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  1. i thought that 2, it should be self-titled, and thatd be greta if they only had one cd, so then blink could possibly come back
  2. its also spam saying you have a review of the album when u really dont
  3. thats what i voted for, im sick of it
  4. yeah me 2, sum 41 sometimes does piano live for pieces
  5. yeah i noticed mxtabs was up again but im using UG.com lately i used that site so much before, but now when i cant find what i need on other sites i go there, they have some good tabbers there
  6. ATST is their best song along with Carousel and Always. The music video is clever. The worst songs are Online Songs & Everytime I Look for You. best song? id say dammit is their best, if not at least better than ATST yeah always is a cool song
  7. Actually it will take about an hour' date=' but that's not too long. I have dial-up, that's how long it usually takes for me. Might be big longer because of the Angels and Airwaves songs are longer songs.[/quote'] well kevin seems to have a lot of posts which means on the internet a lot so then he has enough time to upload a song
  8. dude my friend has dial up i bet one song upload will take 20 minutes at most dud its not that hard
  9. well i wouldnt call it ripping, almost all guitar things are taken, many ideas sound similar cuz sso many songs have been used, i even sometimes make little riffs on my guitar and they sounds like other bands, not on purpose either
  10. wow what an ass, not u, kevin, why would u even say that and waste our time and then claim its real
  11. how do u even know the tabs is right, unless its taken from a tab book or magazine it could be completely wrong, and just sounds similar
  12. i hope you know anyone can edit wikipedia i even edited once and thers rumors all the time jst like sum 41's greatest hits..it was a fake and cone said so
  13. everytime i watch that and hear the music near the nd it gets me so pumped up for the album, when the release date gets near im gonna start freaking out aboutt his cd, and also im gonna see them live!! is it jusr be or anyone have this feeling?
  14. yeah demis is old and another tthing that fukcing pisses me off at www.ultimate-guitar.com is that they think "wrecked him" is Ava when its a fuckin 10 year odl BLINK song!!
  15. i love 21 days!!! one of my fav blink songs my least favorite is probably "roller coaster" i always skip it when i listen to TOYPAJ and im not a huge fan of "everytime i look for you"
  16. no its not...UK get them mondays i heard you get releases on Tuesdays yeah it sucks we need it on a friday
  17. On the ava-cd be patient. i hate it how people cant wait' date=' They just want and want and want. 4 letters W.A.I.T[/quote'] h aha i dont think there real, how would anyone get them? and only a few are correct toms not gonna say "valkyrie missile" in the song, just like hes not gonna sing "anthem part two!!!" in the song
  18. Because its completely disrespectful to Tom' date=' and teh rest of the band, and the people who have it at the moment are pretty close to the band, so yeah.... also, its illegal. So yeah, i think its selfish of us all who'd download it without a second thought. Dan x[/quote'] yeah it would be but no one has it yet,
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