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    Ladies and Gentlemen, blink-182 historian and board legend @daveyjones will be interviewed for the "182 News" podcast next week. If you have any questions for him, or topics you would like us to cover, you know the drill...
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    I'd like to hear more about Mark's mom's lasagne.
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    Left my flat for my daily exercise today and walking down to the seafront there was a group of people outside their house blasting 'California' (the song itself) from a speaker, was happy to hear blink being rapped but also equally disappointed that it was one of their worst songs...
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    Only thing that matters is my favourite from California - has an old school blink vibe to my ears voting for Heaven - verses are boring sauce
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    The Only Thing That Matters. I think I skipped the California election, can somebody explain how that one ended up in the top 2? Even on a weak album like Cali this song would rank pretty low for me. At least it's one of the few without the Adam's Song intro I guess...
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    I just question the genuinely part with some. Some people are so eager to condemn “new-blink” as “bad-blink” that they’re not being sincere with their votes and just aiming to knock out those songs ASAP. I’m trying to think of the last time ‘Reebok commercial’ was even mentioned on the boards outside of the Buddha election thread.
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    https://web.archive.org/web/20001110143000/http://www.windu.com/blink182/ I used to go on this site back in the late 90s/early 2000s all the time. Our own Daveyjones is thanked on the lyrics page for submitting the lyrics to Zulu.
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    BTP. TOTTM is such an underrated banger!!!
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    The Only Thing That Matters. I can't stand it.
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    Just listened to Reebok Commercial. Dunno how that even got in the top 2 of Buddha over a song like Time or Girl Next Door. It's worse than the majority of California and I can't stand most of California. It's basically a very shit and more punk version of I Miss You.
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    They're definitely on the downswing of their career, they're touching woodchips, but yeah no..Reebok Commercial is definitely not a better song than First Time or Heaven let's be real for a second lol.
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    This made me laugh out loud
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    First Time. Yes, I preferred Reebok to it and literally all the others. And it isn't just to hate on new blink, because I'd put Built This Pool higher than some of these. I WANNA SEE SOME NAKED DUUUUUDES
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    Look at it objectively. If Reebok Commercial came out today you'd laugh at it. First Time is not special but it's a better song
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    Yeah same. I know I have two kids but Jesus I have no time for fucking anything anymore 😂
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    Wtf is built this pool doing in this list? I vote that. Kill it with fucking fire and launch the ashes in the bastard bin
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    I've had the same problem with Netflix and films, but I've been listening to a lot of music during this lockdown. I can't wait to listen to the new 1975 album tomorrow.
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    This album is insanely great!!! It's still on repeat.
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    Surprised Cynical didn't win the best song on Cali, that opener is unreal. The Only Thing That Matters - for me, one of the most forgettable tunes on California (keeping BTP for a bit because of the riffs)
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    They're not even comparable. How bad The First Time is compared to RC just makes me feel bad for The First Time.
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    The Only Thing That Matters... agree with what Toxic Toast said
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    ^eh, Reebok isn't for everyone - I get ya lyrics are way better on Reebok, I gotta say it doesn't matter Reebok did not covet first place anyway - it lands in 19th place Here are the remaining best of the best blink songs: 21 Days Carousel Wasting Time Pathetic Dammit Dysentery Gary Dumpweed Everytime I Look For You Reckless Abandon Feeling This Not Now Stockholm Syndrome Kaleidoscope Ghost On The Dancefloor Built This Pool The Only Thing That Matters The First Time Heaven
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    Man, those oldschool pics. Back when it was all about the music, getting yourself out there and going for it. Off... I am starting to lean slightly towards davey nowadays - how can you experience the energy, passion and dedication of the "old" times and then be satisfied with the uninspired, greatest hits era, when something was always delayed multiple times. It regressed into three dudes not getting over themselves to stay in a room and write a proper album for whatever years that went on.
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    Sloppy but badass punk guitar solo > Matt Skiba singing “Yeahhh! Yeahhh!!!” like an asshole
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    It's not a troll to genuinely prefer all the others, even the old ones.
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    Jeff Rosenstock released a new album out of nowhere!! @Elisa @Champ182 listening now!
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    Built This Pool better win this whole thing long live Reebok voting for First Time
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    NINE is an interesting experiment... it’s fascinating but also a little sad to see blink enter the phase of their career where they just hire songwriters. some elements of NINE are fresh, but it does sound very same-y. heaven might have the most devastating lyrics the band’s ever shared, and NHTSO is definitely among the best of this era. i like songs like pin the grenade, which is a good throwback. the melodies in OSES work their way into your head even if the lyrics are horrible. hangover you is a banger. happy days is an honest plea for less anxiety, which is earnest, but the lyrics seem a little too straightforward or generic. TLDR: it’s a mixed bag. it’s just kind of weird. band will never be the same again, and skiba still appears to have an undue share of duties. still, there’s things to like about it
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    Nine is complete dog shit. You know it, I know it, we all know it. I’m not even sure people outside of this board or reddit even know it came out. And honestly, that’s for the better. I remember a clip of them trying to play one of the songs live, I think it was “I really wish I hated you” and they had to restart so many times that they just said fuck it and moved onto the next song cause they couldn’t do it. Perfect microcosm of this album. Fuck it.
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    Anyone ready to declare NINE a great blink album? It’s time to ball up and say it.
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    Alkaline Trio is a pretty obscure, irrelevant band. Not meaning it as an insult. Just saying.
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