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    Ghost ffs. God invented chills!!! Get the fuck out of here.
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    Yeahhhhhh!!! Yeahhhh!!! First time takes 15 place Here are the remaining best of the best blink songs: 21 Days Carousel Wasting Time Pathetic Dammit Dysentery Gary Dumpweed Everytime I Look For You Reckless Abandon Feeling This Not Now Stockholm Syndrome Kaleidoscope Ghost On The Dancefloor good to see all those embarrassing Feldy tracks gone so soon voting for Wasting Time - never been much of a fan
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    Damn right i wonder if when I do the best album election I should mix the side projects in or keep them separate
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    Surely my vote that was first, broke the tie and ended the round lol
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    21 days is my vote First time is a quality song...
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    back in the day, many fans (myself included) really cherished "21 days" because it was so unlike anything on cheshire cat. looked at from a certain angle, it's the distant cousin of "emo" on dude ranch.
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    21 Days. Clearly the weakest track here, smh
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    Says the bloke who spent time begging davey for a pity vote to save his choice. Guess we’re all just super passionate about these elections.
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    and just like that we are tied up again need a new voter to decide between The First Time and 21 Days.
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    I still have my Cinema Beer Goggles VHS!
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    That’s not even close to being a vote and you know it. Give it a fair chance.
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    First time is a great blink song. Not just post tom era but great blink song in general.
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    First Time is cool, one of the very few songs that worked post reunion. Mark slaps.
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    Anyone voting 21 days is an absolute cunt. Ghost on the dance floor. Get in the fucking bin.
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    It's not a good song at all and one of the worst post reunion imo.
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    Agreed - 21 Days rocks, as does Emo can I take this as a vote to kick out that pesky “First Time” song?
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    Emo is GOAT, really got shafted on Dude Ranch round
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    Dunno how people are voting for First Time. That's one of the top blink post-reunion songs. It's up there with the best of blink as well IMO. 21 Days is a good song but it's not better than First Time at all and it's not even close. I feel people are voting that out of spite simply cause it's featuring Skiba and because Feldman was involved. Gotta be real, it's a quality song IMO. 21 Days shouldn't be voted out just yet either really but there's no way that should beat out First Time, so I'ma vote 21 Days.
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