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  1. yeah i totally agree cuz it looks like everyones just gonna give them to moo and grenade (no offense i still like you guys) but the little people want them too, just cuz we dont have thousands of bootlegs doesnt mean we dont deserve ava bootlegs too
  2. yeah file transfer on aim is gay and pointless when you can just use yousendit or something
  3. how coem thers no bootlegs on the internet, its cuz moo and grenade are greedy and wantt hem all to themselves, well we want them too!!!
  4. maybe i should just download the songs but i wanna buy this album and support them, oh well ill have to force myself to buy it sorry tom if i dont
  5. i love good day, great song, i havent listened to the new leaks yet
  6. yeah this is hwy im excited about the bands tours being over, then soon enough we will find out, i hope it wont take too long, i just want the tours over with ASAP, hopegully end of the fall so then blink can come back fcofr an album next june
  7. ok, and when the action is low is that when someimte when you hit the E string hard enough it will hit the metal frets, thats kind od annyoing sometimes for me i also wondered why my guitr came with this wrench tool typ of thing, i forget what it looks like it must be for the action
  8. duh... but then i would ruin the amp.... im refering to this btw.... e|-----------------------------------------------------------------------------| B|-----------------------------------------------------------------------------| G|------9-9-9-----9------------------------------------------------------------| D|9-9-9-9-9-9-7-7-9-9----------------------------------------------------------| A|9-9-9-7-7-7-7-7-7-9----------------------------------------------------------| E|7-7-7-------5-5---7----------------------------------------------------------| yeah wrong key, starts on G# like said 4-6-6, but thats like the same throughout the song and i wondered that too, it sounds really cool in the beginning
  9. ive heard that one, they do it to various songs though i think its just a little guitaring before songs nothing major
  10. well thanks for the advic guys, i almost have the full tab for "please take me home" so im excited lol
  11. ive been trying to tab "give me one good reaso" but failed i think i got a few notes right but anyway i found the intro to SOALG on my own and the bridge part of Every time i look 4 you: well i didnt just find them out but here they are lol, im also trying first date, im bad at tabbing power chords though
  12. hey your right about the old guitarists, i always wondered why they were so much better but i havent even been playing for a year, i still tihnk im pretty decent though and even ive figured out some blink songs on my own, but i play songs other than blink lol,
  13. hey heres an mtv.com link that says blink is back, wtf, its gott abe hacked sicne the word are all mispelled: http://www.mtv.com/news/articles/1527172/20060328/story.jhtml its pornographic
  14. i had a better idea for a cover in mind, but oh well i wanted the war theme in kind f a red/ tannish cover similar to the www.angelsandairwaves.co.uk colors i guess, thats the closest i can desribe it to
  15. well some tab books say the tab is by whoever the artists name is, so those must be real that sounded so stupid
  16. haha i thought of that a few years ago
  17. whys this a sticky and who the fuck are blink skeeters lol
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