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  1. It's basically digital collectibles, and everyone selling them is making millions selling them in 1 day. It's a quick scheme Tom would be into, but perfectly legal. You can get creative with them too, like blink could sell an NFT of when Tom sings "Where are youuuu" from the I Miss You video. It's confusing, but the $$ is ridiculous

  2. It's not fair that MGK had to go against Alkaline Trio so early. After defeating a few of the hipster bands and mediocre bands like Panic at the Disco, then people would catch on and see how great he really is. He already has a higher peak than at least 25 bands in this competition

    Is AFI pop punk? They are kind of similar to Alkaline Trio and didn't make this huge list

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  3. 20 hours ago, thongrider said:

    Screeching Weasel


    Mr T Experience (MTX) 




    Masked Intruder

    Pansy Division 



    All Time Low and Brokencyde are better than at least 8 of these bands. Get this shit out of here unless Patient is doing a 64 band bracket, which she may enjoy. 

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  4. No Kourtney is the only one who stayed married a long time. Her husband Scott cheated on her. Khloe dates crack head cheating athletes such as Lamar Odom who almost died in a brothel, and Kim has unstable relationships/marriages every few years.

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