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    wtf 😂 Sansa vaping? 😩 gone from a solid 7/10 to a 1/10
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    Alternate scene was better
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    My hunch is that when they said it felt like half the songs were blink and half the songs were Alkaline Trio they meant it. Matt was writing and Mark was writing. They needed help blending it together, which they did well in spots on California, but I bet they come together better on this new album.
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    They said it was Hey, I'm Sorry and, even though, it was re-worked. I really would pay to hear those demos.
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    Bran ffs. The writers completely shit themselves. We’ll just choose someone who’s meh so we don’t upset to many people. It had to be Jon ffs. There should of been a scene where Jon killed her in front of everyone, drogon tries to kill him but he walks out of the flames as king. Fuck off. What is the fucking point of Jon Snow otherwise. They’ve been building him up for 8 years for what? They’ve completely fucked this season. 2 seasons they were meant to be writing and they’ve crammed it into 6 episodes so they can start writing Star Wars which they’ll completely fuck too. Bronn is the real winner. That cunt was just fucking chilling all the way through and now look at him. What a baller
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    oliver, if i had a band i would give u a pass for backstage wich basicly would be my backyard then id bring u a glass of water so you can relax while i go back inside
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    I was rooting for Warriors against Rockets even with Durant, and then started to enjoy them playing against Portland (wave goodbye Dame!). I definitely think Curry fucked up the game though so I'm going to be rooting against them in the finals.
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    Sounds like i'm hearing "blame it, blame on my youth" the "it" part is probably on there after the second blame, just low in the mix. Happens in my songs, certain words like "it" or "and" that sometimes just go low in the mix even if compression helps to balance it out. Depends how you sing and phrase the lyrics. Certain words are always gonna be lower or louder than the other words. The song is growing on me, not gonna lie. Starting to find myself playing it a lot on Spotify haha.
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    I've heard "blamin it on my youth" since the beginning. Everyone seems to hear something different lol
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    I’m gonna start reading the books this week. Hope they’re good.
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    up to number 9 on the hot rock songs chart, a huge jump from number 31
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    Hoping Mark does another AMA (I don’t think he checks DMs) soon because I want to ask about those 2015 demos they scrapped when they got on board with Feldmann. There seemed to be some interesting things going on such as working with Tim Armstrong and Mark using a synth pedal for his bass. From what old interviews said, Feldy said they sounded too ALK3, which makes me even more interested. The only song I think was salvaged was 6/8, and that song was probably a lot different before Feldy came in. Mark’s signature sound before California was always +44 based, it even showed up in his demos for when Tom was still in the band. I’m sure I’m not the only one that wanted a +44 meets ALK3 with a little bit of blink sprinkled on top ever since Matt joined. I would love for them to release all of those demos, finished or not, in a pure unedited fashion (other than just mastering and mixing them). Those short months when they started recording before Feldy was such an interesting era and it’s unfortunate that it has basically disappeared from existence. I’m even skeptical if Mark still has the demos. I know it was basically an era of trial and error but it was probably the closest representation of this lineup giving an equal and genuine output from all members.
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    Fucking check me out 😎 Sansa Queen in the North and Bran king of the 6 kingdoms. Nailed it
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    I don't like the originals to care about the remixes but I thought the Surrender remix was much better than the original. and Diary is probably the best AVA 'sounding' AVA song ever.
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    A cold glass of milk with dinner is one of the most refreshing things ever imo
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    This was so damn cool though
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    these have to be on purpose now
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    but it is cool they invented democracy and quickly shut that shit down. lol
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    I don’t understand Jon’s punishment. What’s the point of the night’s watch if there are no more white walkers and everyone is at peace with the wildlings? And why are they still acting like the Wall still has some kind of importance when there’s a huge gap in it?
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    Ghent just trolls. Ignore him; or just troll him back.
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    The jokes only funny because he’s so dedicated to it. It’s a meh joke as a stand-alone, but opening my Instagram every day to see a new pic of a dog following Tom around is fucking hilarious.
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    ...Of Nightmares was supposed to be a true companion to the Poet Anderson book, when Tom had his grand idea of intertwining all of his media projects. Neat idea in theory, and I enjoyed it for the experimental EP it was. Chasing Shadows was *supposed* to be like this to go along with the Chasing Shadows book, but just seemed more like an AVA EP, I still listen to it pretty often and I remember tons of positive reviews when it came out. Most people seemed to love the title track the most, I was more into Overload/Artillery. When I need my Tom fix I'll fly through AVA's discography, and even though Love/Love2 are pretty repetitive I dig both those albums and recommend them. "Inertia" is my low key jam. That being said, Rebel Girl is nowhere near my Top 5 AVA though. Probably not even Top 25.
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    Mario Maker 2 looks incredible. Looks like I’ve got to buy a Switch.
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