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    Ok, M&G all done now. It was behind schedule. Mark came out first, wearing Cure tee and shorts and sandles. People seemed too nervous to ask many questions. About half of them were people asking about the sandles- where u got them ("a little boutique...called amazon"), and if he was going to be wearing them for the show. Then matt walked up and sat down on the monitor, just like mark was, and joined in convo. They both said they feel run down, matt said lil wayne couldnt get into Canada, mark said he's seem the most healthy people in Toronto "everyone wears spandex and carries yoga mats n shit". Then travis walked out, emotionless (doesnt wave, make any eye contact, smile, etc) to a loud cheer and matt joked that we didnt cheer for him like that. Matt seemed super cool. Talkative, funny, comfortable, and when a fan said alkaline trio rules, he looked them right in the eyes and said 'thanks it means alot' really genuinely. Did Man Overboard, Aliens Exist, Mutt, and the sound guys wanted 1 more to get the mix, so they did I Miss You (joking that we got an extra long soundcheck). Then mark handed some picks to one person and told them to hand then out, and mark tossed 2 of travis's sticks into crowd (after travis had walked off). For pictures, i was #12 up and even thou i had a cd cover and pen in my pocket, decided to scrap that idea in favor of asking a unique question -cuz too many people in front of me were asking for autographs. The band was signing them, but i heard travis whisper 'when ur done with that sharpie throw it away' to matt. I shook skibas hand and told him i loved Crimson, then fistbumped travis, and shook marks hand. Stood inbetween mark and travis for picture and told them i flew from western canada just to meet them. Skiba wanted to engage with me more and asked where in Canada and when i said Edmonton, he said 'ohhh i was gonna guess Edmonton". Then i turned to travis and asked him whose his pick Mcgregor or Diaz in the trilogy fight. His stoic expression actually woke up and he took his time thinking about it. Finally settled on Diaz cuz he said he's friends with him. Skiba even jumped into the convo again amd piped up he picks Diaz as well. Then i fist bumped Mark one last time as i walked away. Then spent $370 CAN on merch, lol. That delayed me enough, that im standing 2nd row back from rail right inbetween travis and Mark spots
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    Skiba is so wholesome and thankful for his fans. We don’t deserve him.
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    Like those trainers. Those sandals from a few posts up though are a fucking disgrace. Any bloke wearing sandals or flip flops is a fucking danger.
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    Fucking awesome show. Apparently it was the biggest crowd of the tour yet (we were told), and it looked completely full. Looking backwards, i couldnt even see a green gap on the lawn area. N.D. were good and high energy- personally i wasnt familiar with them thou. Not even a huge Simple Plan fan, but they killed it. Crowd was singing all the words- it was basically a hometown show for these boys. Blink played exactly 1.20....from 930- 1050pm. It felt like a good length. Anything less than 1:15 feels too short, but over 90min would feel too long for them. So maybe 2 more songs could be fit in there. They played First Date, so no Rock Show. And i kinda feel like Rock Show should be played at every show. No Feeling This either (instead it was played over the PA as a weird swing'ish version -not by blink- after Travis Drum Solo). Acoustics were Down and Wasting Time. Weirdly, they fit Family Reunion inbetween Wendy Clear and Anthem. I had tried to avoid setlist spoilers for the greatest hits portion of show, so i still dont know exactly what has been played at other shows. I agree with Ry, that they should play G.D. instead of Cynical. Hopefully Happy Days gets played for you folks seeing the 2nd half of the tour. Anyone on the fence, go see this fucking tour if you can. Last time i saw blink was 2016, and this show was miles ahead. More interesting setlist, boys seemed to be enjoying themselves more, and the stage production is awesome.
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    I think I rationalized it by thinking the more people there are the better chance that there's a few that I can play and sing better than so I'm performing for those people. I love Oliver and have all the respect in the world for him and I am more than happy to give him the opportunity to perform a setlist live here in San Antonio/Austin or I will go there and play in the booming Delaware scene if he provides a drummer up there. Hell, I'll film the whole thing in HD so he can have whatever proof he wants to share but, personally, I think he's talking himself up a bit and there's a big difference in playing a song and performing a song.
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    I love how much effort he put into this, dressed up and everything. @Donald Trump's Bulge seriously continue this! Would be perfect for the board nowadays.
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    Been lurking all these pages, and am looking forward to hearing the song. I hope it's similar to the intro of this...
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    Oh, and Matt told a funny story about being stopped at the boarder and woken up at 4am (so they musta been on bus) to be asked if he had any 'marijuana products'
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    The more you guys issue pre qualifications, the less likely I am to do this. Now we are back to the "it will never be the same blah blah blah" a pre qualifier I have literally debunked repeatedly. I could come out walking on water playing Mozart and you guys would say its not the same because I didn't have a baton up my ass or whatever. Skiba fucking sucks ass, and me, and hundreds of thousands of guitar players could do better than him onstage. You guys can ignore reality all you want.
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    the most lyrically childish one for me is probably Shut Up. I love the song but "FUCK OFF IM NOT LISTENING TO YOU, IM NOT COMING HOME, IM NEVER GOING TO COME BACK HOME, I'LL RUN AWAY!!" is ridiculous haha
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    Yo! Im in Kansas! Where do i sign up for the krew?!
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    So its a guitar that Mark probably played once or twice and stuck in garage somewhere. Sounds about right. I think Im more at about $800 now. A fool and his money are easily separated.
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    Yea I don’t know how much that guy bought the blue Nash pbass for, but surely not close to $81,000 this plaid one is going for. The plaid is rad. The Nash has a rash
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    I'd see it for the gay/dick jokes!
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    Apart from Hazard, nothing much has happened. I suppose the next will be De Ligt to Juve. Juve have killed it.
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    Oliver has won me over drastically in the last 10 years.
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    LOL Can't you read? The entire point of this was calling out Jarjar for being a coward. Not calling you out. You've posted pics of your dick between your legs dude. Believe me, those images are unfortunately seared into my memory. I never once called you a coward. Its Mr Jarjar.
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    Yeah, fans kept on him about the sandles. Multiple questions about them, kinda busting his balls. After that, i bet he never wears them again lol
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    The goal posts have moved so far that we’re on another field now.
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    I thought he was talking about Generational Divide ... I don't remember him saying 'better than dammit' at all.
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    yeah i love first date. always have and always will. nothing bad about it! you're not wrong, but that song is fun to sing at the top of your lungs while driving.
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    Oliver just post a song you have written, it'll take much less time and energy than this entire live show you've talked yourself into
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    lmao @Donald Trump's Bulge you don't have ANY room to call anyone a coward anymore after deleting that video. Sheesh. @DJOliOliver I think you need a name change. Oliisacoward?
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    imagine paying money to check this out live.
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    me and my wife both thought this all the way through haha
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    Apparently, the only circumstances that will satisfy everyone will be if Oliver is asked to perform during blink's soundcheck. Its on a stage, in front of a small (but high paying) crowd, and he will have access to 100k worth of equipment.
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    You know, I was always a weirdo when it came to stage presence. I get all weird when its just me and I'm trying to demo something alone in my room, I get self conscious as fuck and end up limp dicking what I'm doing but live on front of people I was always decent. I can perform in front of 200 people with no issues but put me in front of a handful of folks and I clam up tighter than Jan's mom.
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    Unless we are going to pay @Donald Trump's Bulge thousands of dollars, top notch meal, equipment manager, and all the other perks that come with being in a famous band, the comparison isn't entirely fair. Plus we can't expect him to really use up his entire camera space to record 75 minutes. I'd say a few songs will do and can make a judgement from there.
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    Such as...? If you follow @Russel Coight's suggestions, what is the issue? You're more delusional than Tom, man.
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    Hopefully this one is better than Rebel Girl, which isn't a bad song. I just found it a generic AVA song.
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    @Donald Trump's Bulge unless you do a video of you performing an entire set you won’t be proving anything. Skiba does a whole show so any comparison needs to be the same. For all We know if you post a single song it could be your 30th attempt since you messed up the first 29. Posting a whole set takes that away from being used against you. By your own admission learning and remembering all these songs is easy as fuck so it should be easy for you. But of course you won’t. You’ll make up a bunch of excuses and only post one song. And when nobody agrees with you that you’re better you will claim it was all rigged from the start and declare yourself the better musician and then brag about it for the next 12 months.
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    Apropos, House Boat is another good one. If you like long songs
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    Why would they need an input from a guy who was in tier-3 pop punk band? (insert Feldmann, Pagnotta, whoever they come up with next)
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    Is this finally the thread where Oliver is posting his own music?
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    What are you talking about exactly? It's VERY evident which parts are which haha.
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    It's not noteworthy for this song, but it's still hilarious that it took 7 people to write Generational Divide.
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    Very forgettable. The intro had me excited as it sounded like it was leading into be a +44 song, then.......bland.
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    The lyrics seem like they're talking down to their audience, as usual. Not even the "hey kid" part, but it generally feels like Mark is trying to describe depression to a 13-year-old. It seems like something Simple Plan would write.
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    it'd be super interesting if they just released a bunch of singles and went 'yeah we're releasing an album. none of these are on it though, we just wanted them out there, take it or leave it' but I doubt that somehow.
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    This is stupid. I actually work and have a life outside of work as well. I don't have hours to setup and then play whole Blink sets to prove a bunch of keyboard warriors of something I've already proved. The earliest I can probably do it is this upcoming weekend. I like the idea of a youtube stream live, if I can figure that out. Also, I will probably make a setlist that differs from Blink's current setlist. Its not that I can't play most of their catalog, its that I'd prefer to throw in some BoxCar Racer, Dude Ranch, and some of their songs that are actually not stale as shit to listen to. But I will play the hits too, just to prove it to the morons.
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