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    You guys voting Wendy can go fuck yourselves!
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    Mark missed 2... lol (also we are in the blink IG story right now, no big deal)
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    Gonna vote for Don't Leave Me. Wendy Clear is one of my favourite blink songs. It should be a top 3 track for this album.
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    it's a shock to see wendy clear potentially be labelled as filler
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    Don't leave me. I'm honestly freaking out. Wendy Clear is top 3 Enema and about Skye. How can you guys vote it this early? The only reason I saw blink w/Skiba at riotfest was to hear this tune live.
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    WMAA got me into them, ATST made me fall in love with them. I understand you don’t like it anymore, but for how powerful of a song it was and for how much weight it holds for essentially bringing everyone here....I can’t get rid of it first. Maybe it should win the gold medal
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    wendy clear but only because it’s the clear (wink) B side of the album. had man overboard be placed in the track listing the album might even be more solid.
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    Change my vote to Wendy Clear straight @yodda thx
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    Totally dig Wendy Clear but was never a stand out for me back then, and is still just about the deepest cut on an iconic album. Mark explained the meaning in an IG live at one point, IIRC someone close to the band’s gf had left them and they had a boat named Wendy Clear.
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    Wendy Clear. Not a bad song by any means, but it always was the least relatable one to teenage me - never knew someone who owned a boat.
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    The original draft of this movie that sold, then got re-written into what it is now was written by my favorite writer!
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    This new song is great. Weirdly, it reminds me a bit of Bloc Party, I don't know why, but I really like it!
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    Listening nonstop to this tune! that last chorus is beautiful
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    The party song nqat. Verses are like nails on a chalkboard
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    ATST, genuinely. I know it's the one that got most of us into blink but it's the only one I just don't like anymore.
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