohoo
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    Haha love the dramatic booms in the end of these teasers
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    You deserve to have your life spoiled if you open the thread prior to having watched the episode. Jorah Died while Dany performed vigorous CPR on his cock. 1 tidbit of that statement was a lie. Watch to see what came true.
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    always enjoyed this track, reminds me of 99 ending.
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    haha why is ghent even in here? if you don't like tom or this band, stop posting here... isn't that what you constantly whine about in the blink section? rebel girl, lol. could almost be something about tom's personal situation right now. I see how that concept confuses someone that likes dudes in their 40's have another dude make them write songs about taking another xanax and cheating on your girlfriend..
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    I need to be careful about being fully objective on this when listening for the first time (if this is a new song). I feel like my dislike of Skiba in blink/new age blink could distort my ears into thinking this is the greatest piece of music ever recorded.
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    It'll be interesting to see how they try to defeat Cersei now that Daenerys' army is almost non-existent. I'm guessing it will involve 1) lots of dragon fire, 2) turning Cersei's people against her (when word of the Battle of Winterfell spreads, some people might decide to take Dany & Jon's side) and/or 3) Jaime returning to King's Landing and regaining Cersei's trust enough to get close to her and kill her.
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    I thought about that too. I really liked it. Kind of a miracle these movies held up to their promise.
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    We have just as much right to an opinion as someone who loves everything they do. We're all here because we are/were fans at some point or another, I personally think it's more disingenuous thinking everything they do is amazing. I honestly think Mark could take a shit on Ry-Breads face and he'd say thank you. I still live in a little bit of hope that the next album will be better than California and will carry on posting on here, pretty simple really.
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    lol they are discussing which signature bass they could use live but are fine with matt's clean tone sounding like some fisher price toy guitar... Show sounded allright tough, but I'm not able to enjoy it. The old tracks will always sound like a cover band to me. But I'm glad people enjoy it.
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    God damn. That was a pretty good episode. Did not see that coming
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    Wasn’t Matt not even that present in the studio for this album? Sure, you would see him pop in from time to time but he was not as present as Mark and Travis. He wasn’t even busy with Alkaline Trio around that time period either.
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    I think your tin foil hats are on a little tight people
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    The worries of staying relevant ruined the band.
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    i wonder this too sometimes….. it is Pretty evident that he isn't the perfect match they all thought he was.... especially after the goodchemistry with Alex a lot of people enjoy the presence of matt, solely because somebody shows up and the band goes on. i don't think anybody really is glad that it is matt Skiba. could be anybody at this point
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    Gotta love the announcements of annoucements.
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    Awesome hearing some of those old songs live again. Matt sounds good and is getting more comfortable
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    Top win for us. Race for the top 4 is absolute bottlejob central at the moment.
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    Man blink fans hate cali so much that are willing to love ava a band that they consistently shitted on when Tom was still in blink. Like for real the biggest complain was that blink is sounding too much like ava. So that's why everyone hated neighborhoods. Now that you got the guitar driven cali you love neighborhoods and can't wait for some new ava? People really don't know what they're hoping for. Anyways I always liked ava and really enjoyed the dream walker so I'm curious to see what's next.
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    Travis Barker when asked about Dude Ranch:
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