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    here ya are. bought it just this morning for it
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    Yeah I think at this point it's pretty easy to see that these things are true. (Trying to write this out without tipping too much judgement onto either one): Mark: Wants a steady professional Blink 182 experience with regularly scheduled rehearsals, tours, albums Wants Blink to retain their 90s/early 00s identity of lighthearted fun in the sun Values radio/industry success and wants Blink to be included with the top popular rock bands His musical tastes have changed to a certain type of radio pop and sees that as an angle for Blink to both sound like the music he listens to and stay popular in that world, and has decided to collaborate with people who can make those things happen Tom: Only wanted to do Blink when he felt inspired and could fit it into his bizarre schedule, has been mentally erratic for 15 years now Wanted Blink to grow and change and evolve as it goes, and felt embarrassed by the pre-Untitled Blink persona Valued independence and control over the Blink machine much more than radio/industry success and was probably too lackadaisical about that side of things in the post-reunion era His musical tastes have been stuck in a very specific idea of "arena rock" mixed with synths and a touch of post-2002 Blink, seems to be chasing variations of that sound more than evolving artistically To be honest, neither one of them is really carrying the flag of Real Blink or anything, and I'm not sure their personalities or musical tastes could or would ever mesh to create something special again. But based on their entire careers the main takeaway is that they both need each other and would be way better off if they could somehow make amends. But people change and they definitely don't seem like their personalities would mesh whatsoever anymore.
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    Oh cmon man. That account went from calling Skiba “unprofessional” to sucking his dick every chance they get. They post good stuff but it’s so fake and forced.
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    @Donald Trump's Bulge Do you think these lyrics go hand in hand with his transgressions that you witnessed several years back?
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    Turns out he is some kind of man.
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    I don’t think either side has authority to be making fun of each other’s videos at this point lmao.
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    To each their own, my friend but I'm honestly enjoying the fuck out new Blink and AvA this run so I'm a happy little shithead right now!
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    Holy fuck Skiba is hot. For sure he has got his ups and downs but right now he is on fire
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    look at that comment. Seriously. Take a look at that comment. If you read that and don’t think this guy isn’t an absolute cunt then you’re part of the problem.
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    Oliver peaked around the release of his proof video.
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    TOYPAJ for Travis's drumming Dude Ranch and +44 for Mark's lyrics BCR/Untitled for Tom Skiba: between Goddamnit and Good Mourning Feldy as a producer: when he worked on the Used's first two albums.
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    Oh shit. You mean like the “pay to play” stuff @Donald Trump's Bulge Was talking about the other Day in regards to BTD radio play? And by talking I mean claiming as a fact until I presented a bunch of counter arguments that left him reeling so hard he couldn’t respond. daaaaamn. I guess blinks done then. RIP in pieces blink.
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    Awesome to see Tom live again having fun. Hope a Europe tour follows sometime next year.
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    Tom - Untitled, but I can see a good progression almost every album until AvA when he became obsessed over delay, synths, U2, and change your life douchebaggery. Even still, Neighborhoods and DED still have some decent riffs in them. His lyrics have always been off the walls, I don't expect too much but for it to sound good at least. There's a cool progression with Tom's guitar between Enema and TOYPAJ, when he starts to mess around with his riffs a bit more. Tom live at Camden is the shit, especially that Rock Show solo. Travis - technically seems to have improved every album and almost appears to be maxed out now (but that's probably also a production thing). I personally like BCR and Untitled drums the most, but the popping sound they had on Enema/TOYPAJ was great as well. Makes you wonder how Enema/TOYPAJ would sound if you had 2003 Travis with more of a role in the band and more technically proficient. Mark - lyrically you can probably make a case for Dude Ranch, Enema, Untitled, and +44. Neighborhoods he had a bit of that spark on songs like Hearts All Gone and Kaleidoscope, but less consistency overall. From instrumentals, you could argue any period IMO. Carousel is probably my favourite riff of his, especially the Cheshire Cat version, but he's got some good riffs on almost every album and wrote some of the guitar (Don't Leave Me, half of Neighborhoods, and I heard Dammit at one point but that seems like a Tom riff).
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    Yeah I think for a long time (especially during Neighborhoods) he talked about liking that type of music so we all assumed that would be his big influence going forward, but he's shown that when it's truly up to him he veers more toward the type of electronic pop style that they're doing with Simple Creatures. I think it's simply that he's a rich relatively hip 47 year old dad in California who likes being a part of the music industry and likes the stuff he and his family hear on the radio and that's what he ends up going for nowadays. I'm becoming more at peace with that lately haha even if it's not the path I would prefer. Hahah it's a fun one
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    If you’re going to try to make fun of his lyrics, you should stick to they don’t make any sense.
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    One thing I noticed about Mark is how he keeps talking about pushing boundaries and experimenting, while, in reality he's just playing it safe. He does have a distinct taste for polished pop, but he's also influenced by weird indie and new wave artists, yet he never applied himself in the vein of making the current Blink lineup sound like what he really likes (a poppy post-punk sound that could have really worked with the input of someone like Matt Skiba.) At the end of the day, if you read his interviews, he will consider adding some of the smallest elements to a song as things that may change the genre almost - but when you listen to the song he's talking about, they really aren't. TL;DR: you're just 100% spot on all the things you said about both Tom and Mark. (I also learned a new word, so thanks Champ. I hope I'll get the chance to use "lackadaisical" appropriately in a real conversation someday.)
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    Thank you, I have no life
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    gotdamn champ. what a post. you’re 100% on the money on this
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    Tom: Hurt due to slip disc in neck from previous back injury Mark: Hurt due to offense taken by fanbase
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    Because Tom couldn’t do that. Tom didn’t just leave the band. It was a combination of them just having different visions for the band. Tom gladly would have stayed I bet if he would only record every four years and tour one month a year. Mark and Travis clearly were fed up with that approach to blink. Mark wanted blink to be a normal full time band. To Tom it was a side project because he has so many outlets musical and nonmusical. From 2009 to 2014 mark had literally nothing but blink. He did the tv show but that quickly got cancelled long before Tom got kicked out. Meanwhile Tom released like four albums and a movie in this time period while mark was sitting around doing nothing. I’m sure he was sick of seeing Tom busy releasing a ton of shit and not coming to do what he wanted to do, which was make blink a full time band again.
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    I'm guessing it's a nervous tick. He honestly looked super nervous at that first show, so it's awesome that he did so well. If he can keep up playing solid shows throughout this tour it's gonna really help his image. I just want the guy to fully embrace being a musician again and feel good about his work.
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    After some more listens, you realllyy can picture Mark and Travis on this song. Also, thank you Rise Records. They've done wonders so far aside that rebel girl video.
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    Completely bullshit and doesn’t even make sense. This place has a lot of people who are critical of stuff Tom does and judge him quite a bit. But if he comes up with great stuff, he gets praised for it. That’s how it should be done. There are a lot more „Blink bots“ who praise everything they do which makes real conversations boring after a few replies. I mean, some guys here are so far in Feldy‘s ass it’s disgusting...it’s like a 14 year old girl liking everything her favorite YouTuber does... And to your argument about the cashgrab...surprise! Blink is a major sell out since the enema days. And now you complain about Tom doing a small venue tour!? Wtf!? They are all sell outs trying to earn as much money as possible. What I don’t get about Tom. He could have stayed in Blink, record a new album every 3-4 years and tour every year for a few weeks. This way he could half-heartedly stayed in the band and cash in for years to come while still doing his alien shit most of the time. Now he is selling some stupid bundles which I highly doubt sell well and ask people to fund his crazy projects. Makes no sense to me.
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    I think it's Untitled for all three of them, really.
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    for mark, there's a strong case to be made that dude ranch was the most confident, strong songwriting he ever did. it's autobiographical, funny, and down-to-earth in ways he never recaptured, specifically on songs like waggy, apple shampoo, and lemmings. but while he faltered over the years -- in his worst state ever right now -- i think he shined the brightest with +44. it was honest in a new way, enveloped in compelling metaphors. creatively, his MUSIC was the best it'd ever be as well. progressive in an interesting way, effortlessly incorporating electronic instrumentation, sonically more interesting soundscapes, and unusual time signatures (without naming a song off it). tom grew and grew, making his first leap forward with EOTS. that's not to say his previous work was bad, but it lacked comparing to what came later. and what came later was even better: the entirety of untitled is peak tom. great riffs, finally more creative with additional effects. his songwriting was 100% him, unafraid to branch out in new directions (stockholm, aesthenia), and catchy without being cloying. take for example the chorus of i miss you: "don't waste your time ON ME/you're ALREADY/the voice inside my head." likewise, there's a lot of strong moments on WDNTW as well, though they're increasingly burdened down with unnecessarily long intros, boring guitar lines, and clunky lyrics. with travis, who's always been the most consistently creative and interesting member of the band, i'd say he was always firing on all cylinders. but his greatest work also came on untitled, where the material he delivered with unbridled in its inventiveness... weird, unconventional, sometimes experimental. think the pre-chorus on always, the structure of feeling this, the multiple tracks going on easy target, the dueling drum solo closing out the LP... just wall-to-wall great stuff. from a shallow perspective, he looked cool as fuck back then too haha. what's interesting though is that his work on neighborhoods is WILDLY underrated, and i'd actually put it up there just below untitled. it was almost as if he was fighting his near-death scenario, exclaiming that nothing could kill him. plenty of songs -- UAN, kaleidoscope, LID, FTG -- have their moments.
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    Don’t hate, it’s was good. Not going out and downloading their entire discography but calling it as is, catchy and fun... blink shows i been to in past we’re dead and dull.
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    The meaning of this video is pretty clear. They wanted to appear cool so they asked some dude what is cool these days. Apparently it’s all about Fortnite dances these days, so they went with that. They didn’t give a shit it had nothing to do with the theme of the song. This video is the equivalent of parents trying to appear hip around their kids, but it completely backfires on them.
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    Y’all quit hating on Italia, he’s just a hardcore who scours for news and puts it in one nice spot for those who don’t live here and check Reddit 24/7... yeah he had some negative posts but it was rose pedals compared to what happens here 50x a day in almost every thread. Mark made his point with him, and like most would, they took notice. I do think Mark probably knows it is in his best interest to be “cool” with that account as they have a decent following of blink fans. (And it worked, as they aren’t as negative/critical anymore)
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    Despite what people think; I am very honest with my feelings and I am a bit jealous that that POS Blinkitalian gets the attention that this place should probably be getting instead. Maybe we are just too hard on Blink to ever have the recognition especially since Mark is a confirmed snowflake.
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    Honestly before "the making of" came out I figured it was probably a fun time on that set. It just looked fun. But a fun set doesn't make a good video. Especially coming from a band that is having identity issues with being middle aged adults marketing to kids.
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    Ghent is definitely the guy who will be front in center at an AvA concert with a hat pulled down hiding himself but screaming "I love you Tom!" in secrecy.
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    Yep...this x100. Funny thing is, on the medley I think his voice sounds pretty damn good, he tries to warble a few times on There Is, but overall is way better than any live blink performances he did, but man those AVA songs he sounds just like his normal shitty voice. It's like he knows he has to try harder when it's just him and a guitar compared to the full band.
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    Tom sounds terrible. Honestly, I expected even worse, but if this Tom sounds "good" (let alone "great"), that's more evidence of jaded Tombots taking over the place (again). And let's not forget that this tour is just a cynical cashgrab way more than blink is. I can understand the frustration, but let's not lose our sense of objectivity here.
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    I'm happy for him, legit had goosebumps watching some of these videos. Just brings a smile to my face seeing the dude back on stage.
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    Figured we need a separate thread instead of page 600 of the Tom thread...we can move this if needed but seems to be more active on the main page. 2019 AVA tour kicked off last night, first time playing live since 2012! Dates: 08/28 – Solana Beach, CA @ Belly Up Tavern 08/31 – Tempe, AZ @ Del Mar Summer Concert Series 09/04 – Phoenix, AZ @ Marquee Theatre 09/06 – Austin, TX @ Emo’s 09/07 – Dallas, TX @ House of Blues 09/09 – Atlanta, GA @ The Masquerade 09/10 – Orlando, FL @ House of Blues 09/11 – Charlotte, NC @ The Fillmore 09/13 – Silver Spring, MD @ The Fillmore 09/14 – Philadelphia, PA @ The Fillmore 09/15 – Boston, MA @ Paradise Rock Club 09/17 – New York, NY @ PlayStation Theater 09/18 – Cleveland, OH @ House of Blues 09/20 – Detroit, MI @ Fillmore* 09/21 – Chicago, IL @ House of Blues 09/22 – St. Louis, MO @ 2 The Pageant 09/24 – Denver, CO @ Fillmore* 09/25 – Salt Lake City, UT @ The Union 09/27 – Seattle, WA @ Showbox SoDo 09/28 – Portland, OR @ Roseland Theater 09/30 – San Francisco, CA @ Warfield Theater* 10/01 – Los Angeles, CA @ The Belasco Theater 10/02 – Anaheim, CA @ House of Blues 10/04 – Las Vegas, NV @ House of Blues 10/05 – San Diego, CA @ House of Blues 10/08 –Anaheim, CA @ House of Blues + 10/09 – Los Angeles, CA @ Belasco Theater + 12/12 – Minneapolis, MN @ First Avenue 12/21 – Oklahoma City, OK @ The Criterion 12/22 – Houston, TX @ House of Blues * = updated venue + = additional date Set list: Videos so far: Diary+ Overload: Rebel Girl (live debut): The Adventure: Heaven: Kiss & Tell (Debut): Acoustic Break (I Miss You, There Is, Aliens Exist): The Wolfpack + Ilan Solo: Will update this more shortly...
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    Dudes really jumped shark.
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    Hmm they never seemed to have this problem before? Wonder if it's a coincidence With their music sounding like shit and making videos to pander to kids.
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    He's popping his ears. It's most likely the result of opiate abuse. Been discussed here many times in the past, but if you google it, it's a common symptom of pill popping. There's really no other explanation for it. I don't see other people with back problems walking around having mouth seizures
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    Proof? Not just that they can delete comments but that they can boost likes and views?
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    Drums on TOYPAJ were way different than Enema, not sure what you’re listening to there. I think Tom peaked in 98-2001. That’s if we’re talking about his live performances meaning guitar tone/playing and singing. Mark..this is hard to say for me. I don’t know. Just to piss everyone off I’ll say he peaked on california
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    Also did I just read through a few pages of Ghent making fun of the song title, all wall praising the 3 40 something years olds who came up with Teenage Satellites and Kings of the Weekend? Lmao
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    yes, that was hyperbole. and, clickbait. but i stand by the song's (and the band's) influence on mark's early style. particularly "happy" / "carousel." the bass part is not only the same chords, but the same key, same notes, played in the same tempo and in the same manner. it would be shocking if mark's favorite band at the time didn't show up in his songwriting. when you're starting out, you haven't played long enough to outgrow your influences.
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