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    Cynical acoustic? I wanna hear that.
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    You posted IRWIHY twice, here’s BIOMY. That’s the best performance of that song I’ve ever seen lmao. lol at IRWIHY being played at warp speed
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    That show was special. So glad I could get tickets. They started with Darkside which was cool, actually sounded a million times better than the French radio one, they played BIOMY, IRWIHY and GD from Nine. They also played BTD, Cynical, ATST, Down, I Miss You, Wasting time, a random cover which was really good and Family Reunion.
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    I know what you mean. I'm the same. Never been a fan of "big group activities" and such. Sometimes I just need to be alone. My friends know that's just me being me, so, no big deal. With my coworkers it's a more difficult. I'm sure some of them must be thinking I can't stand them 'cause many times I prefer to have lunch on my own.
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