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    chia like i shall grow might actually be my favorite, love the lyrics.
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    These are all great and I'm furious.
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    Eeeeeeehhhh I mean, I think it's some of his best work but I wouldn't put it above all mark tracks with blink ever. Although it's better than all Mark tracks since the first split (bar Kaleidoscope, I love that song).
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    Unpopular opinion but Blame It On My Youth is finally starting to grow on me now.
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    I remember listening to these everyday the most, no skips:
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    I don't know what to think! It was such an unexpected thing, and I loved it as a cliffhanger.
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    Midsommar. Meh. Weird as fuck. 5/10
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    For reference, 2019 Simple Creatures VIP signed badge/sock. The badge is a good example of a "sloppy" Mark sig:
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    I wish I had seen this in time, but instead of flipping a coin you should have waited.
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    It's definitely a contender for me but there's too many songs I'm 'meh' about like "Slowly Through A Vector" "Chia Like I Shall Grow" "Total Revenge" and "I Will Never Write An Obligatory Song On The Road About Missing Someone" the rest though are basically all gold.
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    +44 is better than anything mark has done for blink-182.
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    I'll switch my Hey Im Sorry vote to Cynical
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    You should probably take this shit down then. Its really bad. Okay, maybe you don't forge, maybe its an honest mistake. But now that you are on notice and you leave this up for sale, you have become the ebay scammer.
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    Probably owned by @ebayscammakilla
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    Setlist from last night's show Adrenaline, Special, NVM, How To Live, Personal Jesus (Depeche Mode cover),Thanks, I Hate It, Drug, The Wolf, Need Me, Ether, Lucy Encore: One Little Lie, Strange Love Wish they would restock the original Simple Creatures hoodies both Mark/Alex are wearing. Been out of stock for a while on the UK store.
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    We’re getting another movie in 2022, but we don’t know what it is yet. Could be part of Rian’s trilogy, could be Kevin Feige’s movie, could be whatever the Game of Thrones guys were going to make (even though they’re not a part of it anymore). Who knows! But we know we’re getting a new season of The Clone Wars in February, a second season of Mandalorian eventually, a Cassian Andor Rogue One series, and a Kenobi series. Someday.
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    I just really like some of the verse lines, like 'She's the flower that you place on my casket' is quite interesting when paired with the rest of the lines, and the "She's a landslide with the city beneath her" and stuff. almost makes sense and poetic for Mr Delonge.
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    I don't hear it mentioned much but how fucking good are the lyrics to Easy Target?
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    I read the one that came with the untitled album.
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    This is a good time to remind everyone that up until a few years ago, Oliver thought the lyrics to the Feeling This chorus were "Date fell short this time."
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    Dang, totally thought it was "awesomeness" too.
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    I am just glad to learn it is "arsonist". I actually thought it was "awesomeness". That was embarrassingly bad. Still, nothing tops, "We quiver and quake, we shiver and shake". I feel like I am listening to their orgasm moan with that line; its a good song, but I have to mentally block some of the lyrics out.
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    but why not just put your web address in a slug at the bottom? why put it right in the middle, degrading the quality of the image? i'm sorry, but as someone trying to preserve the historical record of the band, this rubs me the wrong way.
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    Demon Days by Gorillaz. Damn, really? I can think of at least 15 or 20.
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    Flipped a coin and San Diego's got a one way ticket to 5th place. Here are the remaining songs off California: Cynical Built This Pool The Only Thing That Matters Hey I'm Sorry Voting for Hey I'm Sorry
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    this late in the game I don't like the vote switching stuff looking at you, thongrinder!
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    Don Cherry is finally fucking gone. Thank god
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