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    Made some blink records on acpatterns.com lol neighborhoods was impossible to recreate so I stopped at untitled. @Ry-Bread, don’t know if this is worth sharing on the Twitter account or not but I figured I’d let you see it. I know Mark loves Animal Crossing!
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    Chris Holmes on Thurs.
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    Better like ratio than you.
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    This stuff is really good at first listen!
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    Is this the "Nick" signed press photo with his name (somewhat) removed?! https://www.ebay.com/itm/BLINK-182-SIGNED-8X10-PHOTO-COA-ENEMA-OF-THE-STATE-FRAMED-MARK-TRAVIS-TOM-RARE/274316640958?hash=item3fde8bc2be:g:E9MAAOSw~tteegdh
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    Do it for me now for the same reasons ^^
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    Gonna have to vote for Do It For Me Now. The song is just too long although I do love how it sounds. I love everything about the song except the structure and how repetitive it is. The acoustic version is much better IMO.
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    Distraction is a waste of our toime! 8th place Here are the remaining songs off We Don't Need To Whisper: Valkyrie Missile Do It for Me Now The Adventure A Little's Enough The War It Hurts Start the Machine A Little's Enough
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    hopefully this helps you all out in these hard corona days
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    This is fucking terrible....
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    You really need to stop creating sock account, Jan.
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    oh no, oh no no no they are stealing tom! no no no lol does tom pay u to re-enforce his copyrights? would be a big shame if u did that for him for free, u big copyright enforcement bully its good that Gabe hawking took someone else riff and made something different with it artist do that all the time to varying degree of originality and subtlety in this case since tom never released this officially as a copyrighted song idk that he owns it legally wise lol maybe gabe owns it haha(good for him!) but we’d have to ask proper lawyers about this
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    valkyrie missile is the shittiest song on the record by far. i've grown to like the rest of them. weren't secret crowds and star of bethlehem actually recorded during the wdntw sessions? both could have made this album better
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    Don’t get me wrong I quite like the song. Chorus is good butTom sounds like shit on the second verse though brings the song down a bit. But it still doesn’t come close or sound anything like those albums. ‘Not now’ is an untitled b-side. It hurts doesn’t even come close to that.
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    American Reunion was indeed very enjoyable
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    3 posts in and you've manage to already be insufferable. Perhaps you should lurk for a while yet and learn how to communicate with this board before you post again.
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    needs a guitar tuning first of all. did oliver engineer on this?
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    I don't really have a band, just make inane youtube parodies
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