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    This kid needed some Coach Corey Wayne in his life. He exhibited needy behavior which cause him to get rejected.
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    Good god, I thought it was just an extremely cheesy and amateurish version of a story we've seen in a million videos before, but then the woe-is-me bloody violence turn was straight out of some kind of fucked up incel message board shit. Absolutely awful.
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    jeeeeeeesus. that is a shallow, terrifically bad music video
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    Tons of people are miserable with their significant others and would gladly trade it for bachelor life lol (not me personally, but just saying). My uncle couldn't wait to get divorced and was the happiest I had seen him at 50...and he found someone else later on. Quit looking so far ahead and just enjoy your days man, for instance, today you can look forward to this Rebel Girl video? LOL. But seriously, life is too short to (*not gonna reference BTD*) be miserable worrying all the time...
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    Ok I just could not pass this piece up, given how rare EOTS signed stuff is from their prime... stoked to add this piece to the collection, finally showed up from Australia. Obviously the personalization devalues it and is annoying, I'm typically completely against altering items - though removing personalizations is a very common practice in the autograph world. I may tinker around on a test CD and see how easy it is to remove black sharpie and whether or not it damages the album top...and then ultimately decide. Anyway, in it's current form, and thanks to @boxelder's timeline, I believe this was likely signed at or around their famous "Big Day Out" show in Australia, early 2000 which is super rad. Trav signed it twice with his short sig.
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    You seem like you waste all of your time NOW worrying about the future. You’ve always been obsessed with aging. Just enjoy your life dude. The fact that we all fade into dust should make you cherish the present, you’re pretty lucky you weren’t born in the dark ages. Listen to Cali and enjoy! Edit:I struggle with this too, more in the form of anxiety, but you gotta fight it man. We’re a blip of dust hanging out on a rock in space. Just try.
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    I'm seeing blink live on the 30th! If that's true it'll be awesome to get a new song that same day.
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    The only interruption to a music video I've ever liked was the first date video with the girl on the bike getting fucked up. Beyond that? Just play the stupid song and get the damn thing over with ... subtitle it if you REALLY have to put dialogue in there; cut the voices, show the lips move and subtitle it.
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    Better easy ideas they could've gone with: 1. The teenagers are all cutesy and lovey dovey and cheesy and it cuts between them (taking place in the past) and them as adults (in the present) and we see them trying to work out some kind of fight or recapture their youthful love or something 2. Two adults going to an AVA show, hurt/mixed feelings ensue throughout the night, they come back together in the end 3. Say fuck it and just release a behind the scenes of AVA recording type of music video Any of those would've been better than this junk haha
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    Not only is the video terrible, it sends an awful message to teenagers. It’s surprising to me how any marketing team at Rise would allow this to be made with how the discourse on friend-zoning and teenage obsession has turned totally negative in the last ten years.
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    but seriously "Tommy" he called the fucking kid "Tommy" just what.
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    Just gonna post what I said about the video in the AVA thread here as I imagine this'll have more traction - Wow. that was fucking stupid. Makes blinks stupid 'durr teenagers like skateboards and vinyl records' video for BTD look way more palatable in comparison. just the fuck haha, like I was into the feel of it until the stupid "omg he's here he has a motorcycle" thing and the wah wah little friend zone mental freak out at the end (sidebar - he named the character Tommy? really?). the 'story' and the performance aspect really don't gel well together either, the contrast colours and abysmal lighting of the performances mixed with the soft focus story just clashed horribly. also the fuck to the titles... Jesus lol.
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    Skiba does write the songs. The whole band does. They collaborate with songwriters and producers in the studio, it's not that big of a deal
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    Looks like he should be in a Tuesday night bowling league
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    I always liked the Rock Show music video.
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    Still cringing an hour later. Since AVA/TTS is a "transmedia" experience I assume they either created or at least had full say in the awfulness of the video, and if not then what's the point of all the "transmedia" talking points anyway? I literally kept expecting it to get funny in some way due to the cheesiness of the acting scenes + the light hearted/sentimental vibes of the song, but nope. So gross and also so stupid coming from Tom and his "inspirational/positive minded" band who are making their triumphant return with this song.
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    Brilliant video, I wish blink would have the artistic creativity to push boundaries and do something different.
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    And Tom is definitely the guy on the motorcycle. Blink fans keep going back to Tom even though he's a bad addiction who just wants to use them. Mark can't stand it but he can't stop torturing himself.
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    I think this song is about Mark. Tom is the Rebel Girl and Mark is constantly punching himself because he can't write a song as good as him anymore.
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    The video is fine, stop being so dramatic. It's a music video from AvA, it's no worse or better than any of their others, except maybe The Adventure, that music video was gay as fuck. I don't know what you expected.
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    there 's nothing worse than a Bored To Death/Up All Night video about rebellious kids
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    Wow. that was fucking stupid. Makes blinks stupid 'durr teenagers like skateboards and vinyl records' video for BTD look way more palatable in comparison. just the fuck haha, like I was into the feel of it until the stupid "omg he's here he has a motorcycle" thing and the wah wah little friend zone mental freak out at the end (sidebar - he named the character Tommy? really?). the 'story' and the performance aspect really don't gel well together either, the contrast colours and abysmal lighting of the performances mixed with the soft focus story just clashed horribly. also the fuck to the titles... Jesus lol.
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    You are whining that they don't play enough California and California Deluxe live when you complain daily about how garbage those releases are.. What a joke
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    I think this is the creepiest Tom has ever been in a video. What do they have to shoot him close-up so much? But I think in general the video really fits the song.
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    If nothing matters, neither does old age and any pain it might bring. That's life; might as well enjoy it while it lasts.
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    Its not an obsession. Just a valid point in a topic about Mark. I honestly don't care. Removing the whole idea of them not writing their own music.....there are a few good songs on California. But so much potential has been tossed out the window. That has been the problem with Blink post 2004. They are operating at about 30% of their potential. Making very basic and obvious errors in how the band is managed and simply don't have any magic left outside of being a tribute band. We could discuss why people feel this way; but it would feature your one liners and just overall ignoring basic facts. 3-4 years now and you still can't answer very basic points.
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    I don't even know why they bother recording new material at this point. The first songs to get kicked from the setlist is anything recorded in the last 10 years. California? California Deluxe? Neighborhoods? Dogs Eating Dogs? Those albums don't even exist in a Blink setlist anymore.
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    Well it's hard to memorise a song when you write, record and master it in 5 hours.
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    It's really not very good, she managed to make fun, catchy songs boring and unlistenable.
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    That's a good example of why Mark's setlist issues get an eyeroll from me haha. I get that they have giant hits they feel that they need to play but the new songs ARE singles, and it'll be hard for them to ever become fan favorites or live staples if they are never given a chance to gain traction. It's weird to think they have all these songs that they have recorded but probably wouldn't even know how to play if someone asked them to.
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    https://colleengreen.bandcamp.com/album/blink-182s-dude-ranch-as-played-by-colleen-green I don't remember where or when I got the idea to cover my favorite album of all time. Tbh, I don't remember much of 2011. All I know is that sometime about 7/8 years ago, I decided that I was going to cover Blink 182's "Dude Ranch" in its entirety...on bass. I borrowed a short scale from my friend Sandy Vu and gave myself 2 weeks to complete the project. 13 days later as I was applying the finishing touches, my computer started acting funny. I thought to myself, "Gee, I sure hope my computer doesn't crash." 14 days later, my computer crashed. I had no back ups because I always fly by the seat of my pants! I tried to recover my work to no avail. I was heartbroken, so much so that I was unable to revisit the project in earnest until October 2018. Today I can say with much pride, happiness, and relief that "Blink 182's Dude Ranch as played by Colleen Green" is finally real and ready to be enjoyed by fans of Colleen Green and/or Blink 182. This was truly a labor of love and I hope that those fans can recognize and appreciate that. And to the band who has influenced me and my life in so many ways: Thank you.
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    That's how I feel so far too. Mediocre, but more consistently mediocre haha. Like a baseball player who is hitting .260 with mostly singles, whereas California was a batter hitting .170 with a bunch of strikeouts but the few hits being home runs. Not great, not exciting, but more consistent and normal (so far).
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    Hell yeah, I can't wait for another single. hope its catchy as fuck
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    The M+M's cover was great, which is why this is so disappointing. It's try-hard lofi. Like to the extent of a gimmick. Even the cover art. It's like she tried to "cool-make-it-shit". Waggy felt so weird, and hurt my brain with how slow paced it was.
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    I didn't say find god, I said go to church.
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    Ok, i'll say it...... i liked the video. I liked the ol' skool 'storyline' element that u dont see much these days. (Everyone liked After Midnight video, right?). The band footage had cool lighting/setting. I dont think Tom looked too cringe at all. And the storyling turns dark and ends kinds funny. I think most were just going into this waiting to not like it tbh.
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    Probably not but his job is at risk if he doesn't like California
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    Damn I didn't know John Feldmann was a co-writer
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    we all know the "hired-gun" songwriter topic is going to come up again and again and again and again, and I will make the point again and again and again that Jerry Finn should probably have gotten songwriting credits on all of the blink albums he produced. your quote will help me when that time comes!
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    I think he has changed, but I don't view him differently. He's just aged, like we all do.
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    True, didn't know that. Could very well have been a fluke and saved by those masters mixing. I'd go: 1. Dude Ranch/Enema (still mostly his band) 2. +44 3. Producing CTTM 4. Marrying Skye Are hands down his biggest achievements. Untitled was mostly Tom's band at the time.
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    I've been a hardcore Markbot right up until California, then it started to wane. The more bullshit he does and says the more exasperating I find him.
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