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    Always found it weird when Tom said he wanted AVA to be this band that brings hope to the world and to be one of the best bands of his generation. It's weird and ironic because he had all that in blink. Blink impacted so many lives and they were becoming more than just a pop punk band after the smiley face album. They were turning into the next huge rock band that hasn't been seen since Nirvana IMO. I honestly feel that 6th blink album that could've happened in 05-06 would've been bigger than Green Day's American Idiot. Mark was perfectly happy for blink to keep doing music and it seems like he needs people for inspiration (Tom was pretty much +44's influence because of the blink break up etc) hence bringing Skiba, Feldman and some co-writers on board. So it wasn't like Mark was against Tom or anything before 2005. I just feel like Tom forgot what blink-182 actually was. It was never some band about youth or whatever stuff he says in some of his interviews. Blink was pretty much what he wanted AVA to be.
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    i get that mark maybe wanted a different sound (analog gear to kemper's and such) and perhaps holmes was busy with NIN. still, their decade-long collaboration screeching to an abrupt end as soon as tom quit the band, plus the stilted nothing/nobody announcement and unreleased potential songs... it just seems fishy to me. perhaps i'm looking too much into it. as for the neighborhoods stuff, you're right, he does mention that, and is very diplomatic about it -- the "three amigos" session happened precisely once, in like may '11, and they posted dozens of tweets and photos and seemed to be in a good headspace. it was when the label got pissed it was taking so long. i just feel like there's more to the story with the stalling of neighborhoods (seems like no recording took place between july '09 and early '11) and i'm very curious about it. and i just remember 2013-15 taking forever too. that's a solid two years tom declined to collaborate with mark/trav for no real reason. what did holmes think? it's easy to believe he's holding back out of respect, but he does get very real when he suggests modern blink could use far less effects. unrealistic to expect that type of candor the whole podcast, i know.
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    Agree with all of these posts. I don't think they would've become on the level of Nirvana, and American Idiot just happened to be a right band/right place/right time type of phenomenon, but it's absolutely 100% true that Blink gave Tom everything he publicly claimed he wanted in a band, MUCH MUCH more-so than any new band he created could have done. Arena tours, massive influence, freedom to break out of their genre, inspiration to millions, etc. What it didn't give him was total control. Based on all the context we have, I think rightly or wrongly he clearly thought that Mark wasn't willing or able to keep pushing the band beyond "teenage dick jokes" or whatever, and he felt that responsibility was all on his shoulders. Which of course led to fights and exhaustion with each other and Tom's ego exploding. Who the hell knows what Tom would've been like from 2005-2009 if Blink had just continued smoothly instead of blowing up, but if he never lost his mind and dove into inspirational/ego trip/AVA shit, and the 3 of them kept their relationships and creative spark alive we would've gotten some incredible music. It's such a shame.
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    one of the things that has irritated me the most about tom since his ‘05 breakdown is this persistent belief that blink was somehow less powerful, in some way less able to impact peoples’ lives. it doesn’t always have to be minute-plus intros and lazy U2-copying riffs. in every way since that time he’s sought to view blink through a different lens than almost everyone and that is why the band will never be the same.
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    All blink is for Tom is a tool to help AVA promotion.
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    ICYMI in the sticker contest thread, I had the stickers made! If you want one, shoot me a PM. $5/each shipped USA (international folks I'm going to USPS today to verify the extra stamps needed, but should just be a few extra bucks). ALL proceeds will be donated to Children's Hospital LA in one of Mark's Twitch streams from blink-182online. I also had a few of @daveyjones OG bunny design made that are available for the same price, but require 2 years tenure on the boards. (Those are not being offered on social media, kinda want them as a "badge" of sorts for board members.)
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    We should have made a Tiger King thread.
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    Travis just respects what got him to where he was. His passion lies in creating and collaborating with the Hip Hop and Rap scene and that’s great for him, but he always puts blink as a priority.
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    Yeah and it's much like how Mark views Blink as solely this formulatic pop punk about teenage angst instead of being a creative vision that many of us clinged to. We might have laughed at their immature humor, but we all 'got' the music behind it, it was pop punk but it was very unique and only they could make that sound and be likeable enough to sell it. Travis has been the only one who didn't become jaded and view the band in a different lens, he still sees it as just another drum gig lol
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    Shameless plug, Part 2 of my convo with Christopher Holmes is now available. This includes deep Neighborhoods/DED discussion with some incredible insight. Chris was literally the dude driving hard drives back and forth between Tom and Mark/Trav:
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    you know what song actually fucking rips? parking lot.
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    I feel personally hurt that Tom just uses Blink as a cash cow. It's like U care more about Blink than he does. At work I would just put on my headphones and listen to "All the Small Things" and think of how much work sucked instead of working, dreaming of buying a boat so I could sail on the river the next summer . Now it's so Depressing that Tom doesn't care anymore. There's no way Tom would have that much money without Blink, so when someone gives you money shouldn't you be more respectful than to just get that money and use it to fund other stuff? Dick move, Tom.
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    20% written by Mark means this is basically a blink song!
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    I stopped listening to The Used because that album after his wife died broke my fucking heart and I couldn't hear anymore, too much for me.
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    ahaha now ur gonna have to get used to like them again, happy for u genty great song, i llike how mark signs at the very end realy adds a deep feel to the song
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    Dude. That was fucking good! I used to love The Used. This is awesome
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    He may have wanted to do other things, and I would support him if he did it in a good manner. The real problem for me is that he continues to confirm that he gives shit for blink and its fans. He hasn't cared for blink in 15 years - thats at least what it looks like. The reunion was a big PR-thing for AvA, and every time he speaks about Hoppus and Barker it always lines up with some commercial aspect as well. As a huge fan of blink I dont want to hear from a former member that was he is now doing something more ambitious and important. Its my band you know, and thats important to me and a lot of others. Talk about shitting on your fanbase.
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    problem is he could have done that with blink. there was no reason and already a precedent set for branching out musically. he's just a control freak
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    I think it's creepy to get excited about two strangers having a phone call and speculating what it is about.
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    Damn do i want those live shows from the first reunion tour.... Good work as usual @Ry-Bread
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    I do think it's cool! But it's also cool that they inspired millions of indie/alternative/punk bands and I'd personally rather see Blink members hype more of them up and collaborate with them if they're gonna collaborate with people haha. But I don't think they like that kind of music anymore.
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    @boxelder thanks! I thought he answered quite a few of those though? He said Mark is a dear friend and they had 20+ songs they were working on with nothingxnobody before blink picked back up with Skiba. He even said he was about to text him on DED vinyl, so I def don't think there was a falling out of any sorts. For NH, he mentioned a few "Three Amigos" sessions with all 3 in the same room, which Natives, After Midnight, and Wishing Well came from. (2 of those I would've guessed that were the case.) The rest seemed to be him driving back and forth and swapping hard drives with Critter, which he said in today's world actually isn't too uncommon to record from separate studios. For 2012-2015, he seemed to think DED was about to kick off multiple EPs, which clearly didn't happen. At that point it seemed he had an offer he couldn't refuse with NIN and went towards guaranteed work. Obviously nothing happened in 2013, and then Tom got heavy into Poet Anderson/TDW stuff and the rest is pretty much history.
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    Oh didn't realize that. At the last concert I went to they performed it for us VIP during Soundcheck and it sounded great.
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    Mark said on twich that they talked yesterday...
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    good work ry! chris holmes is a polite guy who definitely is still tight-lipped about ... quite a bit of matters. i guess it’s unrealistic of me to expect holmes to openly discuss why he and mark don’t collaborate, or how frequently they got together making neighborhoods, or what the hell was going on between 2012 and 2015. but the questions still remain. an enjoyable listen still. thanks ry for making it happen! also, find it super-duper crazy he would blast down the 405 putting miles on his own car just so these guys didn't have to just meet in SD or LA while making DED. insane.
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    You should’ve stopped before your first YouTube video.
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    Made an account just to point out how laughable it is that every time Tom gets called out for not loving blink anymore, he makes a post on social media about how "I talked to *insert Mark or Travis here* the other day."
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    Yup, and Mark answered it quickly up front. “When did you talk to Tom last? Yesterday.”
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    Just wanted to say thanks @Ry-Breadfor the podcast. It's the coolest thing to hear these guys give insight into different eras of the band and sound excited while doing so. Plus the recap of the news at the beginning is helpful since there's so much going on it's easy to miss stuff. You're an absolute legend in the blink community.
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    The Ahs are still the highlight of this song for me which I’ve never said before. So don’t know if that’s because the song is mediocre or because if Tom actually used them in a good way for once.
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    How does Tom always talk to mark yesterday? Marks streams are ruined with Tom questions after that comment haha
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    Wow so per Brahm of Grilled Cheese Records, there are actually TWO different versions of the pre-182 CC... The obvious differences are the text size on the sides, and the address section on the back:
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    New song from The Used with Travis, actually sounds like FOB to me lol
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    Then why did you massacre my boy?! Soul Survivor yodels over to 6th place Here are the remaining songs from LOVE: The Flight of Apollo Young London Epic Holiday Saturday Love Anxiety Epic Hols
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    My first thought was wow Aaron has really taken a good turn on his mixes! (I didnt really like the sound on Dreamwalker) and he has nailed the early AVA sound as well as blinks. turns out Tom Lord Alge mixed this. Haha
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    Rewatched That Thing You do with this amazing benefit party last night, it was amazing 😃 This was such a cool thing to do to celebrate the movie !
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    Good for him, she's fucking sexy.
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    So apparently Kate Beckinsale is dating Goody Grace now lol. This kid really came out of nowhere
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    That interview literally could have come out in 2006. This dude has been a broken record for 15 years lol
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    umm *cough* SAN DIEGO originals...
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    Was there for the 11/11/13 show. Took a day trip from DC to LA. Whole thing lasted 26 hours and made it back in time for class the next day on a red eye. No way was I missing my favorite band + all time favorite album. I left halfway during Dammit cause I hadn’t eaten all day and was so dead. Ended up meeting Travis and Mark behind the venue before the show. Mark signed my Untitled LP and it was already signed by Travis earlier that year.
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    Those untitled anniversary shows were insane. The only blink show I’ve been to where everyone knew every song and there was no people there who just showed up for the usual hits.
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    Wow, my buddy sent me this from the Untitled Anniversary show we went to awhile back, still the sickest shows I’ve been to. Sorry for the vertical, but this was how the rail view was at that show...
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