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    Yeah between "best record I've ever made" and "yeah we're gonna release a film too" I'm not particularly hopeful we'll ever get the record haha
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    I always feel this way when I haven’t listened to enema for a while and then I actually listen to the song and remember just how great it is. There’s a definite reason it was SO huge. It definitely shouldn’t win but it’s better then a few of the others.
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    Well I'm all for shooting for the stars, but god I wish he wouldn't say the same stuff over and over lol... "This next record is probably going to be the best of my life. "
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    Oh, man, again this, since 2006: An Angels & Airwaves movie that will accompany the new album went into production this past July. How’s the progress going there? “Oh, super good! To The Stars has many big projects, one of which being the film that is accompanying this album. All of that will come out together as we tour the record next year. You’ll start to see all the pieces of all the media that I’ve been doing come out with the show, and it’ll be a multimedia experience. That’s always been the dream for the band, but we just haven’t had the chance to do that yet.”
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    tbf I probably hear ATST and I Miss You in public more than AC/DC
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    This mother fucker! https://www.amazon.com/LEGO-Simpsons-71006-House/dp/B00HX14C7Q It was 2014 and my wife and I had just started dating. She loves Legos and so we went to the lego store and I let her get whatever she wanted. She picked this fucker. In my head I figured we put this together while having a few drink and then one thing would lead to another and I'd be the lego hero and maybe connect my piece to hers... It took fucking forever and at the end of it we were too damn tired and just went to bed.
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    I don't think you even like blink, let alone pose as a blink fan
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    I’m still disappointed and shook that Wendy Clear went first. Damn you bastards. Adam’s Song.
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    You left don’t leave me in the list btw. im going party song this time. I’m backing Dysentary Gary to take home the gold.
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    a quick google search tells me that in the grand scheme of a successful music career, you barely make shit off of radio play and that it's mostly a promotion tool to hopefully sell the music. ATST and I Miss You would have to be played as often as AC/DC songs every single day in order for them to make significant money off it. i know it's hard for you to believe, but blink probably isn't sitting back and collecting royalties in the sum of millions in 2020 like artists from the 1970s are. those artists' songs are played everywhere numerous times per day and they constantly shit out reissues of their old albums. since david bowie's catalogue was acquired, there has been a new release every few months. blink just isn't on that level anymore. they make their money from touring.
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    Sounds right, during the mid 90s my sister signed up for one of CD clubs and got like 12 CDs for a penny, and was underage so she didn’t have to actually pay. Insane but hey we got Green Day’s Insomniac for basically free. https://youtube.com/watch?v=YRh8APmbjG8
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    The title on that second song was quite obvious I think.
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    That movie was really good ! reminded me a lot of Superbad. Definitely up their in the best teen movies of the 10s for sure 😃
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    Remember when we were voting between Don't Mean Anything vs Wildfire? Good times. Come a long way
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    I always kinda like when musicans show they arent as completely obsessed about their own band minutiae. I suppose it makes them more human to me. Seeing him get some song symbols wrong, reminds me of when i heard U2 bass player Adam answer to an interviewer which song of the nights setlist is his current favorite, and he answered "umm, the one Bono wrote about his father, i forget the name at the moment". Made me realize these guys toil for months over these songs in the studio, and probly go thru multiple diff names along the way, and the final name they settle on doesnt really matter to them that much. I imagine travis to be very much the same way. If you asked him to list all the NINE track names in order, for some reason, i would expect him to not remember the names but instead be like "oh, the one with 'this' style of drum beats, and then the one that starts with my beats doing this, and then the one with sick harmonies in the chorus, and then the one with diff time signature, etc
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    Saw it for a third time tonight, unplanned. This movie is better every time I watch it. I'm not on the fence anymore, I love this movie. There's something about the sequel trilogy movies that I have to warm up to every time. I walked out of The Force Awakens, The Last Jedi, and The Rise of Skywalker for the first times having enjoyed them, but also being kind of disappointed, to varying degrees. With Rogue One and Solo I instantly loved them the first times I saw them. I don't know why. I think my expectations for the main movies just get in the way of me fully enjoying them. There's so many things I hope to see happen, and then they don't happen, and it dampens the enjoyment a little. When I go back for repeat viewings knowing what I'm getting into and not expecting anything else I guess I appreciate and enjoy them way more.
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    I saw Mark walking around Beverly Hills yesterday. He was walking 5 feet in front of Skye so I guess you can confirm that divorce is on the cards.
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    It's marketed to people dumb enough to still give Tom Delonge money though He even followed the announcement with a token mention of Mark in order to get some blink reunion conversations trending at the right time. So easy to see through
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    Aliens Exist. Anyone voting Party Song is a poser blink fan
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    I guess I just don't have this. I don't like the main 'riff', the versus are kinda meh, and the chorus isn't as strong as a lot of the album for me. like everything about it is 'iconic' because of their legacy and growing up with them and how it's produced but as a bare bones song I just don't think it's particularly good. I'd put basically the entire album ahead of it on that front.
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    Party Song isn't great but it has so much good memories tied to it. The chorus still hits. Going Away
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    They are and it doesn't make sense... We bought the Simpsons house in 2015 or so and it was almost 400 bucks.
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    I saw that for sale....it was tempting, its period signed from 2002 and shows the variation of Mark's signature he did for a little while. Its probably not worth the $179 though, that was my hang up there. Its not a good display piece either. Maybe $80-$100 ish would be my estimate. If it was signed on the cover, I probably could have done $150.
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