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    Says the guy who ignores countless amounts of evidence against Trump and still posts #wherearethecuffs repeatedly
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    Not to derail the sex talk though, its been like a year, feel free to slide into the dm's ladies. If it gets much longer, feel free as well boys
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    Yes I would absolutely. I hug the shit out of my guy friends. I love the fuck out of them. It seems like you don’t have any actual friends at all, male or female. You’re ignoring what I’m actually saying to spin you’re bullshit like you normally do. You can find a woman sexually attractive and still just be friends with her. It’s that simple. If you honestly find something like a hug as “blue ball teasing” then you should be put on a watchlist. i never said “being sexually attracted to a woman = you only see them sex objects” I said that if you can’t be platonic friends with a woman that you find sexually attractive or anyone woman for that matter, then there is definitely an issue with how you view women.
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    Well, we still have to see if he gets credits in all the songs or what. But anyway, I still see some differences between blink and AVA. For several reasons, AVA has worked like that over time since the beginning. I mean, members going in and out (so different writing credits), Critter working as producer but Tom recognizing that he was the one who 'wrote' the programmed parts on the firsts albums. So, I get it as a part of the way the band works. Tom has been always the core of the band, but it always has had some 'satellites' bringing their thing. In blink, until California, they never got outside input except from Finn, who was the producer doing producer stuff. Then Feldmann and other songwriters came in, and in this new record the thing looks like has been expanded a lot. To me it's pretty different. I respect it, although don't like it (specially when the change in sound is so evident and feels unnatural to me), and makes a break in the way blink has worked over the years. And yeah, bands like Weezer have done similar things, but have kept the sound pretty much intact, like they did in the White album, when Cuomo collaborated with an important bunch of songwriters who co-wrote several songs on that record. Still, that LP sounds like Weezer. That's the main point to me.
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    Lmao, that is amazing I’m loving this new Mark. Way more at ease like the old Mark
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    @Donald Trump's Bulge yup, it's obvious when you see them side by side. But don't give away too many tips, I know for a fact Blink forgers "listen" to this thread...
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    I did the meet/greet only bc I’m getting to be an old man and would like to finally meet Mark and Travis even if for just a few seconds. Been a fan for a long damn time (my 22-year old grew up listening to them). And Matt is a bonus. This will be show 12 for me.
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    No one said anything remotely racist, race was only implied by people suggesting dislike Lil Wayne was racist. Please correct me if I'm wrong, give me screen grabs or quotes or whatever, but I saw not one single shred of racism on these boards relating to Lil Wayne being on the tour.
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    Yeah HBO offered them full seasons and they said 'nah' because they want to wrap it up and get on with Star Wars. Good luck to Star Wars fans, these two bozos are at the helm. It really seems like they've used little amount of episodes to force things to GRRM's ends without actually considering the realism of how those characters would get there, because they're bored of GoT. Mad queen aspect was rushed and not well developed in the last two seasons (it's foreshadowed and I definitely think it makes sense but now how they did it), Jaime's entire redemption arc was pointless because apparently he doesn't give a shit about innocent people again, which makes him standing up to Cersei, bothering to travel up to winterfell to fight the dead and be with Brienne completely unnecessary and added nothing (except...SUBVERTING EXPECTATIIIIOOONSSSS). Tyrion has forgotten he's supposed to be intelligent and doesn't remember anything about his sister nor take note of the massive warning signs about Daenarys, Jon has forgotten that he's able to say other words than "She's my queen" and "I don't want it" which may be because his mental circuits have fried by being completely neutered in every aspect of his arc so far, hell even Davos forgot he isn't much of a fighter and stormed in the front like a baller and not like someone who hasn't got a goddamn clue what he's doing. I am one of the few people that's totally chill with Arya killing the Night King and generally being a badass but even I thought her ridiculous plot armour was way too thick in that last episode, also why the fuck did they focus on her so much? she showed up to do...nothing...so why did they spend so much time showing her falling over repeatedly? They wanted a character to show the destruction to the innocent on the ground level, but choosing her seemed like a bad choice. there's no urgency or fear that she'll die there because we know she's survived ridiculous feats before. Should've been Davos or even Tyrion, would've made much more sense and added more tension. I also can't get over Jaime wambling to that hidden entrance that allegedly sod all people know about with the ship by the little beach and OH LOOK WHO JUST MAGICALLY CLIMBED OUT OF THE OCEAN TOTALLY CHILL its so stupid.
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    mark is in love with tom and is gonna try again now that jen is gone from the picture
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    Tom is raging right now at Mark calling his band "A&A". This potential tour might be off
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    Me scrolling through this last page.
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    Devil's advocate. I've had a lot of friends take flirty pics with me who hate me. The picture doesn't always tell an accurate story. Feldmann was definitely fucking 5SOS in the hot tub though.
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    I just think people here are very naive about situations. Maybe I am just been in countless situations where everything on the surface looks a certain way, and then when you look under the hood, its like a complete fuckup. Flirting pics=massive banging. I ate a healthy meal for dinner= They ate 3 whoppers at Burger King. I had one drink tonight=They had 12 beers and 3 shots. I smoked a cigarette before I got here=They snorted 2 lines of coke. She is just a friend= We banged about an hour ago. I am 25=They are 42 You get the idea. You guys live in a fantasy land of make believe.
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    You're getting pathetic with these kind of statements..
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    thats hot kay that just like me u like 2 lick pussies thats a good thing, u have desire for ur own mother sometimes?
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    The song definitely had potential for more. The verses are quite good and blink-like but the choruses (aside from the hook) sound like something off the first Brownsound-less Sum 41 album, and the song just never goes anywhere; it's like Feeling This if the epic final chorus/outro sequence were replaced with just the first/second chorus. Edit: And where's the guitar?
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    Like a picture of 2 dudes in a hot tub means gay sex
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    they dont play it on the radio because it doesnt have radio charisma and doesnt appeal to people outside of blink''s fanbase it doesnt even sound like a song that ud hear on the radio aswell as its a realy bad cringy song theres nothing wrong with people enjoying the song but in the grander scheme of things its just cringe and fuck off
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    What does Transplants have to do with AVA?
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    Here's Grand Master Jon's take, right after he says he's cool with them touring with Bubba Sparxx and Yelawolf... who, of course, are white rappers
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    no inclusion of The Sekrets, Heavens, or theHELL because mark doesn't even realize skiba is "in the band"
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    Imagine being that upset at a harmless fun tour announcement video, for a band you currently hate, and weren't going to attend a show anyway... They had it ready in a week and it's not even on their site anymore. Literally was made to announce a tour for a day and to move on...sorry Zakk Cervini didn't mix it properly and auto tune Mark. And even if you hate Weezy, who cares? He's an opener, they're supposed to suck. Take a piss, grab a beer, go do your doobie in the porta potty.
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    VIP upgrades are now live at blink182merch.com $100 for soundcheck and some swag $175 for that and a photo with the band No "hang out with them for 20 minute" package like last tour.
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    Yea i definitely think they are moving in the right direction as far as being friends go. Things are looking encouraging for once and it makes me happy!
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    An attractive woman hugging you doesn’t automatically indicate that they are into you sexually. Are you seriously saying you don’t have a single female friend you’re own age? No wonder you can’t get a girlfriend. Are you one of those sad people who believes the cashier is into you because she smiled at you when she gave you your change? Your issue is that you see women as a sexual object and nothing more. If you seriously can’t be around a woman that acts friendly towards you, yes that includes but is not limited to hugging, then you have serious issues.
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    It's weird for me because I was never a huge fan to begin with, I was a begrudging fan for the first few seasons because my friends forced me to watch it and then I was just used to watching it later on. It's why I find this turn in the writing towards the end so ridiculous because I wasn't a huge fan from the start but I recognised what the show was good at, so looking at it now I'm like "what the actual damn hell have they done?" I'm just glad I'm not emotionally invested in it, that'd really suck.
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    No I just have the mental Capacity to understand the difference between a friendship and a sexual relationship. You actually sound quite predatory.
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    I think it's more likely that Mark is realizing that Tom has/had a mental illness/drug problem and was unstable as a result, and that he's actually a good guy that just had his moments. Given the recent change in public perception regarding mental illness, it makes sense that he's taken a different approach to his relationship with Tom lately. Other factors could include trying to mitigate fan perception (all the people hating on Blink because Tom is gone) and because it benefits the image of the band (still on good terms with Tom). But I think this is all secondary to Mark legitimately feeling bad for Tom and realizing that his decisions weren't truly indicative of his real personality. And of course, without Tom there would have been no Blink and likely no music career for Mark, so I'm sure he's eternally grateful for that as well.
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    Generational Divide - the song about blink's current fandom.
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    I never kept up with the show, catching it here and there, but never got heavily invested, however, my understanding is that both this season and season 7 had the options of being 10 episodes long, and optionally could have gone on a 9th season, but D&D apparently wanted to wrap it up quicker than that. But based on everything I'm hearing, at the very least this series could really benefit from the 4 extra episodes this season alone could have received. Even if one enjoys what I understand to be the most disappointing season of this series, surely they'd still appreciate if this last season were longer to fully flesh out the series and not rush everything to an end.
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    Some songs are with Feldman some aren’t you absolute moron.
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    you don't understand the word milf, do you?
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    That's because you're not rich and famous and had every girl fawning over you during the I Miss You video wishing it was them instead of Mark making out with him.
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    She cute. Tom's still got height, despite his eyebrows falling out from not showering. Humans are animals. There's something there.
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    For being a Trump supporter, you are quite the snowflake
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    I've watched tons of old blink interviews etc over the last couple of days. Good times. But also made it so, so clear again that Blink has always been Mark and Tom and the chemistry they had. Without that, it's never gonna be the same.
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    A lot of these songwriters are "teams" so I wouldn't let the number of people bother you. They make their living as all in one shops, so there are often 2-3 people doing everything and they split the song royalties. So if 3 bother you (which I think was the case on BIOMY) then 1 should bother you (Feldy) the same. Feldy just had a slave in Zakk...and he bailed eventually. Mark said he has never felt "co-writing" takes anything away from what he brings to the table, and can only improve it or challenge him. I do believe him on this. We've been down this road a million times, but there is no way they are just sitting there waiting to sing a song someone else wrote completely IMO. Also, working with 3-4 other producers/songwriting teams on this album does not bother me at all... I'm all for it. For whatever reason, they wanted to branch out from the Feldy material and I'm all for them exploring with other people. If it sucks, it won't make the album...no harm.
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    Finn would have gotten "writing" credits if he were producing today.
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    that's the best line mark has ever written, imo.
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    Yep. I actually put up with it for about 10 minutes and then asked for a different table away from them. The date I was with agreed. I am 37 not 21. Sorry you are stuck in your teens.
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    Mark made a tweet referencing kiss and an hour later Tom made an Instagram post with a picture of kiss captioned “...thinking of you.”
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