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    Yes but they have to be good pop songs. BIOMY is the epitome of meh
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    Same. I was excited for California at first because let’s face it, Tom was horrible live in his last few years with blink and it was clear he didn’t want to be there. He viewed blink as a joke and it was honestly kind of like a kick in the nuts to all the fans that had been into the band for so long. So at that point the magic with blink was over anyways. It was intriguing to think what Skiba could bring to the band. Now in hindsight, after seeing what the band has become, I wish it never happened. Should have been over when Tom left again. Travis’s plane crash gave them another run but let’s face it, the magic had been gone for years before that. Bottom line blink ain’t blink without Mark or Tom, and this new direction theyve taken the band is trash.
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    a lot of the board are musicians and some have done production work, so it's a frequent topic around here. I don't think Diddy represents them as a whole though
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    At this point, I'd invite him to the 'safe space' on this boards.
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    Almost like 12 years can really change the rarity and value of an item.
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    they need to stop working with writers. they're over 40 and have been in bands for over 20 years i bet the songs they were working on back in 2015 pre-feldmann were amazing fuckkkkkkkkkkkkk
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    Another self acclaimed producer. #blessed
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    You’re an idiot if you can’t hear the guitar in the verses.
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    It's called accountability. When they're soullessly milking the band simply because the name sells, fans have a right to be upset. We can't stop them from continuing under blink 182, right, but we can hold our opinion on it. If enough people share the same opinion on something, things sometimes change. 99% sure they won't stop though..
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    Based on Feldy’s IG story Blink is in some sort of studio with Ali Tamposi... when I googled she is a songwriter who has written for Kelly Clarkson/Justin Bieber lol.
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    Bored to Death has the right balance of melancholy and more upbeat pop that the rest of the album didn't get right. The rest of the album was the summer pop album that blink thought everyone wanted, but I always liked it when blink went a little darker, which is also why I loved +44 so much. BTD had that hint of darkness that the rest of the album didn't have imo.
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    Keep in mind that knapton struggles with English too.
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    It’s not amazing but it’s not bad. At least it’s a change from California. The drums are good, the verses are good, the chorus is catchy, the guitar riff in the verses are good, the production is better than Feldmann, etc. There’s enough positives for me to enjoy the song for what it is. The expectation of any “vintage Blink” is ridiculous. That ship sailed a long time ago, and now we can only take what we get and temper our expectations.
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    he’s definitely at a frustrating place for me as a fan. i’ve said in older posts that in interviews he seems more guarded and ready to give soundbites than honest answers. seems like the years of tom dragging him down broke him a little, and when he deemed his experiment with matt a failure, he regressed and made a throwback record with songwriters. he said he got depressed after the california tour, and i can only surmise because he realized that the whole thing with matt and the grammy nod and the songwriters feels mad empty. there’s also been the rumor he’s an alcoholic too, though i’m not sure how true that is. either way, as a fan, it feels like he’s in a very weird spot right now
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    Wtf is going on with him? Mid life crisis? He’s nearly 50 ffs.
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    @Marik not really sure, curious myself. Has been awhile since AVA M&Gs... we’ll find out once a few people experience and post about it. Hoping I can get 2-3 things signed and be able to run it out to my car before we get let back in. (Blink VIP let us do this). I def wouldn’t try to get 5+ and I wouldn’t think he’d care about any Blink/BCR stuff, as long as you don’t bust out a Cali cd to sign like a moron lol. If there’s no re-entry, I usually just bring the CD sleeves in a ziploc that has a piece of cardboard in it, and wear one of those small drawstring backpacks to keep it in all night.
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    The guitars in the verses are high in the mix dude.. If you can't hear that I'm not sure were talking about the same song.
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    It's just an honor to be in the presence of all these top notch producers who found their way onto blink182online to let us know.
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    Culpalo a mi juventud...Culpalo a mi juventud!
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    Thanks dude! I enjoyed this season so much, im afraid it could be the last to some of my fav players like Kompany or Silva 🙁 I hope you win the champions mate you deserve it, what a team
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    Banner Pilot, Iron Chic and Spanish Love Songs are some of my favorite bands right now
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    Lol you’re so angry all the time, calm down. I like the production of this song more and gave reasons. I don’t have to know about the intricacies of production to have a preference with reasoning behind it.
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    The signatures always tell the story. Always. And sadly they will get away with it on these, as the clueless Beckett “authenticators” deemed it authentic.
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    Mark made a tweet referencing kiss and an hour later Tom made an Instagram post with a picture of kiss captioned “...thinking of you.”
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    People who don't like their new music will stop going to their shows and stop buying their music. Blink will find some new fans with the type of music they choose to make and if that will be enough in the long run we'll see. As long as blink makes enough money, they will continue using it as their cash cow. About everyone here would do the same.
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    all i hear during the intro of this is this song
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    well yea, that's the genre. that's what i want.
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    All this boils down to is don't fuck up the bands legacy
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    He's way too famous and successful to join someone else's band
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    “Rivalry” they said. 4-0 the last 5 years
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    Reminder to those who hate BIOMY that the whole album likely won't be that way (esp considering Skiba's comment last night saying no two songs are alike), remember the first clip we got: HERE Just listened to that again and got hypeeeee! Cannot wait to hear this whole thing.
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    Nice! I wish he would talk more. He's been in the band now long enough to be more open at this point
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    Thanks Kay. What a lovely post. He is right though I do hate the summer. Anything over 22c and I’m melting. I take my hat off to him living in that country tbh. I’d survive 10 mins. He’s still a fucking cunt though and hope his cock falls off etc
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    Who? Was it me? No idea. Don’t think I’d say that. Everything goes in cycles and it’s all about timing. I’ve always said that. City and Liverpool have timed it perfectly. Bayern, Barca and Madrid all need a rebuild, Juventus are always the bridesmaids, PSG are bottlers, Arsenal have been shit for about 15 years, United is a fucking circus, Chelsea have a transfer ban and Ambramovic doesn’t spend like he used too and spurs have no money I can see City and Liverpool sharing the league and European cup for the next 5 years. Yay
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    Think you've completely missed the punchline mate.
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    I don’t think we’ll win anything much under Ole tbh but I tell you what he could be so important for this club going forward, I’d just be happy with him getting rid of the bad eggs and bringing in players he identifies as Manchester United players. That’s so important. We’ve never been a galactico signing club so that needs to come to an end. We’ve always bought youth and potential and also the best players in the league. We need to get back to that and Ole can help massively. I’m ok with him taking 3 years (his contract) to sort this shit out and then handing it over to poch (please god)
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    I’d agree with that. Fucking does my head in because ‘when your heart stops beating’ is a fucking masterpiece. I fucking love that album with all my heart. He frustrates the life out of me
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    I think he got so introspective and insecure over time that he's just given up any attempt at writing good music anymore and is phoning it in for the cash and the chance to keep doing the only thing he knows how to do - be in blink-182. Doesn't matter what the songs are like, doesn't matter how short and stale the set list is, the substance of it makes no difference to him anymore. his entire identity is blink-182 and he can't stand it when he's outside of it. that's my take anyhow.
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    Wtf you taking about? California is nothing like Enema. This new song is even more poppier than anything All Time Low have ever released yet they’re hated on here and this song is great apparently 🙄
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    Somewhere Tom is smiling. Maybe he will release a new song today to compete
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    Well said, and they did die years ago. I am just here for the entertainment now.
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    Ghent, look fair fucks to you, you like this era of blink (although I do think you might exaggerate it to get a reaction sometimes) But comparing this to their peak Untitled days is just ridiculous, your opinions are losing a shitload of credibility at the moment so pack it in and we can try to forget that this ever happened.
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    doesn't sound like blink at all. sounds like a soundtrack to a Disney movie. I can't even judge the fucking song, for a cheap pop song, it's an ok song, maybe better than some of Cali. Still no hook, no melodie, nothing interesting, the same one guitar riff pattern at places, you can barely hear a guitar. Basically, i'm ready for an ablum full of soundtrack songs to Cartoons.
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    I am old and jaded and I'm sure I wouldn't flip out over it like I did in 2003, but I also know with absolute certainty that I'd think it was a good song.
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    This is way less blink than AvA is. Also, what's with this shitty formula? They just jump right into these silly kareoke verses each time and Mark always goes first, Matt second and sing the same thing..
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    Rebel Girl is more blink than Blame it on my Youth.
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    Fuck fat mike. Choke on a cheeseburger you absolute mess of a bloke
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